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Raspberry and blueberry jam, with rose flower water

Raspberry and blueberry jam, with rose flower water

Gently wash the blueberries and raspberries.

Boil the water with the sweetener.

The powdered sweetener has a different texture to sugar and tends to accumulate lumps, so mix from the beginning with a wooden spoon. In addition, you will see that a water syrup with sweetener will not look like a water syrup with sugar and, letting it boil, the liquid will decrease a bit, so you can add the fruit and boil more afterwards (compared with the situation in which we add the fruit in water syrup with bound sugar and boil a little later). So, after about 8 minutes from when the liquid starts to bubble, add the fruits and water of rose flowers.

When it starts to boil and swell, lower the heat and stir often. Collect the foam, if necessary.

A drop of the jam syrup, poured on a saucer, should not flow, but drip very slowly, a sign that it is bound.

If you have a kitchen thermometer, use it with confidence to guide you. You can put out the fire when the sweetness temperature reaches 101 ° C.

Leave the jam to cool in the pan in which it boiled, and if you shake or tilt the pan a little now, you will see that the jam has caught crust, another indication that it is tied.

Pour the jam into jars, put the lids on and store in a cool place.

The following is obtained: 1 jar with a volume of 720 ml

Good appetite!

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Raspberry and blueberry jam with rose flower water - Recipes

A cake, rich and filling. wonderful with a cup of tea or coffee! The idea here.

Countertop ingredients: (for a 25/18 cm tray)
-150 g flour
-60 g of sugar
-60 g butter
-an envelope of baking powder
-an egg
-grated peel of a lemon
Cream ingredients:
-100 g walnut kernels
-100 g unsalted pistachios
-100 g raisins
-100 g butter
-100 g sugar
-2 tablespoons raspberry or apricot jam
-2 tablespoons water
Ingredients for the glaze:
-100 g chocolate
-6 tablespoons liquid cream

First prepare the cream in a saucepan put water, butter, sugar and grated lemon peel. Put the pan on the fire to melt the butter. When it has melted, mix and turn off the heat.

Then add the walnut kernels, pistachios and raisins, all finely chopped, to the knife. Mix well and set aside.

Prepare the top: In a bowl, beat the egg with the sugar until it becomes a cream. Then add the soft butter and mix well.

Then we put the flour mixed with the baking powder. We will mix it with a spatula, because a harder crust will come out, it will not flow.

After we have mixed the crust well, we put it in a 25/18 cm tray, lined with baking paper and level

How good Sorrel is for diabetes

Human insulin: what is obtained for diabetics The human pancreas, due to a variety of causes, often cannot produce insulin. Then you need to use genetically modified insulin, which. You can make a spring cure, when you consume a few g of fresh strawberries a day. Oxiuri. Consume at least ½ kg of strawberries a day, in the morning, on an empty stomach. Then a fasting is done until the hour. To treat the diseases listed below, 5 kg of strawberries are consumed. After the body has received this substance, a person receives with it an explosion of energy, which manifests itself on the general state of health. The product is completely natural because it is made from the ingredients a pleasant sweet taste. For production, sugar beet is often used.Buy Gem Strawberries FZ BIO g from eMAG! The intense taste of this jam makes it an excellent choice for children of all ages. However, industrial processing has only been done in recent decades. In conclusion, sea buckthorn oil can be used as a food supplement that allows strawberries is associated with a low risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This product is no longer part of the current offer. Notify me of updates to "EXTRA light" Goebber strawberry jam, with 30 percent fewer calories. For Mix again until you get a silky and pink preparation. Serve with fresh berries. Apple cake for diabetics. Great for fall, but tasty in any other season, this diabetic cake recipe should be tried at least once. We guarantee you won't get tired of it. After the body has received this substance, a person receives with it an explosion of energy, which manifests itself on the general state of health. The product is completely natural because it is made from the ingredients a pleasant sweet taste. For production, sugar beet is often used. For those who succeed, bread can be completely excluded from the diet. Cakes, pastas and other foods that also contain flour, puff pastry - eaten absolutely occasionally. If you still want pasta (but not more often than one serving every 2 weeks), try homemade pasta, wholemeal%.

Poultices can also be made with scalded spinach leaves with which certain wounds are treated. As much cabbage salad as possible. For diabetics, cabbage is the miracle drug because it helps regulate blood sugar levels. Specialists recommend it to be eaten raw as a salad. Boiled loses from. 2. Carbohydrate Strawberry Smoothie Recipe. This smoothie maker has diabetes and discovered this recipe after careful experimentation. Not only does it taste great, but it also won't hurt your blood sugar. Soy milk and Greek yogurt make it smooth as well. Mix again until you get a silky and pink preparation. Serve with fresh berries. Apple cake for diabetics. Wonderful for autumn, but tasty in any other season, this recipe for diabetic cakes should be tried at least one .Ideal in detoxification cures, strawberries can be considered a true symbol of health. Luminiţa specialist in nutrition and diabetes. Off-season tea can be made from berries. Diabetics can eat strawberries and strawberries because they contain levulose, a type of natural sugar that does not. Their absence can lead to diverticulitis, which manifests itself in 50% of strawberries eaten in moderation fights against diabetes. forbidden food for diabetics. In the process of dehydration, the natural sugar in the fruit is concentrated, and when you consume these products, it is assimilated very quickly. Spinach is also very nutritious. Vitamins contained in green leafy vegetables include vitamin A, B2, B6, C, E and K. Vitamin A is important for people with diabetes because it is good for visual health, skin and also fights infections. In the next 5 minutes we reveal the steps to stimulate your pancreas to produce more hypoglycemic hormones that reduce your blood glucose levels * and discover treatment methods for diabetes, a disease that currently affects 20% of the Romanian population (2, 5 million Romanians) and another 19% of Romanians are in the pre-diabetes phase.

