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Sandwich Fairy Sandwiches

Sandwich Fairy Sandwiches

  • salad
  • olive
  • pepper
  • bread toast
  • cheese slices
  • 2 slices of radish
  • 2 dill threads for decoration

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION "Cheerful girl" sandwich:

Place the salad on a plate, pre-washed and dried. Put bread spread with cheese and the rest of the vegetables as in the picture. Good luck to the dwarves!

PHOTO | A 15-year-old girl died in front of her millionaire father. What happened to the girl during a flight

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, felt unwell during her flight from London to Nice after eating a baguette with artichokes and olives from "Pret a Manger sandwich" at Heathrow Airport.

The girl's father, Nadim, a millionaire who owns the toy company Wow Toys in Fulham, tried to save his child by giving him two doses of adrenaline, according to The Sun.

She began to go into hyperventilation and feel worse and worse. The teenager received medical care on board the plane, but lost consciousness and suffered a cardiac arrest.

The flight crew was informed of this situation, but the British Airways pilots continued their flight, landing in Nice.

French paramedics picked up the girl from the plane and rushed her to the hospital, but Natasha was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Natasha was a popular teenager who attended Lady Margaret School and hoped to become a lawyer one day. Although the incident took place on July 17, 2016, the girl's parents are still asking for answers for what happened.

An investigation will take place this week with the heads of the company & # 8222Price a Manger sandwich & # 8221 who will testify. The investigation could lead to changes in UK product labeling laws.

It is believed that the wand that Natasha ate had sesame seeds baked in the dough. Susan is one of 14 allergens that EU law says must be listed in prepackaged foods. But there is a gap in these laws: companies do not have to list all the ingredients used if the food is prepared on the same day it was given for consumption.

Cheerful Girl Sandwich - Recipes

Book-eaters even now, but also in childhood. The blogger named Țărăncuța Veselă did not say that when she was a child she was afraid of ladybugs, but you see, how clever she is now, she was so inventive even then. Find out below how her grandmother, who was the funniest mask she wore in kindergarten, and how she masked the reading process, to make her mother think her daughter is doing homework or playing the piano all for the Campaign. & bdquoFrom the Backstage of Childhood & rdquo.

& bdquoAm ur & acirct kindergarten! They took me a few times, but I was sitting on the fence and crying in my big mouth that I wanted to go home. That's when I hate & rdquomanca & rdquo, red borscht and public toilets. Beaca!

I had a crazy fear of ladybugs! When I saw one, I went into hysteria! & rdquoMațicaaaa, gadacuuuu! & rdquo And my aunt, Marsica, ran and swept all the ladybugs around me. And now he teases me with & rdquogadacu & rdquo. I'm not afraid of g & acircndaci anymore, & icircn instead I'm afraid of other & hellipjuvine. Beaca.

My grandfather had a large, tall, two-meter oven. In order to climb up, you had to step on the chair. I was a very good child, so my grandfather would put me there, give me a doll, take the chair from the oven so I couldn't go down, and he could work quietly and carefree in the garden. She didn't think that at some point my bladder could fill. I shouted and I shouted and if no one heard me, I put the mattress aside and emptied the whole bladder there! N / A!

& Icircn every year, at the New Year's ball, my mother wanted to dress me up and participate in the & bdquoBall Masks & rdquo. I agreed to sew a rabbit's tail from the bottom of my pants and to hop in front of everyone. & Icircn another year he snatched me a tail of & bdquopiseț & rdquo (a kind of fox) and I had to be careful all night not to be broken by anyone, because everyone wanted to b & acircjb & acircie my tail to see if & icirci true. Yes, when he put me in a big dress, which was sewn with 15 coats of arms of the Soviet Union, and put a crown on my head that read "rSS" USSR ", it was too much! My mother, on the other hand, was in great need! Her face & # 8211 Ball Queen! I still keep the crown. Sometimes I arrange it nicely on my head and look at it in front of the mirror. I'm so fine! The Soviet Union is dead, the memories are alive!

