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Herb and garlic infused olive oil recipe

Herb and garlic infused olive oil recipe

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Olive oil is mixed with crushed chillies, black pepper, oregano, rosemary, basil, garlic and salt. Serve with warm crusty bread.

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IngredientsServes: 4

  • 1 tablespoon crushed chillies
  • 1 tablespoon ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon dried rosemary
  • 1 tablespoon dried basil
  • 1 tablespoon dried parsley
  • 1 tablespoon garlic granules
  • 1 tablespoon finely chopped garlic
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

MethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5min

  1. Using a spice or coffee grinder, grind together crushed chillies and black pepper, dried herbs, garlic granules, chopped garlic and salt.
  2. Sprinkle 2 teaspoons of herb mixture onto a small plate. Pour a thin layer of olive oil on top and serve. Store remaining mixture in an air-tight container.

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by Jillian

"Italian Butter" is a really cute name for this! I love dipping warm bread into this mixture and it comes very close to the stuff they serve at the famous Italian chain restaurant - Carrabba's. I never put this through a grinder, but rather make a bunch of it (using kosher salt vs. regular and omit the minced garlic) and store it in a small plastic container then add FRESH minced garlic on a plate and pour the olive oil over top. It's a wonderful appetizer that's a definite crowd pleaser - great with wine!-23 Feb 2011

by Krysdyer

This recipe was awesome! I had a party last weekend and this was my favorite part. When I made the recipe, I did not grind in grinder, I just crushed slightly with a mortar and pestle. I mixed about 1-2 tbs. of this recipe with a stick of butter and chilled for an hour or more. I roasted garlic (cut about 1/4" of garlic bulb off to expose cloves, place garlic in a small piece of tin foil, drizzle garlic bulb with about 2 tsp. of olive oil, wrap bulb completely with foil, bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes). I placed 3 small serving plates together and put the oil with herbs in one plate, the warm roasted garlic in the other plate, then the herb butter in the 3rd plate, and served it all with slices of french bread. It was awesome!!!! Thank you so much for this recipe.-06 Aug 2006

by Jennifer Baker

This is excellent, and is a new staple in my house. I do recommend making it beforehand & "soaking" it in some olive oil to help the dried herbs soften. Then, it's ready to plate & be drizzled with olive oil for dipping. I store it in a small pesto jar in the fridge, and it's ready whenever we are!!-21 Jan 2006

The Delicious Flavored Oil You Can Make in Five Minutes

It all sounded so innocent at first. While working at New York City's Hearth, Food Editor Rhoda Boone learned a quick and simple trick to adding maximum garlic flavor to any dish. How simple? We're talking two ingredients. How quick? Just five minutes. Cooking garlic in olive oil over low heat for just a short amount of time creates a flavor-bomb ingredient that delivers savory flavor to pretty much anything.

Soon, though, Rhoda found herself doing it at home, too.

Meet the Spicier, Smokier Red-Pepper Flakes

"The key is to start the oil cold, which lets the garlic infuse the oil as it gently heats up," says Rhoda. "That way, the finely chopped garlic becomes crispy and golden instead of burning."

It's a bit hard to believe that in just five minutes the oil can take on incredible flavor, but it does. You can supercharge the oil even more by adding your favorite whole spices and herbs to the oil along with the garlic. Fair warning: You're going to want to make a lot of this. Here's how Rhoda does it:

Pour 1/2 cup olive oil into a small sauté pan and use a garlic press to crush 4 medium garlic cloves directly into the oil. Add 1 to 1 1/2 tsp. of your favorite herb or spice (such as crushed red pepper flake, cumin, or dried oregano). Gently warm oil over medium low heat, stirring often, until garlic is crispy and golden brown and aromatics release their fragrance, 3-5 minutes. Resist the urge to walk away from the stove as the oil cooks—you want the garlic to become crispy and light brown, not dark and bitter. Once the garlic is ready, immediately scrape the oil into a bowl to cool. The flavored oil can be stored in an airtight container, refrigerated, for up to 1 month.

How to use this crispy garlic-studded oil? Licking it straight from the pan is pretty tempting, but here are some options for when that behavior isn't necessarily an option, i.e. company is present.

Herbs infused Olive Oil

Today I am sharing this easy recipe for Herb infused Olive Oil.