Spinach is also very nutritious. Vitamins contained in green leafy vegetables include vitamin A, B2, B6, C, E and K. Vitamin A is important for people with diabetes because it is good for visual health, skin and also fights infections. It can also be used soaked: put two teaspoons of ground plant with coffee grinder in ml of water for 12 hours, then strain. You can even take the powder obtained from dried leaves, which is kept under the tongue for a few minutes, then swallowed. It can be done. In the next 5 minutes we reveal the steps to stimulate your pancreas to produce more hypoglycemic hormones that reduce your blood glucose levels * and discover treatment methods for diabetes, a disease that currently affects 20% of the Romanian population (2, 5 million Romanians) and another 19% of Romanians are in the pre-diabetes phase. Jun 19, · Why eat buckwheat and how to prepare it. Traditional food in Eastern European countries, such as Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the Republic of Moldova, Northern Romania, but also in Western European countries, such as France, buckwheat is increasingly used in our diet. Currently, in most health food stores, either regular or virtual. Regarding the approval of the National Clinical Protocol "Uncomplicated diabetes mellitus". Developed by A healthy lifestyle can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. Mandatory: It should be done in conjunction with the family doctor (tables 20,21, box 29) Cherry, sour, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, red currant and black. You can include in this salad anything you have around the house. Just because you don't have cucumbers anymore, don't worry. cup goat cheese (not cow's milk), crumbled 1⁄2 cup chopped strawberries (contain fezitin, a powerful antioxidant compound) 3 recipes with strawberries (no sugar) for babies and children Strawberries can be introduced into baby food since at the beginning Sugar consumption causes metabolic diseases diabetes caries disorders of the system Cooking is one of the most intimate things you can do for someone. Strawberries do not quickly stimulate a person's blood sugar, making them an ideal choice for those with diabetes. These fruits. Dietary desserts, for diabetics Sugar-free dessert, good for diabetics - wafer sheets with homemade chocolate I present a very tasty and easy to prepare dessert, a dessert that can also be made dietary so that it can be eaten in moderation and by patients with type 2 diabetes or by people who care. It can also be used soaked: put two teaspoons of ground plant with coffee grinder in ml of water for 12 hours, then strain. You can even take the powder obtained from dried leaves, which is kept under the tongue for a few minutes, then swallowed. This can be done three times a day, 15 minutes before meals. Jun 19, · And buckwheat flour is used in combination with wheat flour to make bread dough, pizza, muffins, etc., or alone, in all kinds of desserts (cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc.) included in the menus of those which does not consume gluten. There is even honey obtained from buckwheat flowers. Dear Lecsy, I think from what you wrote to me that he abused potatoes. They have a lot of, you need a maximum of two tablespoons of potato on my, who have been cooking for 6 years for my husband who has diabetes, to avoid as much as possible potatoes, bread, rice, beans, pasta, cook a vegetable soup daily, then prepare them in the oven chicken breast with tomatoes for a day.

So what fruits are people with diabetes allowed to eat? can quickly raise blood sugar) from 72 to grams, which makes it a little apple - IG 38 strawberries- IG 40 oranges - IG 44 grapes - IG 46 kiwi- IG It is lactose intolerant, allergic to grass, honey, strawberries, peanuts , has type 1 diabetes and thinks he would never make a brother drink milk with that ad. Strawberries have a glycemic index of 25, which makes them the perfect fruit. Light frozen ice cream recipe for diabetics with strawberries and sweetener. Passed strawberries can be replaced with g peeled peaches, ml of juice. What I can't do is meringue or meringue leaves because it doesn't dry out when baked, can anyone know any way to make meringue with saccharin? Mar 16, · Ginger is an amazing root that can offer many health benefits, but its consumption would should be avoided in combination with insulin or diabetes medications, anticoagulants and beta-blockers. Grapes: even if they are sweet, grapes are on the list of fruits with low glycemic index, but do not consume them in excess. 10 large berries or a small bunch is the perfect portion for people with diabetes. Therefore, grapes are a good option for diabetics, as long as they control their sugar level. For the strawberry and yogurt cake, use grams of biscuits for diabetics, finely crushed, until they have a granulation like sand. Over the biscuits, add 75 grams of butter with 82% fat and mix until the crushed biscuits are well moistened.

Strawberries in diabetes: how to use with maximum benefits. Generally, the little ones will not fad when you give them these fruits, maybe because they like to. Once established, the strawberry crop can be maintained for years. Strawberries are rarely planted with the help of seeds. strawberries. Strawberries are fragrant and tasty, rich seasonal fruits. They can also be eaten by people with diabetes, but in small quantities. Fructose is more dangerous than glucose - the body can use glucose for diabetics, but give up sugar chocolate. +.

low and are also recommended for people with diabetes. The consumption of strawberries is indicated for people suffering from diseases such as He announced live on TV with which team he agreed: "I can't refuse". It may look like a pudding, but I called it a cake. This super fast, fine, very tasty strawberry mousse evoked childhood memories. My father has diabetes so the sugar had nothing to look for on the table. Traditionally, Easter is made with leavened dough filled with a mixture of.

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Simona's World

I love watermelon !! Although I have not been able to eat watermelon for more than 10 years, I fully compensate with the yellow one! :) Some time ago I had a bad appetite for the jam made by Laurenta aka Sufletista, and I didn't have peace until I did it!


I'm curious what it tastes like. if the watermelon still doesn't predominate!

How good it looks. It is definitely very good and fragrant! hugs

I have never eaten but I love melon and I think it has a wonderful aroma)

@Adnia, honestly it tastes more like watermelon :) or maybe it seems so to me .. Only the perfume remained from the melon :)
@Buburuza, that's right. Many kisses
@Danutza, not as much as I expected .. Kisses

hmmmm. to look looks gorgeous! I think that in winter, when you won't have watermelons on hand like now, you will also taste very good :))) I have to try too. I haven't eaten watermelon jam before.

Sweetness, I already feel its dizzying aroma !! many kisses

Simo, you look beastly! I think in combination with pancakes or ice cream it is insane!
I kiss you and I wish you a week like you want it to be)

Super good! Yum. I let my mouth water almost I'm crazy about yellow feathers. Many kisses

I have never tasted watermelon jam, I think it is fine, although you say it does not taste strong. Maybe that's the watermelon variety.

I'm tempted to do it too, I'll probably make a portion to see its taste, because I've heard from other people that the taste of watermelon is not very noticeable.

You are to my son's taste, it's good that he doesn't see the recipe otherwise he puts me to work.

It looks bestial. It has a dream color. Pup!

@Haplea, it's very good, but I wouldn't know how to taste it :)
@Brandusa, you might be right! Try it and you will see! Kiss
@Poliana, thank you! Many kisses
@Laura, I've already put it on the socks :) Kisses
@Alina, I'm a melon fan too, but the jam still hasn't convinced me .. Kisses
@Ghiocela, I'll try to make another variety, to see how it is .. Kisses
@Strumfita, I got 3 jars out of a watermelon. Although it's worth a try. Many kisses
@Cristina, I'm sending her a jar !! Kiss with pleasure
@Mihaela, the color is really great !! Many kisses

What a gorgeous color it has. Bravooo !!

It is true that the perfume is lost when the melon is boiled. Try to combine it with a fragrant fruit (I combined it with peaches, pineapple) or add a little vanilla powder or bar, cinnamon, cloves, ginger to boil.

Adina, thank you! Kiss
@Alina S., thanks for the tip! I didn't think to combine it with anything! Many kisses

Cake with wet top, white chocolate and roses

What could be more appropriate for a day like this than a cake recipe. And not just any cake, but a cake with a wet top, white chocolate and rose syrup. This is the cake recipe I made for my son's birthday, when he turned five last week, on March 1st.

Before the day, his, one evening we both looked on Pinterest for pictures of cakes. I like the cakes called, in English "naked cake"That is, in translation," naked cake. " Usually, you know, the cakes are coated, wrapped in a layer of cream and on the outside so the top is not visible. About two years ago, in the USA, this fashion of naked cakes appeared and slowly, slowly it arrived, shy in our country as well. Cakes wrapped in such sweet sugar paste or dressed in all kinds of creams are still preferred. Good ones, too, can't contradict anyone's tastes.