I was a big book eater. Because I had to become a great pianist to play on the biggest stages in the world, every day, without a play break, I would play the piano until 9 o'clock in the evening. But & hellip I was a smart girl. I would put the notebook on the desk and cover it with the literature book, so I would do two things at once: read art literature and chaotically press the keys. My mother worked in the garden and did not suspect what her artist was doing. One day he caught me. I took a & rdquoDecameron & rdquo & icircn head, that I saw green stars! More painful was when he discovered that I was wrapping books of artistic literature in the same blue covers as in textbooks.

My mother was very happy to see me with the book all day long! When he discovered that Guy de Maupassant was hiding under the cover on which he wrote "Mathematics", it was painful. Soul. He tore open the book and threw it on the stove. It was summer, so I sat down on my knees in front of the mouthpiece and, weeping, I gathered sheet by sheet. I assembled it and hugged it to my chest like a wounded animal. Better a Decameron & icircn head than & acirct a Guy de Maupassant & icircn stove! & Rdquo

Indications and contraindications

Because Polysorb is not absorbed into the body, it has no contraindications. The only thing that can affect the use of the drug is the individual intolerance of the individual components. This happens very rarely and only in exceptional cases.

The effect of polysorb can be compared to a sponge that absorbs and attracts harmful toxins like a magnet. The drug is excreted through the intestines, renewing the body.

And if you do not belong to people with intolerance to polysorb inside, then you can safely use it outside, ie as a mask. Polysorb on the face is very useful and effective. Use is recommended for women of different ages. Polysorb solves problems not only with the internal organs, but also with the skin. So, it cleans the pores well and deeply, smoothes even persistent wrinkles and has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the face.

How to eat healthy sandwiches? Here are ten ingredients that transform them

Although they do not seem to be the best option for a person who wants to eat healthy, sandwiches can be very nutritious. It is important to use the right ingredients.

Give up the classic sandwiches with ham, tomatoes and cheese. Try other food combinations and surprise your taste buds. Here are the ingredients to use the next time you make a sandwich:

Creamy and tasty, avocado goes great in sandwiches. Besides giving it a delicious texture, avocado contains healthy fats and fiber. So forget about mayonnaise :)

You usually use it to heat the bread in hummus, but it works very well as a cream. It has an intense aroma and is very filling.

They are very good, but let's face it: you get bored of eating them all the time, simple. We suggest you cut them into slices and insert them into sandwiches. It will give them a crunchy texture and they will pleasantly surprise you.

Grill them and throw them between the slices of bread. They are soft and creamy, so they go great.

5. Beans combined

Like hummus, beaten beans are worth trying in sandwiches. It is a tasty source of fiber, protein and potassium.

6. Germs of all kinds

They are full of micronutrients and do not have a pronounced taste, so sandwiches are ideal to "hide" them and eat them more often.

7. Sos pesto

It has an intense aroma, which becomes even tastier on toast. Spread it well before adding other ingredients and enjoy it. Here is the best Pesto sauce recipe.

8. Dried tomato paste

Do you like dried tomatoes? We too. They are absolutely brilliant, in any combination you would eat them. We offer you something new for sandwiches: mix them well in a blender and turn them into a paste. Spread it on the bread and you will thank us.

9. Pine buds

Pine buds work wonders in recipes. They are small, but their unique texture and aroma make the difference. Be sure to toss them between slices of bread.

With a slightly pungent taste and a crunchy texture, the pomegranates are. a pleasant surprise in a sandwich.

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Hello dear lusts. Today I prepared WRAP WITH CHICKEN AND AVOCADO. It is a super delicious, fresh recipe and it is prepared quickly. You can prepare this wrap both in nature and in the kitchen, you can serve it both for breakfast and lunch or dinner. It's perfect for picnics, long trips or taking it to work. Of course you can juggle the ingredients, but I assure you that avocado and chicken match very well, the tomatoes give it an extraordinary freshness, and the cheese with the yogurt sauce binds all these ingredients. I hope you like this wrap and prepare it with pleasure. I wish you to continue to have a tasty day and good appetite!


