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Sausages in "caruta"

Sausages in

I took the recipe from an Italian food magazine.

  • -200 g of sausage meat
  • -200 g mozzarella
  • a -8 slices of bread for sandwiches
  • -an egg
  • -1 glass of milk
  • -flour
  • -oil for frying

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sausages in "cart":

I took the sausages and took the meat out of the mat. Spread the meat in a thin layer and divide into four parts. Cut the mozzarella into slices. Beat the egg with a little salt and milk. Put flour in a plate. We take a slice of bread, put the crust aside, place the sausage and mozzarella on it. On top we put another slice of bread. Let's say we get a "sandwich". We give our "sandwich" through flour well. We wet the edges with a little water to stick and put in the flour, so the mozzarella doesn't fry. We also pass it through the egg. We do the same with the rest of the ingredients. We get 4 servings.

We take a pan and put oil. When the oil is hot we place our sandwiches and fry them on both sides. When they are well browned, take them out and serve them with a salad.

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-in the original recipe the meat from the sandwich remains a little raw, I put them in the oven a little to make the meat well.

They escaped online, but go to school by cart or on foot

You don't even know how better! Either you struggle at the online school, or you struggle with the mud, the cold and the potholes, every morning, on the way to the school in another village. Yesterday, February 15, was the first day when some of the students from Filiaşi, a village in Iaşi County, went to school by minibus. But most people walk or, in the happiest case, with a cart.

The children from Filiaşi village, Bălţaţi commune, Iași, got rid of the online classes and the difficulties they encountered when they wanted to connect to classes, but they came across the “reality on the ground”, writes
Bălţaţi City Hall never sent the minibus after them because the route is already established and "cannot be modified", as the mayor of the commune says. Over time, it was the parents who had to find solutions. Thus, the youngest children, from grades I-IV, are taken to school by cart, even by the parents of one of the students. For students in grades V-VIII, the situation is even worse: every day, regardless of the weather outside, I walk a few kilometers, with my backpacks in my back, to school. Contacted by the "Adevărul" reporter, Vasile Aştefanei, the mayor of Bălţaţi commune, said at the beginning of last week that it is excluded that the minibus will go to that village.

"It is not possible because the minibus has a very strict schedule. The Podişu and Valea Oilor schools are attached to the Sârca School. The program of the minibus is very strictly timed. If we went another 2 km to Filiaşi, where the road is not paved, it is paved and it is harder, it would mean turning the program upside down. In agreement with the parents, we decided for a parent to take responsibility and bring them to school every day. We've been doing this for years. Excluded is the minibus to go ", said last week the mayor Vasile Aştefanei.


He is from Louisiana, he has French ancestors and African nannies and if you visit New Orleans it is impossible not to stumble upon a bowl of gumbo or etoufee (the differences are very small between the 2 dishes, a kind of the same Marie ).
It's not good-looking but bad as the Mississippi River, it's not soup - no stew, it's not easy to make but it's easy to eat, it has dozens of variations but it retains its character.
If you start making gumbo, spend between 2 and 4 hours - time that is mostly spent in the pan.

My version (and the most popular) is based on a roux (flour boiled in oil - almost like a rantas). Gumbo can also be made without flour, and then loaves are used as a thickening agent or fillet powder.
Although the present is very traditional, no matter what version you make, there will be puritans who will tell you that you did something wrong, because they grew up with another recipe kept from their ancestors. Personally, I prefer gumbo with roux and this time I added prawns because I like them, and the proteins were Polish sausage (kielbasa - closer to the traditional-but-harder-to-find andouille) and fresh shrimp. Another very common variant is the sausage-chicken combination, and at his mother's in Louisiana where instead of flies, crabs fly and the roads are paved with oysters, the one with crustaceans / seafood.

It is a meticulous food, but not difficult to make, especially if you follow the 2-3 rules that must be followed and that I will thicken them for attention. It should be mentioned that it is kept absolutely excellent in the freezer. And one more detail: I have not yet met / heard from a single person who ate gumbo to say that he does not like it.

1 cup (250 ml) vegetable oil
1 cana faina
2 cups diced onions
1 cup diced celery stalk
1 cup bell pepper (green, red, it doesn't matter)
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon cayenne powder
6 cups chicken or vegetable soup
400-500 gr. sausages cut into 1 cm slices (I fry them a little before)
2 teaspoons Cajun powder (or a mixture of 3: 2: 1 salt, (2) -> cayenne, pepper, chili (1) -> thyme, basil, bay)
500 gr. shrimp (or chicken cut into 2-3 cm cubes)
3 bay leaves
A cup with loins cut into 1 cm slices (optional)
For serving, chopped parsley and green onions (optional)
A cup of tomato puree (optional)
2 cloves finely chopped garlic (optional)
Boiled white rice (NOT optional)

Some mentions:
Absolutely necessary a pan with a heavy bottom, preferably enameled cast iron.
It is absolutely important that all the ingredients are prepared and arranged near the stove. It is said that it is traditional that before you start gumbo, first you go to the bathroom, then you have 2 beers with you.
Onions-celery-peppers are known as the Holy Trinity. Put the Trinity in a bowl, along with the salt, cayenne pepper and Cajun mixture. Place the bowl as close to the stove as possible.

Roux (the most difficult part): heat the oil in the pan over medium heat, add the flour and mix until incorporated. Makes foam, which decreases after 2-3 minutes. Stir without stopping (it should not be energetic, but lethargic. The idea is not to let the flour stick to the bottom of the pot and burn). If blackheads appear in the red, it is burned and must be discarded and restarted. At first the rantas is liquid, after a few minutes it starts to thicken a bit. In the pictures: as soon as I mixed the flour, every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, every 20 minutes.
It should be done in about 20 minutes, but it can take up to 30. The shade it should reach is the color of a milk chocolate.

Put the Trinity in the pan (watch out for steam or splashes, the rantas is about pitch temperature and I'm not exaggerating) and mix vigorously. At this moment the temperature of the rancher drops suddenly and through some phenomenon, the color darkens - not bad. Continue to chew for a few minutes, more relaxed than before but still do not leave the pan. In 5-10 minutes when the vegetables have softened, add the sausage and the bay leaves, mix for 1 minute or two, then slowly add the soup (at room temperature), chewing continuously.