But new, and I'm glad that the little one was in my assent, we like these simple ones more, with less cream and slightly sweeter. Maybe that's how I educated him, to try to be more moderate in terms of the amount of sugar consumed and that's why, for his birthday, he chose to have a cake like this. He saw a picture on Pinterest and told me firmly: that's how I want it, the countertop should be with dark chocolate and then between the countertop it should be whipped cream. In translation, black top and white cream. He really likes whipped cream and chocolate. He looks like his mother :)

Of course, I couldn't make a naked cake with whipped cream because I don't think I could support the wet tops that are a little heavier. And then it would have been too simple, so I made a combination of whipped cream with mascarpone and white chocolate, all flavored with a little rose syrup, which I made in the summer (see recipe here). Syrup from which I have a little bit and on the counter.

I also used some frozen strawberries, but if you can, as spring already shows that it is coming into its own, it would be better to use fresh strawberries.

As a final decoration, as I had used rose syrup on the counter and cream, I used a rose from which I crystallized a few petals but also the rest left intact. Everything, simple, easy to do but elegant, I say. tasty and springy, thanks to strawberries and roses. It's worth a try.

I decided to give you today the recipe for cake with wet top, white chocolate and roses because I considered this cake to be suitable to celebrate together such a special day of March 8, the day of women, mothers, grandparents, from all over the world. "Happy Birthday!" my dear ones, be happy and fulfilled!

Pictures of pink plums

, the plum must be planted at the same depth at which it was planted in pots or in the greenhouse, so that the node between the root and the stem is at least 5 cm above the ground Plum flowers have five petals and have colors from white to dark pink. Some varieties with more than five petals, called yae-ume, were also cultivated. The event is celebrated with plum festivals (ume matsuri) in public parks, altars and temples throughout the country Pandispan with apricots and almonds. powder pink Pandispan with apricots and almonds is an easy dessert to prepare, ideal for summer days. It is fragrant and tasty and can also be served with a cup of vanilla ice cream. Pictures tagged plums by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images of plums and other labels associated with them

See the most relevant pictures about plums and read the best articles on on this topic It is a fruit tree with deciduous leaves, which grows up to 10-20 m in height and whose fruit is para. It has a deep woody root, straight trunk, gray color with cracked bark, oval leaves up to 10 cm long. MORE If you are looking for seasonal fruits with multiple benefits, plums are exactly what you need. Besides the fact that they are very tasty fruits, they help you keep both your body and your mind healthy. Plums are an important source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium and fiber. Both fresh and dried plums contain two. Life at the Playboy mansion: bunnies received allowance, wore identical pink pajamas, and Hugh Hefner was a tyrannical lover, obsessed with control yesterday New negative record of SARS-CoV-2 infections: 1,767 new cases and 47 deaths in the last 24 years hours ago 2 hours We have reached almost 100 cake recipes in 10 years of site and you will find here the best homemade cakes, traditional recipes, simple, explained in steps with pictures, many and VIDEO. Of course, the famous Tiramisu, Negrese of all kinds, Apple and other fruit cake, Burnt sugar cream, Chocofalnul, etc.

Plum laden with pink flowers, author Takuro Obara

  1. imum 4 varieties, based in Stanley
  2. Below I leave you the detailed recipe and some pictures with the preparation before and after baking. We served it with matured cheeses and sausages, but we also made sandwiches with it. A delight. Ingredients for a large focaccia (for a tray with a diameter of 30-31 cm): For focaccia: 500 g bread flour (550, 450 or 650
  3. It is medium to large, weighing 150-300 grams, yellow-green, covered with rust spots and spots. The flesh is fine, juicy, with a sweet and aromatic taste. Can be stored 3-4 weeks after harvest, and 7-8 months in warehouses with controlled atmosphere and temperature
  4. The trees are of great vigor, bear fruit on May bouquets and medium branches and are self-sterile. The fruits are large, spherical, with a shallow and wide ventral furrow. The skin is quite thick pink-purple or reddish-brown-marbled, covered with a rather thick, blue-purple uneven plum. The flesh of the fruit is yellow, juicy, semi-fleshy with quite a flavor.
  5. Pictures with pink lips - Images with sensual and seductive pink lips. The lips, the most sensual part of the face, can be highlighted by color and a little shine. Color and brightness will deepen their sensuality and power of seduction. We chose the color pink for our selection of pictures of lips because pink is a sensual color.
  6. For example, you can wear a blue T-shirt and pink pants with accessories, in this suit, choose a calm shades. Looks great combination of pale pink and white flowers in clothes 2019-2020. White blouse, pink skirt, beige pumps and a clutch bag - the perfect bow for work, study or a romantic date
  7. What jam do we use for the recipe for Cake with jam and meringue - Figaro Cake? Very simple: whatever jam you want, only a sour jam with a firmer texture works best. Among my choices? Apricot jam, quince peel, plum magiun (especially if it is a magiun with pieces of walnut, so it fits perfectly with meringue)

For iron absorption, cures are recommended for a month, with at least 300 g of plums per day, before main meals.. Eating plums treats constipation. Sedentary lifestyle, predominant meat consumption or low fiber diet can cause constipation, one of the most common conditions. Plum consumption. Serve rice with prunes, smoked. Plum rice is good hot, served immediately, as long as it is creamy. As it cools it absorbs the surrounding liquid and becomes drier. I'm not saying, it's good and cold or the next day but its splendor is the moment, as soon as the fire is extinguished

Japanese plum blossom, author Usu Heo

Although I have had this recipe from my grandmother for decades, it was only this fall that I made it for the first time. But so far 4 times. I posed before, but I didn't get to post. I thought that now is not the season, but today I found plums and took them. So I thought I would share with you this recipe for dumplings WITHOUT POTATOES Downloads Pictures: landscape, branch, bloom, plant, petal, bow, vegetables and fruits, natural, pink, flora, cherry blossom, close , pastel, flowering, culture. Downloads Pictures: tree, branch, plant, bloom, bow, vegetables and fruits, pink, cherry blossom, shrub, cherry, flowering plant, rose family, Prunus.

Those pictures on the internet, with eggs in more and more intense and brighter colors, evenly painted and looking impeccable, I don't think they were made with natural dyes (image source). What to talk about idiots like painted Easter eggs with blueberries (which are not even in season) or with saffron (which has a price. For today, an autumn recipe, because unfortunately, yes, it's autumn. ugly, cold, gloomy autumn, which we sweeten a little with a pie with plums and nuts, tender, sweet and fragrant but with few calories because again we used Green Sugar, the only 100% natural sweetener, with a sweet taste, similar to sugar , which when baked, boiled or frozen does not change its consistency, its taste Pink cauliflower with beetroot in a jar Delicious and colorful bouquets, perfect near steak Ingredients - 10 jars - 800 gr / Preparation time -1 hour 3.6 kg cauliflower, vinegar, sugar, salt, 1 piece of beetroot ([Here is what you can prepare from or with plums: marbled cake with plums and cream cheese, quick dumplings with plums, tart with plums, or look for our favorite recipe pesite. Plum tart (19 votes), (2), (71) Dessert Easy 2 hours 40 min

Powdered pink: Pandispan with apricots and almonds - Donuts with

  1. Giant - variety of plums with large fruits, with high yields, self-fruiting. Productivity 40 kg. Pink-pink cream, weighing 60-80 g, with sweet and sour juicy flesh. The stone separates badly. Harvested at the end of August. The tree with an average height of up to 4 m with a thick crown
  2. When we find recipes with Ingredients measured in cups, it is normal to wonder how many grams a cup has. Therefore, it is ideal to know how much a cup weighs with each type of food or ingredient. In the following, we provide a list with different foods with equivalence of measurements in cups and their weight in grams.
  3. Fasting food with smoked plums: Preparation Wash the plums in a few waters until the drained water remains clean. Bring to the boil and bring to the boil a few times. In a deeper pan, heat a little oil, in which the rice is perched, after it is also washed in a few waters, then add a few.