I remember a few years back I went to this restaurant in Delhi. I can not recollect the name of the place (I am growing old), but what I remember is the big basket of assorted bread and the bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar that they kept before our meal was served. That moment is when my love affair with dipping bread in olive oil started.

When I was in the US, the days when I wanted a quick snack, I would take a nice crusty loaf of bread and serve it with some herb oil. This herb oil recipe that I first used to make focaccia has been a favorite in my kitchen. Its a great way to use up all the fresh herbs that are growing in the garden or when you have extra from the store after using it in a particular recipe, which I always did.

Don’t have fresh herbs? You can use dried and still get great results.

Use this herb oil recipe to make focaccia or as a dipping oil for your baguette. The herb infused olive oil also does well as a salad dressing or you can use it to drizzle over your pasta. Looking for favor ideas for your wedding? Herb infused olive oil bottles are an elegant gift to give your guests.

Since there are not too many ingredients- make sure you use the best. You want the herb flavor to be more pronounced, so there is no need to use extra virgin olive oil. Make sure to wash all the herbs going into your oil and let them dry as much as possible, preferably overnight. This will decrease the risk of bacteria growth.

There are two ways to go about infusing the olive oil. You could go the slow way and cover all your herbs with olive oil in a sealed bottle and let sit in a dark place for 1-2 weeks. Or you could heat your olive oil to 100 F and then add all your ingredients to let infuse. This makes the oil infuse more quickly and you can enjoy the benefits of this simple yet flavorful recipe.

Homemade Infused Olive Oil

Olive Oil Uses

Now that I have these homemade infused olive oils, I’m discovering just how delicious and versatile they really are. As displayed here, these homemade infused olive oils are great food gift ideas for hosts as well as thoughtful gifts for friends and family.

I may or may not have gone to town with the chili and garlic oil and just a loaf of bread. No judgement!!

While the oils are tasty alone, they have so many other uses. They’re great on pasta dishes – either as the sauce (mix with some pasta water to make it less oily and more palatable) or just drizzled over the top.

They make delicious marinades for meat and veggies. It’s so easy too. Just let the meat or veggies sit in the infused oil for at least 30 minutes before grilling or roasting!

I also love them drizzled on salads and atop soups. They’re great ‘finishers’ for just about any dish!

Chili infused olive oil

I don’t have a recipe titled “chili infused olive oil” below, but it’s really the same recipe as how to make garlic infused olive oil – you can omit the garlic if you like.

I personally love the spicy-garlic infused olive oil with bread or pizza, but it’s entirely up to you! And of course the herb infused olive oil is good on bread and pizza too!!

Homemade Food Gifts

These olive oils are simple to make and these cute hermetic glass jars are the perfect size for a homemade gift.

I went easy with the decorations, wrapping twine around the necks of the bottle 8-10 times and tying a bow and I let the ingredients speak for themselves. If you want to jazz up this gift, give it with a loaf of bread and a saucer to serve the oil.

Also, make sure to use a higher quality olive oil. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just make sure it’s extra virgin and in a dark or opaque container. You can buy in bulk to cut back on prices.

A note about timing. These oils are only good for about one week, so you want to make these fairly last minute. The great part is you can make one gift or as many as you need when the time comes!

Other Homemade Food Gifts

How to Serve Infused Olive Oils

If you aren’t giving these away, at least share these tasty mixes with your guests.

Since the oils can look similar in small plates or bowls, I like to include the main flavoring ingredient in the dish. For the garlic/chili, just let the bits come out of the bottle. For the rosemary, I like to use a fresh piece of rosemary – same for the lemon with a piece of the skin!

Homemade Chili, Garlic & Herb Infused Oil

These homemade chili, garlic and herb infused oil bottles would make beautiful (and very tasty!) edible Christmas gifts! And what’s more, they’re super quick and easy to make but look rather elegant. Don’t you think?

This recipe is more of a flavour suggestion than a proper recipe and you’re more than welcome to experiment with different oils and herb combinations.

The instructions below make for a medium spicy, garlic oil, infused with Mediterranean herbs. Ideal for drizzling on pizza, a pasta dish or risotto!

The rapeseed oil gives it a beautiful clear, golden colour were as olive oil will look a little more cloudy.

