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Chocolate dessert cake

Chocolate dessert cake

It took: melt the chocolate in a steam bath and leave to cool to room temperature. Beat the butter with the mixer, to which is gradually added 75 g of powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, cooled chocolate, 2 eggs and 4 yolks. Incorporate flour, baking powder and cocoa.

Whisk the egg whites, then gradually add 75 g of powdered sugar and mix. In the cocoa dough, put the egg white foam, stirring gently.

Pour the dough into a cake form 25-26 cm in diameter, greased with oil (preferably with baking paper) and bake in the preheated oven for 45 minutes. After 20-30 minutes, look at the oven window or check. When you insert the toothpick in the middle, it should come out clean. Then it's ready!

Leave to cool and prepare the cream.

Cream: Heat the milk and mix the powder with 4 lbs of sugar and a little milk from the pot. Pour into the pan over high heat (before boiling - if the milk is pasteurized) and mix until thickened. When ready, turn off the heat, leave to cool, then add the butter.

I cut the worktop in two: I inserted the knife in the middle of the thickness of the worktop, up to the center and I turned the plate, so two worktops resulted.

I syruped the first countertop with a syrup made of sugar, water, ness, rum essence. Then, spread the cream, put the second countertop, syrup again and put the icing.

Glaze: Melt the chocolate with the milk and powdered sugar in a steam bath. Leave to cool, keep in the fridge for 30 minutes, then spread on the cake.