Plum pictures - Plum pictures

  • The fruit is small to medium, inverted-ovoid and pink-purple, covered with a thick, purple plum. The pulp is semi-sticky and very sweet. The fruits ripen in the first half of September. Seagull - the tree is semi-vigorous, with an inverted-conical crown and fruiting on bouquets. The fruit is medium to large.
  • Recipes with pictures Date sauce, chopped and pistachio 19 MARCH 2015 Date sauce, chopped and pistachio from: pitted dates, yogurt, pistachio, boiled rice, curry, red pepper, salt. Ingredients: 300 g pitted dates 200 g yogurt 50 g pistachios 50 g boiled rice 1 curry powder 1 red pepper powder 1 Mo salt powder
  • Mango is generally sweet, although the taste and texture of the meat varies by variety, some having a soft, fleshy texture similar to an overripe plum, while the flesh of others is firmer, like a melon or avocado, or may have a fibrous texture
  • )

Pictures plums - Home

  • Preheat the oven to 190 ° In a bowl beat eggs with the two types of sugar until they have doubled in volume. Incorporate Caribbean Twist with Watermelon, coconut essence and melted butter. - Appetizer recipe: Muffins with cherries and pink Laylalal glaze
  • It's our decision, not the owner's. We prepare, we see which player is fitter. It has nothing to do with the owner, said Toni Petrea after the match. However, Duckadam does not like the move of Alexandru Buziuc, a player transferred from a team that was struggling to relegation, Academica Clinceni. I don't think Buziuc can cope with FCSB
  • Florin Prunea (51 years old), the former president of Dinamo, did not hesitate and attacked again some officials from Dinamo's management. The former goalkeeper mocked with his statement Bogdan Balanescu, the general manager of the club, but also Marius Iorga, the head of the scouting department.
  • Contents Lama cherry plum What else can I note. Lama cherry plum harvest is very large. Alte soiuri de prune cu frunze roșii Soiuri cu frunze roșii de prune de cireș Lama și alte soiuri de prune rusești din aceste specii De câțiva ani am privit prunele decorative și mărul. Trebuie să recunoașteți că o grădină modernă pentru un locuitor din oraș nu este.
  • țele. 213 280 15. Copil Papadie Copii. Prune Primăvar.
  • Vedeta a postat pe pagina sa de Instagram imagini din paradisul din Maldive. Îmbrăcată într-un costum de baie roz fosforescent, Andreea arată spectaculos. Spre deosebire de alte vedete care își editează pozele, Andreea Bănică le-a postat fară filtru. Fanii au lăudat-o pentru inițiativă și pentru felul în care arată
  • Starkrimson este un pom fructifer de talie mijlocie care face parte din familia Rosaceae. Este un pom fructifer care face parte din soiul de toamna. Frunzele au o forma ovala-alungita cu marginile usor crestate si ondulate intr-o culoare de verde inchis. Florile sunt albe cu pete roz formate din 5 sau 6 petale. Acestea atrag multe albine.

Dacă este toamnă, atunci este vremea strugurilor! Ei sunt un simbol al toamnei şi nişte fructe speciale pe care natura ni le-a dăruit. Aromaţi şi plini de vitamine ei nu trebuie să lipsească de pe masă. Haideţi să colorăm cu diferite nuanţe de galben, verde, roz sau violet aceste ciorchine minunate Retete culinare cu poze Cuburi de carne cu cartofi si boia 26 FEBRUARY 2015 Cuburi de carne cu cartofi si boia din: carne porc, ceapa, untură, boia dulce, boia iute, cartofi, lapte, unt, sare, piper. Ingrediente: 1 kg carne porc 5 cepe 4 linguri untură 1 lingură boia dulce 1 linguriţă rasă boia iute 1 k Plantă bienală din familia Asteraceae cu tulpină nespinoasă, înaltă și ramificată ce poate crește până la 1,5 m. Dezvoltă frunze mari, lobate, dințate și spinoase și flori rotunde, roz-violet de 3-4 cm, alcătuite din multe florete tubulare și bractee țepoase Tromboflebita membre inferioare poze cu rani Pagina 4 - Centura osoasa situata in josul abdomenului ce sustine coloana vertebrala, careia ii sunt atasate membrele inferioare. Bazinul este format din cele doua oase iliace, care se articuleaza in spate, de o Pagina

Prajitura cu gem si aluat razuit sau cum poti face din ziua de luni, uratica de felul ei asa, o zi frumoasa? Pai mergi la Lidl, constati ca e Saptamana Romaneasca sit e bucuri, ca asa te bucuri tu de fiecare data cand gasesti pe rafturi produsele Camara Noastra Voi stiti (si daca nu stiti, va spun acum) ca una din saptamanile mele tematice preferate de la Lidl este Saptamana Romaneasca. Anunturi cu poze. o marca (Galben, Roz Bocsa Caras-Severin Telefon validat. ieri 19:15. 6. Vanzatorul ofera serviciul livrare gratuita cu verificare colet si permite deschiderea coletului inainte de plata pentru acest produs. Afla cum >> Pere .prune de vanzare 4 RON. Am pere si prune de vanzare foarte bune la 4 lei pererele. Sectiunea este rezervata pentru retete de Mancaruri cu poze. Moderators: miha1950, Nally, adi, La fiecare kilogram de prune puneti cate o aspirina pisata pe care o dizolvati in solutie, inainte de a o turna in borcane. (de fapt era mai roz el de aceea a intrat la murat) si vreau sa incerc chisalita. e o pasta de prune care se foloseste. Doar cu poze. Livrare prin OLX disponibila Filtre. Categorie. Produse piata - alimentat. Pret. de la. pana la. Vand cartofi roz mari. Produse piata - alimentatie » Legume - fructe Vând prune direct din copac. Produse piata - alimentatie » Legume - fructe.

Mamele isi imbraca fetitele in roz. Pampoane, volane, roz, rozaliu, rozulet, rozisor, de parca totul e o bomboana fondanta. Sau, de parca toata viata asta e Raiul de pamant si in jur avem doar norisori pufosi, ingeri cu fata umana, bucurii si fericire non-stop. Mda, bine: poate la urmatoarea reincarnare.. . Acest pop up conţine cei mai buni aditivi, are o textură cauciucată, uşor de găurit cu croşeta, este flotant, se poate echilibra inclusiv cu cârlige mari sau monturi rigide articulate şi are o dispersie foarte bună a atractanţilor. Dimensiuni: 14-16mm. Tort decorat in ciocolata cu trandafiri din martipan de culoare roz.Culorile sunt obtionale

. In magazinele specializate pentru copii, gasesti hainute care respecta de obicei cateva dintre nevoile noastre, insa rar gasesti ceva care sa le indeplineasca pe toate Salata de icre de crap cu ceapa rosie, este un preparat culinar indragit si apreciat de iubitorii preparatelor din peste datorita gustului sau foarte bun si hranitor, iar ceapa rosie ii da un plus de savoare si eleganta, se mananca unsa pe felii de paine prajita sau paine proaspata.Alte retete de mancare, retete de peste si preparate din peste aici, retete de salate aici, retete de icre aici.

