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Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

Best Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

Top Rated Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

We pump up the strawberry flavor in this shortcake by stirring in fresh and freeze-dried berries into the sweet biscuit dough and the tangy whipped Greek yogurt.Recipe courtesy of Bake from Scratch

Dessert wasn't really a staple in my family's home growing up (save for the chocolates Dad would bring back from trips to France), but during the summertime my Mom would treat us to strawberry shortcakes. This recipe improves on the classic by introducing basil and lemon to the cream for a more fresh-from-the-garden flavor.Click here to see 9 Ways to Enjoy Summer Strawberries.

Strawberry shortcake is one of the best summertime desserts, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it all year round. In my opinion, the dish is best when made with fresh, homemade biscuits, but it's easy to save some time with this recipe and serve the strawberries with store-bought biscuits, pound cake, or even a slice of angel food cake.To add a special twist, I macerated the berries in a bit of balsamic vinegar, which gives an extra layer of flavor to this simple, delicious dessert.Click here for 6 Sweet and Savory Strawberry Recipes.

This strawberry shortcake pie is the ultimate Summer sweet treat! Layers of strawberries, cream, and pound cake make for the most delicious (easy) strawberry pie!This recipe is courtesy of My Sweet Mission.

Like strawberry shortcake, but arguably better? This simple, no-bake, make-ahead cake is as easy as layering vanilla wafer cookies, fresh sliced strawberries, and whipped cream in a cake pan. After three to four layers of each ingredient, cover the cake with plastic wrap and refrigerate it for 24 hours. Slice and enjoy!