When it boils, reduce the flame and leave it to boil without a lid for an hour if we make gumbo with chicken or 2 hours if we do it with shrimp. For the one with chicken, it boils for another hour after we put the chicken. Also at one o'clock put the okra, tomatoes and garlic if we use. For the shrimp, add the shrimp 5-10 minutes before turning off the heat.
Taste salt and spices.
Serve with boiled white rice, green onions and parsley.

Romania's cart tour

A Bucharest resident wants to assert himself in the century of speed with a single-horsepower vehicle.
Gigi Dumitrache (photo) is the only Romanian who has so far managed to tour Romania in a cart. The feat from 1987 is to be republished this year, when the & # 8222nomad & # 8221, passionate about extreme hiking, will put the cover on the cart again, harness the murg and embark on a journey of almost two months. With a maximum speed of ten kilometers per hour!
A journey of 2,500 kilometers in a cart is quite a lot even for the most daring Romanians. However, Gigi Dumitrache does not think about the numb bones in the cart, nor does she care about cooking at the edge of the ditch, and the nights slept under the starry sky are a challenge that she ticked in her youth.
He wants with all his heart that at the age of 43 he will roam the country on the & # 8222 board & # 8221 of the oldest used cart in Romania.
& # 8222I was dreaming of a caravan. Of course, only if sponsors will be involved in this action. I started looking for travel partners, so that the 50 days would pass easily. I have the experience to turn everything into fun. Grills, campfires, fiddlers, an adventure that many dream of & # 8221, concludes Gigi Dumitrache.

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How Jador and Albert Oprea, from Războinici, violated the rules during the Survivor competition. The singer revealed everything

Jador made some revelations from the Survivor Romania competition in a podcase. The famous singer was eliminated from the competition due to the problems he had with his leg. He himself told the story.

What did Adela Popescu, who was 8 months pregnant, discover at the last check-up? The anxieties that the TV star's husband is facing

Adela Popescu is on the last hundred meters. She is one month old and will give birth to her third child, for whom she has not yet set a name. The star recently went to the check-up to see if.

Couple bomb at Survivor! What the contestant's sister says about the relationship between the two

Maria Chițu and Albert Oprea are getting closer in the Survivor competition. Many believe that the two are already a couple. The two even kissed in the competition in the Republic.

Pig slaughter: from stupidity to hypocrisy

Update: I stopped posting some comments, I only accepted other comments after editing. Let's face it, dear ones, my blog is not a forum for idiots, it is not a newspaper site. Maybe in those places the dumping of sides is encouraged (because we are still talking about pigs), here we behave decently or we see each other on the road. If I have enough consideration for your choice to be vegan or your choice to eat meat, I expect reciprocity. I do not admit curses, swearing, sectarian proselytism, I do not admit to telling me (in my own house) that I am a thief or a barbaric murderer. And no, you can't convince me that being a vegetarian is a way of life that I MUST follow, please don't try again. I have no conscience when I cut a chicken or kill a fish, but it hurts when I see a bowl of rice thrown in the trash, just as it hurts when I see a piece of mocked meat. And, to be clear, most of the comments I've blocked are from meat eaters who don't understand that other people can choose to eat only plants and water if they want to. I was talking about decency in the article. Decency also means respecting the dietary choices of your peers. At least for those who don't eat other people.

Pig cutting is an old custom. It's one of our connections to the past, to our ancestral ways of procuring food. I have sacrificed many pigs in this life, together with my grandfather, my father, my brother. We raised pigs to be slaughtered, we cleaned after them every day, we washed them, we scratched them, we fed them things cooked especially for them. It's true, as a child it was not easy for me to see that the godac who came to the fence of the hut to scratch his back turns into a drum, bacon plates and sausages. But I understood that this is how things are, that in order to live we eat other beings (and plants, yogurt bacteria or shrimp are beings, you know). I learned from an early age to respect this, not to mock food, to appreciate sacrifice. The slaughter of the pig always took place quickly and without abusing the animal and, as far as I was concerned, it was always left with more or less hidden tears, regardless of my age. I'm not a jerk, I learned that if I like sausages I have to be able to make them from A to Z, A being that moment when you don't want your little brother to see you with tears in his eyes in while handing your father the perfect sharp knife the night before.

I don't expect those of you who saw a piece of chop just in the casserole in the supermarket to understand without thinking the things I'm writing now. But I hope to see on Facebook fewer pictures of people riding slaughtered pigs, fewer idiots pulling the dead pig out of the car (which amazes me, in the country where one tied a live horse to a van and forced him to run with 50 kilometers per hour to the brink of death), fewer pigs drawn with Ad / Dc on the burnt back. I hope that those who buy the cutlet from the supermarket or from the butcher in the corner will no longer judge those who cut the pigs, categorizing them as barbarians. And the chop in the supermarket or at the butcher's shop belonged to a pig that was once alive. I hope that between the fits of stupidity and those of hypocrisy of a nation beaten by bad winds, I will find the root of common sense, the middle category of decent, balanced people, for whom a short life is not a trophy to put on the wall or a opportunity to be funny about death. Decency is when you respect the sacrifice, just as it is decent to give up meat altogether if you do not like the idea of ​​the death of an animal so that your family has something to put on the table, without fighting with the brick in your chest for it.

Forgive me all those who have felt unpleasantly touched by my words, this is how I see these things and I think it is imperative that we all remember who we are. And no, decency is not an interpretable notion, even if it seems so at first glance. Let's be healthy.