Soiuri de prun - Agen, Anna Spath, Bistrita, President

  1. Anunturi gratuite. Publica anunturi gratuite cu cereri si oferte de servicii si produse de vanzare, cumparare sau schimb. Anunturi cu poze
  2. Dupa ce ca si-au schimbat proportiile fetei cu botoxul in exces, mai fac si botic, se machiaza strident, se tin provocator de sanii siliconati cand pozeaza, asta daca nu isi fac singure poze cu telefonul, dorm in lenjerie din satin culoarea roz, sunt pinky, insa pline de sperante
  3. Ai căutat cu carlige poze. La eMAG, ești liber să alegi din milioane de produse și branduri de top la prețuri avantajoase ⭐

Video: Prunele, miracole pentru sănătate! Află de ce e bine să le

Petalele curatate de trandafir se amesteca bine cu zeama de lamaie si se lasa deoparte. Framantate bine cu zeama de lamaie, isi vor pastra vie culoarea roz, nu se vor oxida. Multe retete prevad sa se foloseasca sare de lamaie, dar eu nu o recomand, este extrem de nociva si mult mai sanatoasa este zeama de lamaie Cu aceste sfaturi de îngrijire vă puteţi îmbunătăţii tenul. De asemenea, mai poate fi cauzată și de viruși, fungi sau de o inflamație a firelor de păr crescute sub piele. Tipuri de foliculită care afectează sănătatea pielii Gemul de prune sau magiunul de prune, asa cum se numeste la tara este o delicatesa preparata de catre bunici. Acesta se face in general la cazan, in cantitati mari, dar reteta a ramas aceeasi de-a lungul vremii. Cea mai importanta regula pentru magiunul de prune fara zahar este sa folositi prune foarte coapte, care vor da dulceata necesara Stetoscopul 3M Littmann Classic III este cea mai recenta versiune a stetoscoapelor Littmann care ajuta milioane de profesionisti din domeniul medical sa obtina cele mai bune rezultate.Stetoscopul Classic III ofera sensibilitate acustica mare pentru o performanta de exceptie, plus o capsula versatila fata-verso cu diafragme acordabile

Îmi dai şi mie trei prune. Fericiţi cei săraci with duhul, nu şi with portofelu poze cu flori Pagina 4 din 5. Te-ar mai putea interesa: dulceata de flori de soc, Sper sa va placa pozele, aleea cu castani cu flori roz chiar nu am mai bagat uitati, daca dati pe prima poza, slide show.

Presarati migdalele sfaramate si coriandrul (uscat, in cazul meu). Amestecati, potriviti de sare si de piper, opriti focul si mai lasati 5-10 minute, cu capacul pus, inainte de a servi Tajine-ul, cu garnitura de couscous alaturi. Va garantez ca este foarte buna combinatia, ca dovada ca iar nu am apucat sa fac prea multe poze inculpatului :) Sigur, de-abia astept toamna, să le fac cu prune mai coapte și mai zemoase, dar, pentru materialul cu care-am lucrat, au ieșit super. P.S. Promit că, la un moment dat, după ce învăț să gătesc, învăț să fac și poze

10 cele mai importante beneficii ale prunelor adevarul

  1. ică oarecare, afară plouă, iar tu te cuibărești în pijamale pufoase cu o carte bună și-un ceai aromat
  2. Sau asa, cu zmeura si afine. Orezul cu frisca s-a colorat in roz de la fructele de padure amestecate in el. Sau cu bucatele de capsuni. Servire Tort de orez cu lapte cu cocos, frisca si fructe. Sa vedem cum se taie acest tort de orez cu lapte si cum arata in sectiune. Si sa-l gustam. Tortul se taie foarte usor, feliile sunt frumoase
  3. Daca stilul tau in general este mai sport, poti folosi fusta, dar nu in combinatie cu negru. Poti incerca o maleta gri, usor ridicata pe gat, cu un bolero gri, si bijuterii in nuanta fustei, sau alte genuri de bluzite pe nuante de olive (merge super cu roz, am un set de bijuterii si am incercat combinatia si la haine, stil clasic), sau , cum a mai propus cineva foarte bine, o nuanta de maro

Over 100 cake recipes with Pictures and VIDEO - Recipes

  • Drumeţii sănătoase peste dealurile din jur, cu tei sălbatici încă în floare şi aluni încă necopţi. Noaptea, 9 grade în toiul verii, stele cu carul, staţia spaţială şi cometa Neowise în toată splendoarea lor, fără binoclu sau alte artificii. Păcat că n-am învăţat să fac poze fancy cu expunere lungă
  • Informații produs Stetoscop 3M Littmann Classic III Roz Perlat 5633+ 2 Cd-uri educationale Stetoscopul 3M Littmann Classic III este cea mai recenta versiune a stetoscoapelor Littmann care ajuta milioane de profesionisti din domeniul medical sa obtina cele mai bune rezultate
  • ici, iar rezultatul a fost dezastruos, luând instantaneu drumul găleţii de gunoi. De ce m-am chinuit? Nu reuşeam să fac coca aia să nu mai fie înfiorător de megaultrasuperlipicioasă. De ce a fost dezastruos rezultatul? Fiindcă, odată fierte, găluştele aveau un gust [

Trebuiesc evitate alimentele cu un conținut crescut de fier, deoarece acest mineral ajută corpul să producă hemoglobină. Alimentele cu un conținut ridicat de fier trebuiesc evitate, ca de ex. spanac, broccoli, pește, carne de vită, curcan, pui, scoici și midii Pentru aceasta dulceata sint indicate prunele brumarii care se coc prin si se desprinde de simbure.Prunele (neoparite) se curata de coaja s-au curatat (din cca 1/2 kg prune va rezulta 1 kg , dupa ce tot in acelasi timp cu prunele de toamna. Simburii de nuci sa ramina albi.In fiecare pruna se introduce cite 1/4 din simbure leaga din nou siropul si..

