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9 Incredible Food Sculptures Slideshow

9 Incredible Food Sculptures Slideshow

Tribute to the Lunch Lady (in Butter)

This butter sculpture was made by Marie Pelton for Jim Victor Food Sculpture at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, N.Y., in August 2011.


Canstruction hosts competitions in different cities, asking people to create giant sculptures out of canned food. Sculptures are displayed and when the exhibit ends, the food used in the structures is donated to local food banks.

Collage of Beer and Cereal with Beer and Cereal Boxes

It's just one of those things you catch sight of in the ether of the web. Here, somebody made a collage of beer and cereal with beer and cereal boxes. Why? Why not?

Dita von Cheese Sculpture

In 1996, Prudence Staite could not decide whether to become a chef or an artist. So she decided to do both. Among some of her other works are a 12-foot tall Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree, life-size replicas of people that have been crafted with chocolate, jelly bean mosaics including a replica of Andy Warhol's Monroe, and this life-size version of "Dita von Cheese."

Egg Carvings

Christel Assante carves and paints all kinds of different eggs. The delicate, intricate images are strangely fascinating. Featured here, Chouette (an owl) and Jonque (a Hong Kong junk). Click here to read a full interview with her.

Chocolate Express Foodscape

Carl Warner's "Foodscapes" are built on top of a large triangular tabletop and photographed in layers, from foreground to background. Each element is assembled in post-production to achieve the final image.


He may not use food, but the subject matter for Robin Antar's carved stone artworks — Heinz ketchup, M&M's, York Peppermint Patties — definitely necessitates his inclusion here. His goal is to create "virtual records" of contemporary culture, "capturing common, everyday items in stone." On his site, he notes, "Essentially, I replicate these items on a real-life scale, complete with meticulous detail."

Watermelon Carving

With their vibrant reds, whites, and greens, and varied textures beneath the rind, watermelon carvings seem so much more nuanced and interesting than the clichéd pumpkin carvings of Halloween.

Delicious Snack Recipes That Are Perfect for Any Mood

Not everyone in your household may choose to snack every day, but you can bet that small bites will come in handy for kids, parents, friends, and yourself every once in a while. On our busiest days, formal meals may fall to the wayside, but you'll always have time for a grab-and-go snack&mdashafter all, getting through mid-morning stomach grumbling and pre-dinner cravings without nibbling on something is tough. If you're not prepared with healthy options, you might find yourself reaching for processed snacks that aren't doing you any favors. That's where these ideas come in we've compiled a list of snack recipes that are perfect for those hectic moments.

Most of these snacks can be made well in advance, in bulk, and enjoyed over a hectic work week or stashed away in school bags each morning. They're snacks that you know and love with an elevated twist case in point, our Mexican-inspired interpretation of deliciously salty, seasoned popcorn that can be stored in reusable snack bags. This elote-style popcorn quickly comes together on your stovetop in a bath of butter, safflower oil, and zesty Tajin seasoning it's finished with salt and pecorino romano when it's time to serve, which can be either day or night.

Other snacks are perfect for more formal occasions, especially when friends and family are involved. Whether you're hosting a cocktail hour where you'll serve tasty hors d'oeuvres or are dreaming of a comfy pajama party complete with classic movies, these crowd-friendly snacks are easy enough to make on the fly from sweet to savory, healthy to indulgent, these snack recipes are designed with you in mind.

Want to pretend your laminate shelf is actually wood? Well, the Little Green Notebook has got you covered. Once you paint your base color, mix the color of your grain using one part oil-based paint to one part thinner or Penetrol. Paint your surface in sections, then use a wood-grain rocker to form the grain. Make sure to vary your technique to imitate the variations found in a real wood surface.

More art ideas for kids

11. Even preschoolers can make these pretty marbled planets from I Heart Crafty Things using shaving cream and craft paint.

12. I love how cute and colorful these paper plate flowers turn out. Fun kid’s art idea from Pink Stripey Socks.

13. Make your own paintbrushes for pretty textures with this fun tutorial from Learn Create Love.

14. These rocks turn out gorgeous – pretty enough to set out on a shelf with other knickknacks. All you need is paint and an inexpensive salad spinner! Learn more about this easy art idea from Meri Cherry.

15. Did you know kids can create gorgeous watercolor backgrounds with Crayola markers and a plastic bag? This art idea is SUPER easy and tons of fun. Visit It’s Always Autumn to get the instructions + quotes you can print on the pretty watercolor backgrounds.

16. I want to make this! It looks like a modern art piece, but was made by a kid with a credit card! Find the tutorial at Housing a Forest.

17. This Monet-inspired art project is made completely from fingerprints, which is pretty cool. Visit The Crafty Classroom for instructions.

18. I used to love coloring on paper doilies as a kid, but these painted versions from Whatever… turn out so pretty!

19. Visit Childhood 101 to learn how even very young kids can make these pretty paintings with food coloring and bubble wands.

20. Finally, this last kid art project uses a pencil eraser to create a gorgeous flower while teaching about pointillism. Learn more at Momtastic.

Want to earn major brownie points? Read on and bake the recipes as here our food editors share the secrets and tried-and-true techniques behind six of our most popular sweets. You'll soon understand why these are world-beating recipes.

The test kitchen, led by Sarah Carey, our editorial director of food, took on the arduous task of testing, tasting, and coming up with the ultimate versions of some of our favorite treats. Every home baker needs back-pocket recipes for classics like brownies and pound cake. These are the recipes you will turn to again and again, crowd pleasers that ace every occasion from bake sale to birthday parties.