Old images with the muscle car

Free Stock Photos: vehicle, car, automobile, car, wheel, tires, transport, car, car, old Find images with Vintage. Free for commercial use No attribution required No copyright. Related Images: Old Vintage Corvette Racing Car. 128 120 15. Luggage Packaging. 139 106 39. Pkw Interior. 74 89 4. Road Bicycle Gear. 95 148 14

Pictures Old cars. Download images with free old cars

  • Sewing machine singer adria 2 Sewing machines 260. old object with beautiful ornaments, collector's item or for decorating themed spaces, ma
  • Policeman dragged by a drunk driver without a license! The incident occurred near Biharia, Bihor County. The driver, a 36-year-old Hungarian citizen residing in Oradea, was eventually detained. And the policeman was taken to the hospital. Fortunately.
  • New washing machines consume 44% less energy and 62% less water than those produced in 1985. The investment in a new washing machine pays off in the first years of use. Many people choose to repair and store old (used) appliances to save money
  • Car Cusut Singer By clicking on the Register button, I accept the Terms of Use. I understand that S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy and other similar technologies.S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses automated systems and analyzing partners.
  • 1. Right-hand drive cars. If a car with a left-hand drive, say a 2008 Opel Vectra, costs around 6,000 Euros in Germany, one in England will cost much less, about 4,500 Euros. Which is why there are many individuals who buy them from there, from the UK, and bring them to Romania
  • Find pictures with Auto. Free for commercial use No attribution required No copyright. Related images: bmw car oldtimer transport vehicle. 19196 Free Auto Images. Old Truck Rust. 114 103 18. Bmw Car Roadster. 83 81 10. Auto Police Team. 83 140 1. Om Masina Pasageri. 110 98 21

.. In the following we will focus on arranging a small kitchen, proving that even a small kitchen can be beautiful and practical PHOTO GALLERY. A Dacia Sandero is sold in Germany with the amount that Romanians spent on a weekend in Mamaia during the season without going all inclusive. The red car, which has traveled only 49,500 kilometers so far, costs 1,350 euros. In the last two years, the seller writes in the ad, the car has driven only 2,000 kilometers

With coloring pages of various complexities, this game is suitable for both children and adults. You can choose all kinds of different types of cars, such as: - racing cars - sports cars - muscle car - police cars - ambulance - formula 1 - convertible cars - fire engines - terrain accident Downloads Photos: car, old, truck, motor vehicle, vintage car, ford, dodge, vintage cars, hot rod, land vehicle, brand cars. Outrageous images in Dâmboviţa. Dog pulled with a rope tied to a car. What does the driver risk VIDEO Published: Wednesday, 09 September 2020 16:56 // Updated: Wednesday, 09 September 2020 19:05 // Source: Turkey is a variant accessible by personal car, Andrei Stanca made in this article a guide for a two-week trip through this country in a complicated period such as the year 2020. Read also: SHORT GUIDE FOR A HOLIDAY IN TURKEY BY CAR, DURING THE PANDEMIC But what can you do in Turkey if you have fewer days , not have. COAT WITH THICKNESS PROCRAFT PD2300W, PLANER 330MM. 1,680, 00 Lei hoists, sledges, coat shelter coat. 65, 00 Lei (14 sold) Coat. 1.200, 00 € ZI-HB204 1250W coat planer and roughing machine. 1.499, 00 Lei NUT + FEDER coat cutter wide 5cm beehive coat parquet floor model.

Fair of objects with sentimental value, in Nehoiu, for

  • Free photo: car, vehicle, rust, old, metal, transport, car, cars, vehicles, abandoned, antique, tires, automobile, car, coupe
  • The man from Sătmăreni in question forgot his keys in the car, and the only chance to reach them was to break the window on the left. The owner of the car, as he was the one who assaulted the car, tried to break the window with both a brick and a knife, as seen in these pictures
  • It is one of the most extreme models from Porsche. He received it in February but now sells it for 0 km on board. He paid $ 10,000 for a 455-horsepower German car. After a year of driving, he tells us how much it cost him, in total, the Hyundai Santa Fe repairs were tuned by Carlex Design and it is unrecognizable. Many PICTURES to reach you

Alexandra Georgescu, Digi24 journalist: It's 1:44 p.m. I'm leaving right now with the train from Otopeni to Gara de Nord. It remains to be seen how much we will do. It should normally take about 20 minutes. At the same time, my colleague Maria Moiș left with a car Downloads Pictures: old, headlight, motor vehicle, vintage car, license plate, limousine, junkyard, land vehicle, brand cars, car exterior, compact car, car design, executive car, full size car 5472x3648,136976. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience The list below refers to cars older than 8-9 years. Service reports were analyzed in 2017. 1. Porsche 911 - Fault rate 9.9%, average mileage 65,000 km But if you want something with more sporty sensations, then you will turn to this model. Porsche 911 is proof that the top of the range is worth all the money Old car pictures, pictures of vintage cars, vintage car parts, sales and purchases of old cars. Having an old vintage car is a luxury for many Romanians, but even so there are many who have such cars. Even I have a friend who loves Dacia, a Dacia from 1950-1960, invest in it even more.

A video made by Realitatea PLUS journalist Sebastian Oancea brings clarifications in the case of the scandal that took place in the Old Center of Bucharest, as a result of which he was beaten by law enforcement officers. Although the police communiqué says that the journalist was taken to the police station after refusing to identify himself, Realitatea PLUS presented on Sunday a video in which it can be seen that. Pictures and images on 220 old. The London Coican - millions of years old. London Hammer - This wooden-hammered iron hammer was discovered by a team of American and British archaeologists in 1936 on an archeological site on the outskirts of London, Great Britain.

Free picture: vehicle, car, automobile, car

  1. The vouchers obtained when scrapping an old car, for the purchase with discount of a new one, through the Scrap Program, will be distributed from May 15 and can be settled until November 20, the distribution of vouchers being made according to the number of old vehicles in each County
  2. Part of the house, including the garage, office and part of the living room, is structured on one level, while over the rest of the house was designed a second level that includes a bathroom with tub and the 3 bedrooms with areas between 10 , 9 and 14.85 square meters
  3. The Romanian manufacturer Dacia is working on a project for a sedan that could be named after an older model: Solenza. The French say that the new model, built on the Renault Fluence platform, will be named after a model produced between 2003 and 2005. The Dacia Solenza will be a five-seater sedan with a length of 4.8 meters. The new model will also benefit from a range of components.