Care soiuri de prune sunt cele mai bune pentru ţuică

Informații produs Pachet student - Stetoscop 3M Littmann Classic III Roz Perlat 5633 + Borseta roz Stetoscopul 3M Littmann Classic III este cea mai recenta versiune a stetoscoapelor Littmann care ajuta milioane de profesionisti din domeniul medical sa obtina cele mai bune rezultate Peste 443 carti din Home & deco gasesti pe Librarie Online cu preturi incepand de la 3 lei pana la 358 lei - harta, suport, mini, sticla cutie, ilustrata, sistemului, pentru, lan

Focaccia roz cu sfecla rosi

Doua liniute roz. Deschis de . pisi_ella , nov 14 2004 06:39. 7 raspunsuri la acest subiect #1 pisi_ella pisi_ella. Only with pictures. Livrare prin OLX disponibila Filtre. Categorie. Produse piata - alimentat. Alege categoria. Cartofi roz. Produse piata - alimentatie » Legume - fructe Vând prune pentru consum și țuica ‼️. Pentru ca celui mai mic negru mititel ii este muuult mai bine acum, pot sa postez poze cu haleala fara sa imi fie frica sa o intreb daca a vazut pozele. Asadar, sa inceapa parada! Prima e cea mai rapida gustare, cand ai in casa doar o rosie, un ardei, o ceapa verde si

Prunul - Intră pe rod timpuriu şi fructifică abundent

Decizie definitiva in cazul plecarii Sorinei cu familia adoptiva Incendiu la un depozit de furaje Un sofer a fost prin la volan cu o alcoolemie record Dieta cu prune te va ajuta sa scapi de 7 kilograme in 7 zile. Iata in ce consta Accident rutier in Vaslui. O masina apartinand Serviciului de Investigatii a Criminalitatii Economice din IPJ s-a rasturnat Viorica Dancila: Votul de astazi. Galuste cu prune (sau gomboti cu prune), o reteta clasica sau o reteta veche, asa cum o faceau mamele si bunicile noastre. Nu este reteta originala, inventata de mine, este doar reteta traditionala sa-i spunem, asa cum am invatat-o si eu si acum o dau mai departe

Prun renglot - Pepiniera Cornest

Prajitura pufoasa cu prune Acum 2 zile Saucy Siciliana. New batch of clothes from Femmeluxe, UK Acum o săptămână Tortul are blat roz de capsuni si 2 creme-de capsuni si de ciocolata Si cateva poze cu acelasi tort inainte de a pune fl. Another Templates. Blogul meu este inscris pe Cumpara Album Hama Tim, 10x15cm, 200 poze de la eMAG! Ai libertatea sa platesti in rate, beneficiezi de promotiile zilei, deschiderea coletului la livrare, easybox, retur gratuit in 30 de zile si Instant Money Back

Poze cu buze roz - Imagini cu buze senzuale si seducatoare

FOILE:1ou,170grzahar,200ml.lapte,200ml.ulei.1lg.cacao,600gr.faina, amoniacSe amesteca,oul cu zaharul,intr-un lighean batand cu telul,apoi punem incet laptele,uleiul,cacao,bicarbonatul stins cu hellas,neuitand sa batem in continuare,iar la sfarsit punem faina si framantam bine,daca- i prea moale mai adaugam faina,mie mi-au iesit trei foi pufoase.Le-am copt pe dosul tavii,pe hartie de copt. Prunus Triloba (Roz) (75 Ron) - Creste pana la 1.5 m inaltime, are flori roz care apar din aprilie pana in mai. Diferite specii de tuia.--- TUIA SMALARD: INALTIME: 100 - 120 cm: 45 Ron / 120 - 140 cm: 55 Ron. INALTIME: 140 - 160 cm: 80 Ron / 160 - 180 cm: 100 Ron. INALTIME: 180 - 200 cm: 130 Ron--- TUIA GLOBOS: DIAMETRU: 40 - 50 cm: 60 Ron / 50. 3 poze. duminică, 22 aprilie 2012. p Binenteles, i-am cerut reteta si am fost super incantata de ideea cu budinca roz. Am primit si cateva bucati la pachet, dar, impartite la 4, n-au facut decat sa ne atate pofta. Imediat ce am culcat copiii m-am si apucat sa o reproduc. Si ca sa explic cum procedez cu adaptarea cantitatilor, sa nu. Re: Dulceata de prune cu stafide si nuci. Cand am vazut-o am stiut ca trebuie sa fie foarte gustoasa asa ca am si facut-o ce sa zic este un deliciu , tot pe ea stam ,aproape ca nu mai este. Abia astept sa o fac din nou chiar vreo 3 portii, asa poate imi mai ramane si pe iarna un borcan

Culorile cele mai la modă în îmbrăcăminte 2019-2020 — poze

  • Magazine şi preţuri - Farduri de ochi W7 Cosmetics The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights, paletă farduri pentru ochi, 4, 5 g 27,00 RON!: (The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights paletă farduri pentru ochi 4 5 g) Paleta The Naughty Mid Summer Nights conține 9 farduri mate și strălucitoare extrem de pigmentate, în nuanțe de roz și prune
  • Am povestit, acum 3 luni, despre prima parte din anul cu renunțări, unde pomeneam și despre renunțarea la zahărul adăugat și la iPhone. Despre telefon nu prea mai am multe de zis: m-am obișnuit demult cu Huawei-ul, îmi place teribil ce poze face (de aceea am și făcut schimbarea) și acest fapt m-a ajutat mult în călătorii și m-a împins să postez mai des pe Instagram
  • Poze localitatea. Casa traditionala. fasole frecată cu piper și murături, plăcintă cu prune din compot și scoverzi coapte în ulei. Au pus în fiecare rețetă multă dragoste, câte o rugăciune pe ici pe colo și experiența lor de zeci de ani în bucătărie. Mugur alb, si roz si pur, Te mai vad, te mai aud, Vis de-albastru si.
  • Pentru ca au fost destule intrebari de-a lungul timpului si pentru ca m-am decis de acum sa fac poze la ce mancaruri mai fac, iata si primul post pe tema. Ieri am facut pandispan cu prune. Rapid, foarte bun, iar prunele un pic acrute sunt dementiale in combinatie cu aluatul pufos. :) Si da, a
  • Retete culinare rapide cu poze # 5 Retete culinare rapide c u poze . Drob de vitel cu ulei de masline. 28 SEPTEMBER 2015. Drob de vitel cu ulei de masline din: maruntaie de vitel, rosii, slanina, telina, ceapa, morcov, vin alb, foi de dafin, unt, ulei de masline, sare, piper. Ingrediente: 1 1/2 kg măruntaie de viţel 500 g roşii cojite 200 g.
  • Full Version: Poze cu mancare si dulciuri. Forum pentru femei - > Regulament > Arhiva forum Pages: acum m-as duce la masa la Lost sa mananc ceva cu ardei copti si daca mai gasesc si niste galuste cu prune prin bucataria ei ma declar fericita . kalua. Jul 25 2008, 03:13 PM. Nu dom'le, nu cumparat, vreau sa-l fac eu cu mana.
  • Această plantă cu tulpină și frunze, din sinusurile cărora cresc mai multe pedunculi. Astfel de streptokarpusii sunt de obicei scăzute, sunt prezentate în forme ample. Ca primul tip, ca o plantă de casă nu este prea comună. Rosetul Streptocarpus. Ei sunt aceia care conduc în mod confident ca locuitorii ferestrelor de acasă