  • 1 chicken breast of 800-900 gr.
  • 250 gr. - cheese
  • 5-6 - wash sheets
  • 2 avocado
  • 200 gr. - Cherry tomatoes
  • 1 sliced ​​chili peppers (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon - sweet paprika
  • 1/3 teaspoon - chili pepper flakes
  • Peel a lemon
  • Lemon juice
  • 250 ml. natural yogurt 2.5%
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and black pepper

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut the chicken breast into 1 cm slices. thickness. Season the meat with smoked paprika, chili pepper flakes, grate the peel of a lemon, add salt, black pepper and olive oil. Mix everything together and bake the meat on the grill or grill pan for 4-5 minutes on each side or depending on the thickness of the piece of meat.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce: Put the yogurt in a bowl, season with salt, black pepper, grate the garlic cloves, pour a little olive oil and mix.
  3. Take the meat off the grill and let it rest while you take care of the other ingredients.
  4. Take an avocado and cut it in half horizontally. Remove the seeds, cut the core into cubes and then take it out with a spoon directly into a bowl. Do the same with the second avocado. Drain half a lemon, mix and cut the cherry tomatoes into cubes.
  5. Then cut the grilled meat into cubes and grate the cheese.
  6. Arrange the cheese, meat cubes on the edge of the washbasin sheet and cover them with yogurt sauce. Put slices of chili peppers, tomatoes and avocado cubes. Squeeze the ends inside and roll into a tight roll. Put them on the grill or grill pan and brown them for a minute on both sides. Good appetite!
If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood

How do we feed our children? 10 tips from nutritionist Mihaela Bilic, author of the book "ABC of Nutrition"

[ad # co-1] What does a healthy and balanced diet for children mean? It is a question that every conscious parent asks, out of the desire to provide their children with the most suitable foods that will ensure their healthy development.

"A healthy and balanced diet for children means moderation, diversity, so a little of everything", said nutritionist Mihaela Bilic, author of the book "ABC of Nutrition", yesterday, during the conference "Social Media for Parents", in which I participated.

Basically, the nutritionist recommends that, daily, children to consume a little of everything: dairy products, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, legumes, etc. Mihaela Bilic claims that the little ones should eat fish at least as often as they eat meat. The nutritionist is adept preparing meals at home, avoiding, as much as possible, commercially packaged foods.

Foods that promote the concentration of children

5 tips from Italian chef Antonio Passarelli for children's nutrition

How children end up eating emotionally

Mihaela Bilic claims that, although for many parents who feel responsible for the child's health and nutrition, it is difficult to accept the way their children are fed, however, they should let the children eat only when they are hungry and stop eating when they are full. Actually, "A child up to the age of 5-6 eats from hunger", states the nutritionist.

This suggests that parents be with their children "Wise and clever enough" to let them starve and to help them identify their other emotions, such as anger, sadness or boredom. These emotions, if not realized and expressed at the right time, can affect the baby's diet.

Thus, when the child "He is not paid attention, when there is no conversation, it is normal for him to feel alone, angry, angry", says the specialist. And then, this mechanism learned by "discomfort intolerance" intervenes, with the help of which "We use food to cover this discomfort and get rid of it."

Self-diversification: 7 foods that the baby can eat alone

Is the baby melted for sweets? How you help him give up without forcing him

[ad # co-2] How many meals a day should a child have?

The author of the book "ABC of Nutrition" recommends parents to give them to their children 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a snackbecause "The baby's stomach is still small and the baby is moving a lot." However, be very careful that "His snack does not turn into a rumble", warns the specialist.

As snacks, we can offer the child, for example, a sandwich, Which is "Better than anything is processed and packaged". Regarding this type of nibbling products, such as biscuits, Mihaela Bilic advises us not to keep them out of reach of children.

Find out, on page 2 of the article, 10 tips from nutritionist Mihaela Bilic with which your child will develop a healthy relationship with food.

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NO fatigue! YES: more energy!

Well done, your energy levels are normal. But there will always be times when you don't sleep well or enough or when you need a snack to increase your energy levels. Restore your sleep reserves as many times as you can and use some energy recovery tricks.

Energization strategies & hellip
◆ Give your liver a boost to keep your energy levels high all day long. For this, replace coffee or morning tea with a cup of hot water with lemon and a teaspoon of natural acacia honey.

◆ Re-energize your senses by discovering a & bdquonou perfume & ldquo. It can be the energizing aroma of the shower gel or the fresh one of a perfume, but the new smells can refresh you, especially in the early hours of the morning.