Vehicle sales will fall by 20% this year worldwide due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a SP Global study, which estimates that in 2021 and 2022 the market will recover by between 7% and 9% , reports the EFE agency. The fun starts every day here on our website, so today we are waiting for you with a new online game of boys with cars that you dear children will have the opportunity to play with all your friends. Today, dear children, you will see that we have prepared a new online game with cars with differences, in which you have to be very fast and very fast, because we brought. Car registration tax older than 30 years brought from abroad (3 replies) karmann ghia - I want one too (10 replies) 1936 FORD V-8 Made in Romania at FORD ROMANA SAR (54 replies) old cars, sports (40 replies ) Villa d'Este 2009 (0 folds) BAT 11 (0 replies) The oldest and most expensive car in the country! (30 replies) Car over 30 years old. Police warn Romanians who park their cars in front of the block. They may have problems. It is a phenomenon that has spread in Romania. What the police warn. What can happen if you park the car in front of the block? The theft phenomenon has grown and Romanians can wake up without a certain part from the car. The manual sausage machine with a horizontal position, capable of preparing up to 4 kilograms. 184, 00 Lei 170, 00 Lei. 1 sold. 170 loyalty points-24% Promo Sausage machine 2.5 Kg. Stainless steel sausage filling machine. 169, 00 Lei 129, 00 Lei. To the store.

Dating Relationships Flirt Women Men Couples E Car pictures - Modified cars - Car tuning - Tuning dacia images, 25, 96, 12-03-2006 00:46 :. . The Armenians are not sure who they are playing with either, given that during the presentation video of the match, they also posted images with FCSB, but also with CSA Steaua Free collection of pictures with cars. The collection includes over 114 pictures that can be downloaded for free. An unlicensed man from Lugoj refused to stop at the signals of the police, at a routine check. Road agents set off in pursuit of him with three trucks. The crazy race ended after a dangerous chase through the city. People with disabilities or their companions, television and radio carts, cars of some institutions, for example, firefighters, Mapn, SRI, STS, ANAF do not pay the vignette. However, the cars of the patriarchy were removed from the list of these exceptions. Such cars with a pollution norm of euro 2 will not be able to be moved from the parking lot from 2022

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A local woman captured disturbing images of the horse agonizing on the side of the road and advertised them in a message to The horse that was harnessed to the cart lay for minutes on foot, doing nothing to help him. HD media images along with sports car that are impossible to resist. Choose, forget your lemonade phone wallpapers. This is a modern version of the cool wallpapers you always wanted

Funny pictures from the category Constructions. See the best pictures of Construction. Construction Images - page 5 of 3 The works on the first section of the Ciurel Bridge are in a straight line. The mayor of the capital, Gabriela Firea, announced at the end of August that it will be put into circulation once the school starts. That didn't happen, but the workers seem to be working hard. So they did not even realize when the paint with which they marked the passage arrived on the personal cars of A driver overturned on Sunday by car on the side of a road in Oarja commune, Argeş county, and fled the scene of the incident. According to ISU Argeş, firefighters were asked to intervene in an accident in Oarja commune, where a car overturned on the side of the road. La.

Antique Sewing Machines - Antic Shop Antiques Online & gt Movies with images old Movies, Videos All movies Animals Cars, motorcycles Cinema, movie trailers Comedy, Romanian humor Cartoons Documentaries, Science & Tech TV shows Farces Funny phases Funny Games, Gameplay Music, Videos Friends, parties, clubbing Advertisements Sports Star Electric sewing machine, portable works with 220V charger, or with batteries, has a pedal for adjusting the sewing speed, 5 spools of thread included and accessories. It behaves like a professional car, but small in size. Sew various materials: cotton, veil, silk, knit, fabric, crepe. Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 10 c Old vector drawing machine. Sponsored vectors. Download. Description. Vector image of an old car. Photo-realistic illustration of a green vehicle. Subscribe to our newsletter and receive regular updates on new free images Vacuum cleaner, cleaning machine - Prices, Vacuum cleaner, cleaning machine stores: choose the best Vacuum cleaners, cleaning machines from online store offers. Vacuum cleaner, cleaning machine offers and prices, top manufacturers at Vacuum cleaner, cleaning machine. Professional vacuum cleaners: consult the offer on comparisons, buy at the best price

For comparison, Tesla sells in Germany the new Model Y for 58,620 euros, the performance variant reaching even 65,620 euros. In the US, the starting price of the Y is $ 49,990, while in Italy we are talking about 68,000 euros. 16.07.2020 08:37 Two puppies were trampled by a car in Fălticeni, and the driver seems to have had no intention of braking or bypassing the animals And even less athletic and strong in everyday life. For rapid muscle growth you need to focus on exercises that move several wrists at once and therefore activate a large number of muscles at once (straightening, chest push-ups, traction, ram, military press, knee bends, etc.)

Policeman dragged by a drunk driver and

  1. I don't know if you could drive a 12-wheel truck, but you will certainly be able to color a coloring page with a huge 12-wheel truck. Long trucks For boys it is an ideal opportunity to color the most beautiful coloring pages of trucks.
  2. In the pictures you can see how the two women start pushing each other, while the people in line to vote are filming with their mobile phones. The scandal broke out in Zorlențu Mare commune from Caraş-Severin, and one of the two women is the wife of the PNL candidate from the commune
  3. It's all due to the new Flex mode. Multitasking is even better for running up to three applications at the same time. Many applications have a two-panel view for increased productivity. The most expensive phone is also sold in Romania. It costs as much as a car. The cameras are not as advanced as the Note 20 Ultra
  4. Old car color vector drawing. Sponsored vectors. Download. Description. Vector image of an old car. Photo-realistic illustration of a vehicle in orange. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive regular updates on new free images
  5. The sausage filling machine has become an increasingly sought after accessory in Romania lately. Each of us wants to have that beautiful and relaxing activity around the holidays but especially to know that we can prepare our own sausages according to our own taste with the help of these stainless steel sausage making machines. Considering.
  6. How to drive a car is a page that talks about exceptional situations but also about the most common errors of judgment that even experienced drivers make. It is another kind of preparatory course, beyond the hours spent at the driving school, a course that covers all situations that the instructor cannot.
  7. with photovoltaic panels, and the delivery service is also ECO: using bicycles or electric car