Prajitura cu gem si bezea Prajitura Figaro - Retete

Preparation. Acum niste ani facusem o reala obsesie pentru tartele cu capsuni de la Carrefour. Nu stiu daca se mai gasesc, nu am mai cumparat de mult timp, insa pe vremea cand habar nu aveam sa-mi prepar singura, de cate ori treceam prin magazin luam si o caserola cu tarte Sau cum ar zice vecina mea unguroaica: szilvás gomboc Nu ma gandeam sa postez o reteta de galuste cu prune deoarece stiam ca este o reteta foarte cunoscuta. Sunt incantata ca, la vederea pozelor (care mi-au iesit binisor) voi ati vrut neapatrat sa stiti si varianta mea Linkurile dulciurilor (poze) - postat în Retete in imagini: PRAJITURIPrajitura turnata cu mere sau branza - AnatPrajitura cu crema MAYA - reteta de Karmen-realizat de MAYAPrajitura cu fructe si blat de cocos - MAYAPrajitura cu Prune - karmen,Adriana Nicoleta,Prajitura cu Prune - MAYAPrajitura porono ,cu mere ,mama Tilie - angeliquePrajitureaua mea preferata - PocahontasPlacinta cu mere. Ciorba cu perisoare din peste. Se toaca carnea de peste si se amesteca cu ceapa tocata,oua,orezul,pasta de tomate,verdeata si faina.Se framanta bine.Din acest amestec se formeaza mici perisoare care se tavalesc prin faina sa nu se desfaca la fiert.Se pune o oala la foc cu 2-

Prune Beneficii - Top 15 Beneficii Pentru Sanatate

Galusti cu prune Ok.. n-am sa va pacalesc, pregatisem alt articol pentru azi, dar am uitat sa programez data si.. s-a publicat deja.. ieri. Asa ca azi avem o portie de ceva bun! Mai intai o sa multumesc pozelor care nu au termen de valabilitate (lol) si inspiratiei de a lua la mana pozele mai vechi pentru ca am cateva bunatati pe care le-am. Am cules dintr-un corocdus de la servici o plasuta de fructe pe care le-am curatat de samburi si am ramas cu 800 gr de fructe. Peste ele am pus 500 gr zahar si le-am bagat in frigider pana a doua zi ca sa lase zeama. Apoi am luat doua greph roz pe care le-am curatat de pielite si a rezultat 600 gr fruct pe care le-am adaugat in amestecul de. Retete culinare c u poze Jeleu de fructe cu iaurt si vanilie 14 DECEMBER 2014 Jeleu de fructe cu iaurt si vanilie din: gelatin..

Orez cu prune uscate, afumate - reteta pas cu pas Savori

You can make jam from figs with green skin or ripe figs with purple skin. The idea is to be raw, not to make jam from dried figs. Siropul de o culoare roz frumoasa nu a fost din primul moment placut mirositor, dar cu cat se fierbeau fructele mai mult si acesta scoatea ce este mai bun din ele, a devenit si acesta seducator Cu aceasta reteta s-a terminat si faina Doves Farm cu secara, asa ca e timpul sa mai trec pe la Targul Domnesc sa refac proviziile. Ingrediente pentru tarta cu prune si bezea cu nuci. Pentru aluat. 200 grame de faina organica Doves Farm de la Targul Domnesc. 75 grame de unt de buna calitate, taiat cubulete. 1 ou ecologic. 2-3 linguri de apa rec 10 prune coapte, insa fara sa fie moi, taiate in patru 3 galbenusuri de oua ecologice 150 grame de iaurt Mod de preparare tarta de toamna cu prune si bezea de nuci: Aluatul de tarta se face simplu, amestecand faina cu zaharul si cu sarea, si apoi faramitand untul in faina, si legand totul cu oul si cu apa rece Fac poze cu nemiluita, apoi îmi încarc memoria telefonului și laptopului pentru că fiecare dintre ele are o poveste la care nu pot să renunț. Dacă te uiți la mine în telefon nu vei înțelege în ruptul capului de ce am cinci poze cu aceeași floare. Doar că fiecare rază de soare spune altceva și nu pot și nu știu la care să renunț

Galuste cu prune (fara cartofi) - Retetele utilizatorilor

Tulpinile de plante ajung la o înălțime de 90 cm. Acest astilbe este atrăgător nu numai cu inflorescențele romb, de culoare roz deschis, ci și cu frunze roșii-maronii. Chineză astilba Această specie are ambele soiuri stunted (15-20 cm înălțime) și cele înalte (până la 1 m) Am găsit poze, multe, faine, fix ce-mi trebe mie, i-au plăcut şi fetei, da' nu ăsta e subiectul. Unu' la mână, toate forumurile ălea erau roz sau mov. Toate erau cu semnături cu sclipici. Toate aveau poze cu desene animate, flori, păsărele, ursuleţi, draci verzi, adică roz şi mov, prin semnături şi avatare *39020 functioneaza cu FDP = 0 numai daca se comanda ceva de la Solution Maison + set tacamuri cadou (roz, verde, orange si bleu) *29734 - kit blanc *35734 - sac noir *42471 - sac a dos orange et gris *43974 - lot bagages *40940 - vaiselle prune *47724 - sac choco *47759 - eponges + sac choco *52094 - sac vert amande *52965 - sac vert amand

Cu totii ne amintim cu placere de dulciurile pe care le consumam cu atata pofta in copilarie. Fie ca e vorba despre crema de zahar ars, ciocolata Pitic sau napolitanele KouKou Roukou, gogosi sau scovergi, fiecare dintre noi are o amintire speciala din vremea copilariei Cu clematis Ruran cu flori mari nu arată ca reprezentanți ai speciei. Frumosul țesător arată frumos pe site, așa că designerii sunt adesea folosiți pentru a crea compoziții complexe de grădină. Pentru ca un soi neobișnuit să se înrădăcineze în condițiile climatului intern, trebuie să cunoaștem regulile de cultivare. Clematis Descrier luni, 6 iunie 2011. Flori şi fructe. PICTURES

Ouale de Paste, vopsite natural!

Traditia spune ca ouale de Paste se vopsesc in Joia Mare. Insa stim, la fel de bine, ca foarte multe dintre voi au amanat aceasta operatiune pe ultima suta de metri, din cauza lipsei de timp. Multe pregatiri, multe cumparaturi, multe treburi de pus la punct.

Iti oferim acum alternative naturale pentru a vopsi ouale de Paste, care vor face ca aceasta sarbatoare sa fie cu atat mai speciala si. mai aproape de natura. In definitiv, pe langa toate conotatiile sale religioase, de o importanta covarsitoare, Pastele este si o sarbatoare a primaverii, care vorbeste despre renasterea vietii.

De regula, cu cat vei folosi un ingredient "mai" natural pentru vopsirea oualor, cu atat va dura mai mult ca vopseaua sa se "prinda".

Uneori, aceasta operatie poate dura si o noapte intreaga. Cu cat lasi ouale la vopsit mai mult timp intr-un anumit amestec sau culoare, cu atat nuanta pe care o va capata coaja oualor va fi mai inchisa si mai "tare".

Mare atentie si la acest aspect - desi arata apetisant si extrem de atractiv, nu toate ouale vopsite cu aceste ingrediente naturale vor fi comestibile. Nu consuma oua pe care trebuie sa le tii in apa fiarta sau fierbinte timp de mai multe ore sau peste noapte. Aceste oua de Paste, in culori vii si interesante, pot fi folosite pe post de ornamente sau in aranjamentele pascale decorative.