◆ Keep healthy snack supplies (nuts and nuts, oatmeal and hummus cookies) at home or at your work desk to keep your blood sugar level constant.

◆ If nothing works, soak a napkin in ice water and place it on your face and neck. The method tones your facial muscles and, in addition, temporarily stimulates the body's & bdquolupta or fug & ldquo reaction, triggering the release of energy.

Score 10-24
Your energy is like in a roller coaster

Obviously, caused by your lifestyle, but the good news is that the phenomenon is reversible. Find out who your energy consumers are and make the right changes to regain your vitality.

In the morning you move with the Slow. You wake up tired and strive hard to regain your energy during the day.

Energization strategies & hellip
◆ Have breakfast! People who eat a high-fiber menu (cereal flakes) say they are 10% less tired and improve your cognitive skills, say researchers. Eggs have the same effect, so eat a soft boiled one.

◆ Do not stay in the same position for too long & ndash your body associates stillness with rest, so it can put you to sleep. And posture has a significant impact on energy levels, so sit up straight with a pillow on your back.

◆ Exercise increases your energy level and changes your mood. Choose a movement you like, whether it's fitness at the gym, dancing on DVD or jogging for 10 minutes.

You feel your head filled with calluses at noon. Energy levels drop naturally around 4 in the afternoon, but yours disappear completely.

Energization strategies & hellip
◆ Beware of a menu that is too high in carbohydrates for lunch, which can trigger a sudden drop in blood sugar. Increase your protein dose with a grilled chicken breast or a portion of fish rich in omega-3 oils, which nourishes your brain, keeping it alert.

◆ Drink more water. Even a 2% drop in water content in the body can trigger symptoms of dehydration, which include fatigue, tiredness and a blurred mind.

◆ Go out to lunch. Natural daylight has a similar effect

You arrive home finished in the evening. You fall asleep on the couch on TV or you can't keep your eyes open when you're in town.

Energization strategies & hellip
◆ Always choose wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice instead of white flour, which can cause blood sugar imbalances and marked fatigue. Take your dose of carbohydrates only from fruits and vegetables, without sweets.

◆ Learn to spui & bdquonu & ldquo! Overloading at work and at home is a sure way to drain energy, not even in the city, which should restore your energy level.

◆ Give up your glass of alcohol at dinner, because it can disturb your sleep and consume the stock of energizing B vitamins.

◆ Turn off the TV 30 minutes before bedtime and read a book instead. Or listen to music & ndash the most effective way to get rid of stress.

Score 25 and over
You've reached the bottom of the energy bag

Sneezing during sitting or extreme fatigue after light exercise is not normal & # 8230

Energization strategies & hellip
◆ If you are a vegetarian and / or have a heavy period, you may have iron deficiency anemia, so see your doctor for tests and iron supplements. Increase your consumption of red meat or eggs, greens and orange juice if you are ovo-lacto-vegetarian.

◆ If you are thirsty all the time and need frequent urination, you may be one of the 500,000 undiagnosed people with type 2 diabetes in whom the body cannot produce enough insulin to convert glucose from food into energy. . Early diagnosis of the disease is essential, so go to the doctor.

◆ If you have gained weight lately and are cold, your lazy thyroid (hypothyroidism) may be to blame for fatigue. A simple analysis of hormones in the blood can give a diagnosis.

◆ You may have a deficiency of minerals (magnesium) or B-complex vitamins, which are extremely important in conserving energy. Take a supplement.

Healthy snacks for teenagers

Because the school program usually ends earlier than the parents' work schedule, teens probably spend some time alone. period at home after school. The good news is that they are old enough to go to the kitchen and eat alone. You no longer need to prepare their snacks.

The bad news is that they are big enough to do that. When they come home from school with a stomach protesting from hunger, they may not be interested in the healthiest choices. A large bag of greasy potato chips, a sauce and a carbonated and sweet drink will be the choice for a snack after school because it is easy to take and tastes good, not because it is good for them.

Good snacks such as fresh fruit replenish adolescents and provide them with important nutrients. Nutrient-poor snacks add sugar, saturated fat and sodium to the teen's body. And if the portions are not controlled, these snacks could spoil the taste for the healthy dinner of the whole family later.