Baby cot, in the shape of a car provided with pvc tape for the protection of children in case of accidental blows. online trade / others. Seven destinations for 2008 - BusinessMagazin. A variety of destinations, some older, others more recently entered for staying in an old castle in the area transformed into a luxury hotel. Some, older in the trade, say it was the hardest year of their experience, with a lot of wind and dangerous sea. Only Andreea Trușcă, lifeguard at Eforie Nord, has so far rescued at least 30 LA FURAT tourists from drowning with an Audi Q5. Several women caught loading pavement on a construction site in a luxury car (VIDEO) Friday, 7 August 2020 11:38 2020-08-07 12:30:13 PUBLIKA.MD Comments Car stolen with cart Published on 11.11. 2010 la 06:27 Actualizat pe 24.04.2018 la 14:40 Trei hoti de fier vechi din Targoviste ar putea cistiga titlul de cei mai neinspirati cu putinta

Toate drepturile rezervate! Nu copiati și repostați acest clip pe alte canale! Dacă va place distribuiti-l pe Facebook sau pe oricare alt site! Video : Timar.. Imagini cu fantana arteziana Cum se face: Pentru a realiza aceasta fantana arteziana, aveti nevoie de un cauciuc, fie de dimensiuni mici, fie de dimensiuni mari, un dispozitiv de taiat, iar pentru ca acest cauciuc are si sarma pe interior, am folosit un fierastrau electric Vechi masina albastru. Imagini Sponsorizate Descarcă Descriere . Masina retro din Palermo, Italia. Categories. Transport. Licenţe gratuite Ai grijă când utilizezi imagini cu mărci vizibile.) Color. Specificaţii. 2 MB. 2018-05-20 73 2753 x 2170 px Sursă. IMAGINI DURE: Primarul PSD din Suraia a lovit cu mașina un bărbat din localitate! EditiedeVrancea 24/09/2020 În cursul zilei de astăzi, polițiștii din cadrul Postului de Poliție Suraia au întocmit un dosar penal în care efectuează cercetări sub aspectul săvârșirii infracțiunii de lovire

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IMAGINI DEMENTIALE CU ELENA UDREA LA PLAJA. GALERIE FOTO INCENDIARĂ! Se apleacă, trage de bikini şi se vede Detin 4 costume de militian cu diverse grade - caschete, epoleti, eghileti de parada, centuri, tocuri de pistoale albe si negre, cartusiere albe si gri, de militian, camasi, haine, paltoane, pantaloni drepti sau stramti jos pentru cizme, cizme, triunghiuri reflectorizante. Doar daca intrati aici pe site-ul nostru, voi dragi prieteni o sa vedeti ca am pregatit pentru voi unul dintre cele mai interesante jocuri cu masini, cu camioane si cu Mos Craciun, in care dragi prieteni suntem siguri ca o sa va distrati de minune. Acesta este un nou joc puzzle cu camioane, iar voi dragi prieten Confruntare violentă între două clanuri interlope au avut loc, joi, la Murgeni, județul Vaslui. Șeful clanului Sandu ar fi fost lovit cu masina de către un membru al clanului Murui, iar o tânără de 21 de ani a fost rănită, după ce bărbatul a intrat cu masina în multimea adunată pe stradă, scrie ziarul local VremeaNouă Intr-o zi, muncitorii de pe un santier de contructie al unui zgirie-nori din Moscova, descopera intr-un buncar subteran o veche si ruginita masina Volga. Unul dintre muncitori va lua aceasta masina cu scopul de a o darui fiului sau, un student obisnuit al Universitatii de Stat moscovite. Studentul va descoperi mai tirziu, ca vechea masina este capabila sa zboare, astfel ca va fi capabil nu.

Intre timp, vă vom presăra parcursul cu nenumărate mici surprize care-i vor da farmec şi unicitate. Pentru o mai uşoară interacţionare cu acest oraş deseori de nerecunoscut, punem la dispoziţia grupului tablete individuale conţinând informaţii şi imagini ajutătoare, iar pentru o mai uşoară interacţionare cu povestitorii noştri. Descoperă și: Tzancă Uraganul, la braț cu amanta. Deși încă este căsătorit, manelistul se afișează cu Mădălina. Anul trecut, Andrei Velcu, așa cum apare în buletin Tzancă Uraganu, s-a lăudat cu un Rolls Royce Wraith, în valoare de peste 200.000 euro și un Lamborghini Huracan de 250.000 euro Puteti prelua materiale de pe acest blog, fara a cere acordul meu, cu doua conditii: 1. Sa fie folosit in scopuri educative (prezentari in fata elevilor, lucrari de natura istorica, economica, sociologica etc.) si nu in scopuri comerciale (generare de trafic pe alte websiteuri, vanzare de reclame, publicare in media scrisa, televizata sau radio sau alte modalitati de a monetiza aceste materiale) Daca zilele trecute ti-am aratat cum faci ghivece pentru flori din butoaie vechi de lemn, iata ca si acest articol este dedicat reciclarii si proiectelor do it your self , astfel incat vei putea vedea niste imagini interesante cu cauciucuri vechi transformate in ghivece sau jardiniere pentru gradina Daca te pasioneaza viteza si ti-ai dori una dintre acele masini care iti depasesc cu mult bugetul, esti cu siguranta si un mare iubitor de masini tunate. Farmecul acestor tipuri de masini merge mai departe de aspectul estetic sau de puterea motorului si isi are radacinile in pasiunea pentru unic, in individualismul si spiritul rebel ce.