Pastreaza foile si "camasile" cepelor rosii curatate, pe care le fierbi impreuna cu ouale timp de o jumatate de ora sau chiar o ora.

Cu cat folosesti mai multe foi de ceapa si cu cat lasi ouale la fiert mai mult timp, cu atat vei obtine o culoare mai puternica. Daca folosesti o cantitate mai mica de foi, vei obtine o foarte frumoasa nuanta de mov sau lila.

Lasa ouale fierte foarte tare la vopsit in suc de fructe de merisor sau in zeama de sfecla murata.

Albastru violet

Peste noapte, lasa ouale fierte foarte tare in apa fiarta sau fierbinte, in care ai adaugat flori de violete.

Lasa ouale fierte foarte tare in suc de struguri. In cazul in care iti doresti o nuanta pastel, adauga doua lingurite de zeama de lamaie in apa deja colorata albastru violet.

Intr-o cana cu apa fiarta, adauga 1 sau 1 1/2 lingurita de turmeric (planta din familia ghimbirului, condiment cunoscut si sub numele de sofran de India, datorita pigmentului sau galben este folosit in retetele pe baza de orez si curry) si 1/2 lingurita de otet.

Auriu inchis

Fierbe ouale tare, in apa in care ai adaugat coji si foi de ceapa galbena uscata.

Intr-o cana cu apa fiarta, adauga 1 lingura de cafea instant si 1/2 lingurita de otet.

Inainte de a lasa ouale la vopsit intr-un bol cu apa in care ai pus la fiert flori de violete, adauga 1/2 lingurita de bicarbonat de sodiu.

Culori pastelate

Pentru o nuanta pastelata de roz sau bleu, poti freca direct pe cojile de oua fructe de padure (afine sau coacaz negru pentru albastru deschis sau bleu, fructe de merisor sau zmeura pentru rosu si roz).

Marți, 17 iunie 2014

Again. macarons

Uneori cand imi pun in gand ceva nu ma las pana nu duc pana la bun sfarsit ce mi-am propus.
In momentul de fata sunt undeva la mijloc, caci pana la ajunge la macarons-ii perfecti mai am cativa pasi de facut.
In momentul in care imi vor iesii perfecti cu bezeaua frantuzeasca, am sa trec sa mai incerc cu cea italiana.Pana atunci va povestesc inca odata cum ii fac prin metoda bezelei frantuzesti.

Reteta de baza din care ies aproximativ 25 de macrons cu un diametru de 3cm:

90 gr faina de migdale
150 gr powdered sugar
72 gr albusuri
20 gr zahar tos
a drop of salt
2-3 picaturi zeama lamaie

In functie de culoare se pot adauga coloranti sau cacao.

Prima reteta v-a fi una cu cacao , unde 20 g zahar pudra din cele 150 gr aflate in reteta de baza le-am inlocuit cu cacao.

Pasii exacti ii gasiti si aici, dar mai copiez inca odata ce am scris acum cateva luni:

Incepem prin a cerne faina de migdale si zaharul pudra pentru a obtine niste macaronsi cat mai fini.Totusi pentru o textura si mai vina se poate mixa amestecul zahar faina pret de 1 minut.

Punem intr-un vas albusurile cu un praf de sare si incepem sa mixam.Cand incepe sa se formeze masa alba si frumoasa precum zapada adaugam zaharul tos si amestecam in continuare ,adaugand si zeama de lamaie(pentru a da luciul "zapezii nostre) si colorantul alimentar(daca doriti colorati).

In momentul cand albusurile sunt batute "bat" adaugam treptat faina de migdale amestecata cu zaharul pudra si amestecam cu o spatula moale(de silicion).De preferat sa se adauge i n trei etape faina.

Un tips pentru a obtine o compozitie buna este sa nu amestecati prea mult, va veti da seama ca sunt gata atunci cand lasati sa cada de pe paleta aluatul, acesta aplatizanduse in cca 10 secunde.De preferat este sa se amestece mai putin decat prea mult.

Un alt tips pentru a obtine niste macaronsi frumosi este sa nu va ocupati de ei daca afara este umezeala,sau daca in timp ce ii faceti gatiti ceva cu aburi, caci or sa se lase si munciti in zadar.

Se pune compoziti in sac à poche si cu ajutorul unui dui cu varf rotund turnam compozitia in tava tinand perpendicular sac à poche-ul si formand cercuri de 2,5 -3 cm lasan distanta intre ei caci ei se vor latii.
Daca nu aveti folie speciala de macaronsi, puteti pe foaie de copt sa formati voi cercuri pentru a obtine macaronsi egali.

Cand ati umplut tava ridicati si loviti usor de masa pentru a aplatizare si pentru a scoate bulele de aer.Daca v-au ramas mot ca la bezele acum e timpul sa retusati cu ajutorul degetului.

Se lasa intr-o incapere uscata la uscat pentru a se forma crusta („le croutage“) in jur de 30 pana la 60 de minute.Va veti da seama ca sunt gata cand atingand usor suprafata cu degetul veti simti crusta.

Cand sunt uscati se dau la cuptorul preincalzit la 155 gr pentru 15-18 minute.Acum depinde de cuptorul fiecaruia, important este ca temperatura sa nu fie foarte ridicata.

Daca aveti un cuptor care nu coace uniform cam dupa 7-8 minute intoarceti tava.
Cand timpul s-a scurs si macaronsii nu s-au desprins de pe foaie mai lasati putin caci nu sunt gata si o sa aveti niste chestii cleioase.Daca doar putin sunt prinsi, puteti sa opriti focul si sa-i mai lasati putin cu usa intre deschisa.

Prima tura , adica cea cu cacao, eu doar am cernut amestecul, fara a mixa si se vede ca sunt un strop mai grunjosi.

I-am umplut cu ganache de ciocolata

100 gr ciocolata neagra cu portocale(70% cacao)
200 ml liquid cream

Se pune la incalzit frisca, fara a o fierbe.Se ia de pe foc vasul si se adauga ciocolata rasa, amestecand pana aceasta s-a topit.Se lasa minim 2 ore in frigider, apoi se mixeaza si se umplu macarons-ii(asta daca mai aveti ce umple, caci mie mi-au dispartut cat a stat crema la frigider:-)

A doua varianta este reteta de baza in care am folosit colorant verde(cumparat din farmacie) si i-am umplut cu o crema din unt, capsuni si menta.

150 gr unt la temperatura camerei
75 gr capsuni
75 ml sirop capsuni
2 linguri menta proaspat tocata

Capsunile spalate si uscate se taie si se pun peste sirop(eu am folosit siropul de la dulceata ce tocmai o terminasem) si mixam pana obtinem un piure.

Untul se freaca si turnam usor piureul de capsuni peste pana obtinem o crema fina.La final eu am adaugat si capsuni din dulceata si mentea marunt tocata.
Cum mai avem ganache de ciocolata de la primele, am umplut o parte cu creme de capsuni, o parte cu ganache.

Am folosit de data asta si foaia speciala de macronsi, dar recunosc ca nu prea imi place ca iese inca o dublura la picioruse, asa ca am sa raman la clasica hartie de copt.