Of course, all parents want a healthy diet for their children. Young people will find it difficult to accept the direct transition to a healthy diet, especially if their present diet is the normal one in their ranks today (junk - fast food). So until they understand the importance of a balanced and healthy diet, you can help them by offering healthy snacks, easy to prepare to be taken after school. Here are some healthy and tasty snack options:

Frozen grapes

Buy half a kilogram of seedless grapes and separate the berries from the bunches. Wash them and put a handful of berries in a few plastic bags for the freezer and place them there. Once the grapes have frozen, they develop an ice cream texture on the stick and a delicious sweet taste without the need for sugar.

Chopped vegetables and the related sauce like chips and dip

Teenagers love to eat chips soaked in sauce, but they don't need excess fat and salt. Replace the chips with chopped raw vegetables. Try sticks or slices of carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, peas and celery. Children can soak raw vegetables in vegetable sauce, natural and very healthy, made to the liking of teenagers.

Wholemeal bread and peanut butter

Replace white bread with wholemeal bread and any sandwich is instantly healthier. Peanut butter adds protein and healthy fats. If your teen has a penchant for sweets, bring home a jar of sugar-free sweet fruit jam, rather than a jar of jelly that has excess sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. You can make it enjoy other types of butter such as walnuts, cashews or almonds.


Popcorn is high in fiber, so it's a good snack if you don't drown it in butter or margarine. You can choose brands that are low in fat and salt, but the healthiest is to buy a hot air popcorn maker. Let teens experiment with different seasonings to add flavor and spice.

Pretzel (pretzels) from wholemeal flour

Wholemeal flour is important because it adds fiber to the diet of teenagers. Fiber is important for a healthy digestive system, and most teens don't get enough of it. Ordinary pretzels are made from overprocessed flour from which bran and most fibers have been removed. Wholemeal pretzels retain all the good things of fiber and still taste good with mustard.

Your own cereal bar

Does your teen like to serve a bar as a quick snack? Cereal bars seem to be good, but many contain unwanted fats, sugar and extra calories. You can make a healthier alternative by producing your own bar. Just mix one cup of two different kinds of whole grains. Add a cup of various nuts and half a cup of raisins or other dried fruit. You can add half a cup of raw chocolate flakes. You can also add peeled sunflower seeds, pumpkin or crunchy soybeans.


Smothies (fruit blended and turned into nectar) are much better for teenagers than milk shakes or malt drinks, and are fun to make. Frozen bananas are a good base for smoothies. So when your bananas are a little too ripe, cut them into pieces of approx. 2 cm and keep them in the freezer. To make a smoothie, toss four to five pieces of frozen bananas in a good blender along with a handful of strawberries or blueberries, a teaspoon of vanilla powder and a glass of water. Stir until creamy and pour the mixture into a tall glass.

Sticky or salty hummus

As an alternative to vegetables in sauce, you can keep hummus on hand to serve it on wholemeal flour or saltines / breadsticks. Hummus is made from chickpeas, which is a great source of healthy protein and fat.

Healthy drinks

Teenagers often have a penchant for sugary and caffeinated beverages such as cola, coffee drinks and energy drinks. It's not a good idea, especially later in the day. Caffeine can bring sleepless nights and excess sugar only means extra calories. Make sure you have healthier drinks that still taste good, such as 100% fruit and vegetable juices, sparkling water and plain chilled water. Keep lemon slices handy to give a little flavor to plain water.

The meaning of the name Andreea & # 8211 friendly, cheerful and curious by nature

A girl named Andreea is open, friendly, communicative and has considerable self-expression.

In addition, Andreea has a developed sense of humor. Girls with this name are emotional beings primarily who need other people to feel that they really exist.

Andreea has the habit of poking her nose into other people's business, either to gain control in a situation, or simply through an altruistic desire to help.

Girls with this name are quite intuitive and easily adapt to any new situation. In love, girls named Andreea are sensual, attractive and very seductive.

You may also be interested in: The meaning of the name Mary. See what this name matches and what it means

Video: Sendvič s rajčaty a bazalkou - skvělá volba k snídani, pokud si chcete dát něco opravdu dobrého! (December 2021).