TIMISOARA. Au fost dezvaluite noi imagini aeriene de pe santierul autostrazii Lugoj - Deva, Lotul 4, mai cunoscut drept Autostrada Liliecilor, unde lucrarile se desfasoara in ritm sustinut. Din 10 octombrie traficul este oprit pe A1 intre Simeria si Soimus pentru conectarea Lotului 3 al Autostrazii Lugoj - Deva, aflat in executie. Constructorul promite ca va finaliza aceasta operatiune pana. O colectie interesanta de puzzle cu imagini. Daca cauti distractie, alege sa te joci cele mai bune puzzle cu imagini. Play the latest free games on

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  • Iubitorii de carti cumpara lunar cateva titluri noi, pe care de-abia asteapta sa le citeasca. Insa, dupa ce sunt parcurse, acestea sfarsesc pe rafturile din biblioteca. Odata cu trecerea timpului, spatiul de depozitare devine tot mai limitat, iar noile achizitii nu isi vor mai gasi loc in casa. Daca vrei sa eliberezi spatiul de pe etajera si sa ai si un buget pentru viitoare titluri de.
  • Filmulete amuzante cu masini. Anis 8th iun., 2017 259 Views. 259 0 0. Filmulete amuzante cu masini, Super smart va ofera gratuit cele mai bune compilatii de imagini amuzante din 2014 sau mai vechi, vezi aici Filmulete amuzante cu masini. Iata ce am gasit pe unul dint..
  • FOTO Un microbuz bun pentru fier vechi a traversat Ungaria şi România. Şoferul a condus fără griji vehiculul cu care s-a răsturnat pe autostradă 17 aprilie 2019, 11:3

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Recipes with Laura Laurențiu is one of the first culinary blogs in Romanian. Launched in 2009, the blog has gathered around it an enthusiastic community of cooking enthusiasts. Rețete cu Laura Laurențiu oferă rețete pas cu pas cu fotografii și rețete video, pentru o reușită sigură Masina Umana - Mistere Vechi Pentru Oameni Noi. Anunt Diamant Daily Masina Umana. Anunt Diamant Brol Medical Center Brol Medical Center este o clinica privata situata in centrul orasului Timisoara cu o experienta de peste 20 ani in chirurgia estetica, infiintata in 1996 Video, poze cu tema - Masini vechi - Auto. Viziteaza selectia multimedia a celor mai importante stiri cu tema Masini vechi - Auto, realizate de - Page

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@intraficeu O autocisterna incarcata cu benzina s-a rasturnat pe DN2B 8 years ago @intraficeu Inca avem drumuri cu zapada! 8 years ago @intraficeu Avertizare METEO de Vant 28-31 martie 2012 8 years ag Paturi copii - Cea mai diversificata gama de produse din categoria paturi copii, paturi etajate copii, paturi tip masina, paturi disne Masina de cusut Singer magazine si preturi. Gasiti cel mai potrivite Masini de cusut Singer din ofertele magazinelor online. Comparati preturile, cumparati Masina de cusut Singer la cel mai mic pret. Top producatori la Masina de cusut Singe Oscar (Walter Matthau) si Felix (Jack Lemmon), doi prieteni vechi, nu s-au vazut timp de 17 ani. Acum Oscar locuieste in Florida, iar Felix in New York. Intr-o buna zi, Oscar este invitat de fiul sau, Bruce, sa ia parte la nunta lui cu fiica lui Felix, care va avea loc in California. Oscar si Felix se intalnesc din nou la aeroportul international din Los Angeles si inchiriaza impreuna o masina.

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  1. Imagini cu iadul urbanistic din Chişinău: bordeie specifice satelor se lipesc de blocurile vechi, în timp ce monumente pier ca să lase locul unor blocuri-mamut . Galerie foto. 4 imagini. 21 Sep Monden. Prima apariție în public a Andreei Marin alături de doi dintre copiii lui Ștefan Bănică
  2. De luni din 05.05.2008 o parte din Sectia de Politie Udriste s-a mutat in Pipera nr 49. Daca vii de pe Barbu Vacarescu dinspre Luk Oil, faci stanga la prima intersectie , si nu prima strada (Care duce spre Sos Pipera) ci un pic mai sus poti observa usor o bariera
  3. Cele mai tari Jocuri Online din toate categoriile, alese astfel incat sa ai parte de distractie la cote maxime. Jocuri de actiune, sport, aventura, strategie, masini, jocuri pentru fete si multe altele

Download-uri Imagini de fundal : vechi, Franţa, Mașină de epocă, masina clasica, Chevrolet, voiture, impala, limuzină, Toulouse, mașină personalizată, 2016. Imagini 3D Imagini cu diverse mesaje scrise Imagini cu mesaje frumoase imagini de primavara Imagini funny Imagini funny 2013 Imagini haioase Imagini indecente la nora pentru mama Imagini miscatoare de Paste Imagini pline de cruzime Imagini si gifuri dragute Imagini socante Imnul facebook In asteptarea barbatuli perfect-funn Emily Burghelea povestea, în urmă cu doar două zile, cum a luat permisul de conducere, din prima. Așa cum era de înțeles, frumoasa blondă care a provocat un adevărat scandal în showbiz în urmă cu câteva săptămâni, a petrecut și a sărbătorit reușita cum nu se putea mai bine: într-o mașină, alături de prietenii ei cei mai buni » Prajitura cu mere Mier Iun 15, 2011 11:35 pm Scris de alina88 » La multi ani, Sidy (25 Aprilie) Dum Mai 15, 2011 11:30 am Scris de corinapanait » Ce pregatim azi? Tu ce ai facut? (2) Lun Apr 11, 2011 7:58 am Scris de Sidy » Prajitura cu mac Lun Feb 21, 2011 12:41 am Scris de ramaitanar » La multi ani, Hortensia (20 decembrie Compania Națională de Investiții a postat images noi with stadioanele Steaua, Giulești și Arcul de Triumf. Chiar dacă EURO 2020 a fost amânat, Stadionul Steaua se apropie de finalizare. S-a trecut la montarea scaunelor, iar gazonul urmează să fie pus