They range from easy cookies to more time-consuming. An example of the latter? The silky smooth New York-Style Cheesecake shown here. But you won't be sent into the deep end alone. All the recipes you'll find ahead are packed with our food editors' insights to help you understand the recipe instructions and make a better bake.

Our team knows the joy of eating a homemade cookie, so they suggest making a batch of Crisp and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies&mdashthen rolling the dough into balls, placing them on a cookie sheet, freezing them on the pan, and transferring to a resealable plastic bag&mdashto ensure that you can savor a fresh-baked treat any night of the week. Then you can bake one (or two) directly from frozen, adding three to five minutes to the usual time, whenever a craving strikes. They also have advice for those of us whose dream brownie is almost molten inside remove the pan from the oven when a toothpick comes out with moist crumbs on it&mdasha couple of minutes shy of the recipe's bake time.

As we're here to help you bake, enjoy the process, and produce delectable results, there's one important thing to note: You won't find an apple pie here. Instead you'll be treated to our recipe for Apple Galette. A galette is a free-form tart that's easier to make than a pie and that's why we chose to include it. Another plus? It's made with our Test Kitchen's Favorite Pâte Brisée pastry, not a more formal pie dough.

We hope you'll bake your way through this collection and then make these recipes over and over again, that they'll become your favorites, too.

"These were so perfect. The chocolate was soft and rich, not crunchy and brittle like other recipes."

"This is such an impressive looking dish. The pastry dough worked perfectly and was nice and flaky."

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Here are 9 incredible benefits of salmon, that would compel you to make this fatty fish a mainstay in your diet.

1. Lowers blood PressureAccording to the book 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing, Salmon is "uniquely rich in omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenic acid (EPA) and decosahexaenoic acid. In combination with its abundant supply of selenium, these omega 3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure, "unhealthy" cholesterol levels in the blood and inflammation reducing the risk of Heart disease. According to Dr. Simran Saini, Nutritionist at Fortis Hospital, "Salmon with its heart-healing properties is extremely good for the cardio-muscular health too".

These omega 3 fatty acids help lower blood pressure

Salmon are a good source of healthy fats.3. Weight loss-friendlySalmon is touted to be the one of the best weight-loss foods for its immense proportion of lean proteins, says Dr. Rupali Dutta. The fats are distributed through its flesh rather than being concentrated in their liver. Salmon fish has less saturated fat than most red meat, and oodles of protein which makes it one of your best companions for healthy weight loss.

Salmon is touted to be the one of the best weight-loss foods​4. Bank of vitamins and mineralsAccording to the book 'Healing Foods', the fatty fish is loaded with vitamins A, D, E and K which can benefit bone joints, eyes, feed the brain, repair muscle and regulate metabolic balance.5. Improves memory, good brain foodHaving a hard time concentrating on something? Or remembering important dates and commitments? Have salmon. According to Dr. Dutta, salmon makes for an excellent brain food. Rich in omega- 3 fatty acids, the fatty fish helps sharpen your brain and improves your memory retention. It is also known to reduce risk of dementia and loss of mental functions.

The fatty fish helps sharpen your brain and improves your memory retention6. AntiinflammatorySalmon's anti-inflammatory properties make it one of the most preferred foods in the world of health and nutrition. It is low on pro-inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids which is already abundant in modern diet.7. Facilitates healthy skinEating salmon as part of your regular diet may also give you a radiant skin. According to Dr. Dutta, the essential fatty acids present in salmon encourages your skin to hold water, making it smooth, supple and youthful.

Eating salmon as part of your regular diet may also give you a radiant skin.​8. Keeps you warmSalmon could be the best food to load up on winters as it keeps the body warm, says Dr. Saini. It's energy dense content should make the fish your go-to food right away. Have them grilled, include them in salads, sandwiches, gravies and make the most of the fatty fish.

Salmon could be the best food to load up on winters as it keeps the body warm​9. Provides lubrication to jointsAccording to Dr. Saini, the essential fatty acids and a storehouse of minerals present in salmon also helps provide lubrication to joints. In other words, salmon helps promote bone health by boosting felexibility.

Minerals present in salmon also helps provide lubrication to joints.Grilled salmon works the best if you are looking to make the most of its health benefits. However, there are several other preparations you can experiment with to enjoy this fresh ingredient. Include the fatty fish in your daily diet and see the wonderful effects yourself.

About Sushmita Sengupta Sharing a strong penchant for food, Sushmita loves all things good, cheesy and greasy. Her other favourite pastime activities other than discussing food includes, reading, watching movies and binge-watching TV shows.

The Most Popular Recipes of the 1960s

Travel through time with us as we explore the most popular recipes of the 1960s. The world's news was dominated by wars, protests, and marches. Fashion focused on ponchos, bell-bottomed jeans, and tie-dye, with the culminating fashion and music event Woodstock in 1969.

But at home, whether it was whipping up a quick weeknight meal or organizing a menu for a dinner party, food preparation in the 1960s was all about convenience. Finger foods were simple to eat and prepare, and many popular hors d'oeuvre, like French onion dip and cocktail meatballs, started with flavorful, shelf-stable ingredients. Take a look at the 1960s' top recipes, from easy weeknight fare to showstopping mains and desserts.