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Spinach ravioli on a leek bed

Spinach ravioli on a leek bed

Wash and clean the leeks, cut into 2-3 cm long pieces and cut lengthwise, then sauté in olive oil after it has changed color, add chicken stock and a sprig of thyme and leave until it decreases and the liquid is reduced and the leek is soft and tasty.

dough: we mix the flour with the eggs and separately we took out the chlorophyll from the spinach that we will incorporate in our ravioli shell, we proceeded exactly as Cristi Roman taught us in an article of his on our Site and I thank him in this way . So you will get a green dough if you ask for more flour, add more and put in the fridge for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Then we take the dough, sprinkle it with flour and pass it through the pasta machine a few good times, until we get a thin sheet. We take the crust and we will cut squares or circles and on these we will put a spoonful of ricotta, along the edges we will wet it with a little water so that the dough sticks and we will seal the edges with the help of the fork teeth.

We will boil the resulting forms in the pot with water and salt, the water is already boiling, when the ravioli rise to the surface it is a sign that they are cooked. Remove and let drain, then pass them to another plate and drizzle olive oil on them.

We will peel a potato and put it in the spiral apparatus, to obtain potato spirals that will be an interesting decoration for our preparation. In a frying pan with hot oil, put the potato spiral and press a little to flatten it, turn it on the other side and fry it too, being careful not to break.

We proceed to arrange the preparation as follows, we put a bed of leeks, 2-4 ravioli of different shapes, we put the potato spirals if it is broken we put both pieces and we drip olive oil on top, the final cough is given by grated Parmesan cheese which is added on top , I noticed that I did not add until I took the photos and I added later.

Good appetite