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Imagini șocante de la munte. Turiștii intră intenționat cu mașina într-o ursoaică și puii ei. O ursoaică și puii ei au fost loviți intenționat cu mașina de turiștii nervoși că animalele au venit la mâncarea lor. Amprente vechi de 313 milioane de ani, descoperite în Marele Canion.. VW beetle, VW, Vintage, masina, Volkswagen, vechi, clasic Public Domain. License to use Creative Commons Zero - CC Astăzi peste tot în lume încă se fabrică maşini de cusut Singer. Sunt moderne, frumoase, probabil printre cele mai bune, dar nu se compară cu modelele vechi fabricate între 1851 şi 1920. Printre cele mai vechi, în Ţara Făgăraşului există o maşină din 1870 la Recea şi una din 1880 la muzeul Valeriu Literat Descarca chei fotografii de stoc, imagini royalty free si ilustratii incepand de la $1. Economiseste si mai mult cu abonamentele noastre. Inregistreaza-te gratuit Download-uri Imagini de fundal : vechi, Mercedes Benz, mașină sport, Cabrio, Mașină de epocă, masina clasica, convertibil, Oldtimer, Alt, Horch, 1938, marcă, mk.

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Delice Cream SRL ofera o gama de top produse in 2020 pentru masini de inghetata soft cu topping si fara, plite inghetata, masini de laborator, cornete zaharoase, vafe, emulgatori, prafuri de inghetata, topping uri, aparate horeca, popcorn, gogosi, donuts, inghetata . »»» Masini de inghetata / Masina de inghetata 3. Masina de spalat rufe cu incarcare verticala Electrolux EWT1262IDW. Cu functia Pornire cu intarziere puteti amana pornirea urmatorului ciclu pentru ca acesta sa se termine exact atunci cand doriti. Aceasta masina cu functie AutoSense va ofera flexibilitatea de care aveti nevoie. Dispune de un tambur foarte incapator pentru a spala dintr-o data cantitati mari de rufe, in timp ce pentru.

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Cele mai frumoase poze cu natura. Acasa Filme Imagini Jocuri Felicitari Stiri Bancuri Citate Imagini peisaje - de la daniel_stelistu in Natura. Imagini peisaje 0 (0 note) 1048. Autostop Masina Plina O maşină în care se aflau doi tineri, de 18, respectiv 19 ani, a luat foc, miercuri dimineaţa. Ei au reuşit să se salveze, însă au suferit arsuri la nivelul mâinilor, picioarelor şi în zona feţei, anunţă Inspectoratul pentru Situaţii de Urgenţă (ISU) Hunedoara

Ioana's world

Desi abia am inceput sa scriu pe acest blog urmaresc deja de mult timp o tona de bloguri culinare si de forumuri cu retete…prietenul meu spune ca sunt un pic obsedata…si poate are dreptate deoarece cum am un pic de timp liber cum si eu …pe net…caut noi si noi retete de lucruri pe care le-as putea gati. Deocamdata ma limitez la a cauta si a salva retetele, nu reusesc sa pun in practica prea multe deoarece conditiile bucatariei actuale nu imi permit…dar si cand ma voi muta…atunci sa vedeti.
Tot cautand asa pe net am gasit una din cele mai bune retete de chec ever…si ca gust si ca aspect. Mi-a luat mai bine de un an sa o pun in practica, dar important este ca pana la urma am reusit. Autoarea retetei este Pocahontas, iar reteta am gasit-o pe forumul culinar unde are un intreg topic dedicat.

250 grame de unt
250 grame zahar
2 sachets of vanilla sugar
a pinch of salt
4 eggs
250 grame faine
50 grame amidon
½ plic praf de copt
75 ml lapte
2 linguri cacao

Intr-un castron se pun untul topit, zaharul, zaharul vanilat si praful de sare si se amesteca bine.
Se inglobeaza pe rand ouale.

Faina cernuta se amesteca cu amidonul si praful de copt si se inglobeaza si ea in aluat adaugand treptat si 50 ml lapte.
Se obtine un aluat mai gros putin decat aluatul normal de chec.

Aluatul se imparte in doua iar in una din jumatati se pune si restul de lapte si cele 2 linguri de cacao, mixand bine.
Intr-o forma de chec unsa cu unt si tapetata cu faina (asta in cazul in care nu folositi hartie de copt sau forma de silicon) se pune in centrul formei o lingura din aluatul alb, una din cel negru, alternand pana se termina compozitia. E important sa se puna lingurile de aluat una peste alta, daca nu, in loc sa obtinem un chec tigru vom obtine unul marmorat .

Se pune la cuptor la…ei si acum dilema…la ce temperatura ?cat timp . eu consider ca difera de la cuptor la cuptor…fiecare gospodina isi cunoaste cuptorul, deci va orientati in functie de cuptorul din dotate, important este sa fie la temperatura mica spre medie (asta asa…ca sa fiu cat se poate de exacta :p ), iar cat timp…pentru asta ramane infailibila metoda cu scobitoarea…incercam pana scobitoarea iese curata. Orientativ eu l-am lasat la 170 °C pentru o ora

Dupa ce s-a copt il mai lasati vreo jumatate de ora in tava sa se raceasca putin, ca sa nu se lase, si apoi il puteti scoate din tava, iar in cazul in care nu aveti rabdare sa se raceasca de tot acum este momentul de incercat .
Al meu a crapat putin, probabil temperatura a fost un pic prea ridicata. forma a lasat de dorit din aceasta cauza. dar gustul a fost minunat.

Good appetite

„Am văzut oameni schilozi aduşi cu targa sau căruţa, copii purtaţi de părinţi în spate. S-au facut bine şi s-au tămăduit.” Locul unic în România… Ce minuni se petrec aici:

Mănăstirea Izbuc, prima mănăstirea ortodoxă din Ardeal, este cunoscută, în primul rând, pentru izvorul unic în Europa. Se spune că apa, care ţâşneşte uneori dintre pietre, are puteri miraculoase.

Mănăstirea Izbuc din judeţul Bihor este situată la poalele munţilor Codru Moma, la aproximativ 100 de kilometri de Oradea, pe Drumul Naţional 76, spre Deva, într-un cadru feeric, de munte, încărcat de pioşenie. Aici îşi duc viaţa 20 de călugări şi călugăriţe.

Numele de Izbuc vine de la un izvor care se află lângă mănăstire şi care izbucneşte la anumite intervale – izbuc intermitent. Actuala mănăstire a fost construită între anii 1928-1930, si este o mănăstire de călugări.

Fenomenul carstic este considerat factor de minuni, pe seama lui punându-se vindecări miraculoase. Este cunosct în ţară şi peste hotare, fiind unic în Europa.

“Veneau aici bolnavi din toate judeţele din jurul Bihorului, din Cluj, Satu-Mare, Arad, Hunedoara şi mulţi dintre ei s-au întors după aceea spunând că s-au facut bine şi s-au tămăduit.

Am văzut oameni schilozi aduşi cu targa sau căruţa, copii purtaţi de părinţi în spate ori alţii abia umblând sprijiniţi în baston.

Oamenii veneau 15 km pe jos, de la gara din Vaşcău. Doamne, multe minuni s-or făcut la acest izvor. Şi n-a secat decât o singură dată, atunci s-a oprit de tot. Era pe vremea ungurilor, cand eram sub ocupaţie austro-ungară. Atunci n-a mai curs şapte ani. S-au aciuat pe lângă el nişte călugări catolici şi-au pus taxa la intrare”, spune Ilie Novac, din satul Călugări.

Legenda spune că un copil orb ce se afla într-o zi prin preajma izvorului a auzit susur de apă, iar după ce s-a spălat pe faţă a început să vadă. Datorită acestui izvor, călugării s-au strâns şi au vieţuit în acest loc. Documentele mărturisesc că încă din secolul 11-12 au existat călugări care au vieţuit în acest loc.

Totodată, icoana făcătoare de minuni a Maicii Domnului, o copie a icoanei de la muntele Athos, atrage mii de pelerini. Icoana făcătoare şi-a găsit locul la Izbuc de când mănăstirea s-a reactivat în anul 1928.

Oamenii n-au găsit nici până azi o explicaţie ştiinţifică a fenomenului de la Izbuc. Bătrânii călugări spun că apa izvorului a vindecat mulţi bolnavi declaraţi de medici incurabili.

Duminică, februarie 18, 2007

The City - Magazinele romanesti din Queens

Am povestit de multe ori voua, celor din tara, despre cat de norocosi suntem aici ca avem mancare romaneasca si ca este mult mai buna decat ce exista acum in comertul democrat de stat. :)
Uite ca am ajuns sa strang cateva poze sa va si arat.
Cu mancare, of course.
Si incep cu desertul, cum altfel?

Nita's European Bakery - pe care incercam sa nu-l vizitam prea des, are toate prajiturile copilariei (unora dintre noi, altii din nefericire nu stiu ce zic eu aici): cele din poza, Tosca si Amandina cat si Savarina si alte cateva, inca se mai fac in tara. Dar cu regret trebuie sa remarc: calitatea celor din tara este infinit mai proasta in zilele noastre. Nu e cazul cu Nita - toate prajiturile sunt absolut superbe - si mereu proaspete. (Se vede cat e de insiropata savarina?? si uhm, e frisca ne-vegetala :))

Pe langa clasicele de mai sus mai sunt jofre si mascote, violete, ora 12, krantz si dobos, cataif si cremsnit, excelent, tigarete, cartof, rulade. si sa nu mai spun de torturi: clasic jofra sau dobos, de ciocolata alba, neagra, bezea sau trufa.

Pateuri si mini-pateuri cu branza, ciuperci sau carne, cornulete si fursecuri, lintzer si bomboane de la dropsuri la visine in ciocolata sau fondante.

Dar daca vi s-a acrit de atat dulce :) sa trecem la mezeluri. Care in ultimii (10-15) ani in Romania mie personal mi se par plasticoase si cam fara gust. Don't shoot - cand ai pe Muncan aici devii cam rasfatat. De la parizer la babic, orice mezel cunoscut si necunoscut il gasesti. Facut de ei, "in casa".

Coaste si ciolane afumate, jumari, carnati de la oltenesti la sarbesti de care n-am auzit niciodata (Muncan e roman sarb). Sunca si costita, salamuri si branzeturi de la telemea la cascaval, toba si caltabos, 365 de zile pe an.
Deseori apar din bucatarie platouri cu pastrama sau kaiser aburind.
Deasemeni, de sarbatori purcelus de lapte sau miel.

Si nu sunt singurele magazine romanesti.
Mai exista o cofetarie romaneasca (chiar daca nu pare dupa nume. ) Krystal Bakery - care face cozonaci buni dar prajiturile lor m-au dezamagit.

Muncan are 2 magazine in Queens - unul in Astoria si unul in Ridgewood, la fel si Cornel de la Sunnyside Meat Market - unul in Sunnyside si unul in Ridgewood. Desi magazinele lui Cornel sunt un pic mai mici, unul din ele imi este mai langa casa. Alt plus este ca fac zacusca si piftie care sunt mai mult decat decente si imi salveaza timp si efort. Poate imi adun curajul sa cer permisiune sa fac poze si la ei.
La ambii se gaseste bors, varza murata si gogonele, plus alte muraturi.

Singurul lucru care nu-l gasesc este sorici - de care mi se face pofta serios de vreo 2-3 ori pe an. Motivul este ca Food and Drug Administration obliga ca porcul sa fie oparit la sacrificare, si asta face soriciul necomestibil asa cum il stim noi. Asa ce grija au astia de noi sa nu ne otravim. :)

Nita's European Bakery
40-10 Greenpoint Ave.
Sunnyside, N.Y. 11104 - (718)784-4047

Krystal European Bakery
6672 Fresh Pond Rd,
Ridgewood, NY 11385 - (718)418-9493

Muncan Food Corporation
4309 Broadway,
Long Island City, NY (718)278-8847

Sunnyside Meat Market
43-10 43rd St
Sunnyside, NY (718)786-2626

Video: Pregatiri pentru parada de atelaje de la Sarbatoarea comunei (October 2021).