Making homemade infused oils can be a cause of Botulism which is why it is important to cook the vegetables in the oil for quite a while until there is no water left and I recommend keeping the oil refrigerated and not keeping it for too long. If you want to be extra safe, use only dried ingredients. If you have a food dehydrator you could first prepare and then dry them before infusing the oil. Here are a few tips!

If you make this recipe at home be sure to tag your photo #myvibrantkitchen on Instagram. I love seeing all your beautiful recreations. And don’t forget to sign up for My Vibrant Kitchen’s newsletter to get the latest recipes, vegan lifestyle tips and travel diaries straight to your inbox.

Rosemary and Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Homemade infused oil is easy and quite effortless to prepare. All it needs it fresh ingredients and a bit of time. One of my go to infused oil is this Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil. The Rosemary infused oil can be used in numerous ways, and it is a great way to add flavor instantly.



  1. Wash the rosemary springs and dry them completely.
  2. Pour the oil in a saucepan along with garlic cloves and rosemary springs.
  3. Keeping the heat at medium, let the oil heat up and continue cooking the garlic until it turns golden brow.
  4. Then switch off the heat and let the oil cool down completely.
  5. Strain to a clean glass jar and add a fresh rosemary sprig if you like.
  6. Your rosemary garlic infused oil is ready.


Hot Infuse Vs Cold Infuse

There is cold infusion and hot infusion and for most of the ingredients, you can use either.

In case of cold infusion, you just pour the oil and the flavoring elements in an airtight glass jar and leave it in the room temperature for a few days. This method will take some time for the oil to get flavorful.

As I was using garlic, I had to choose the hot infusion method. There is no exact science on what ratio you should be using for the ingredients, it absolutely up to you!

Storing garlic cloves in Olive Oil

You want to be careful about storing garlic cloves in Olive Oil. I discard the garlic cloves once it infuses the oil.

If you wish to store the garlic cloves in the oil, then make sure to keep the bottle in the refrigerator or freezer.

Garlic in oil shouldn’t be kept in room temperature for more than 2 hours.

Nutrition Information

All nutrition information presented are intended for informational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Garlic is a common ingredient in cuisines from all over the globe, making this the perfect oil for both adventurous and beginner cooks alike.

It’s fantastic in marinades, and can even be used in vinaigrettes since it’s a more subtle, cooked garlic flavor. We love to pair it with different flavored vinegars for creative combinations.

And for stir fries and Asian-inspired recipes, combine it with our Honey Ginger White Balsamic Vinegar and a touch of Japanese Sesame Oil.

If you’re looking for pairings to make salad dressings and vinaigrettes, try matching Garlic Infused Olive Oil with a fruit-flavored vinegar for a lighter combination. We love it with Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar, Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar, Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic Vinegar, and Golden Pineapple Balsamic Vinegar.

Garlic Infused Olive Oil has so many uses beyond marinades and vinaigrettes, too! We use it to add flavor to pasta dishes, mashed potatoes, roasted meats, and soups. It’s delicious to dip crusty bread in as an easy appetizer (see our Garlicky Dipping Oil recipe above).

Toss cubed potatoes in a little Garlic Infused Olive Oil, add salt and pepper and roast at 400 degrees for 30-45 minutes.

Finish steamed vegetables like broccoli or green beans with a drizzle of it, then top with sesame seeds, chopped nuts, or fresh basil. Use it to make bruschetta. Brush it on your bread to add extra flavor to your grilled cheese sandwiches. Make homemade garlic mayonnaise using Garlic Infused Olive Oil (it’s easier than you might think!).

Why Infused Oils?

There are two main uses for herb-infused oils. One is that you can use them in your cooking for a different flavor.

Herbal infusions can be used any way you use regular olive oil or other cooking oil. Garlic oil is an example of an herb-infused oil!

The other way to use herb-infused oils is in medicinal and personal care products. If there is an herb you love in tea, you can probably also infuse it in oil for its topical benefits.

If you&rsquore not sure which herbs to use in your infusion, check out this post on the 12 best healing herbs.

2. Chili Olive Oil

Dea Uy

Chili olive oil is a must-have. Cooking with chili olive oil can add a ton of flavor and color to your dishes. The finer the chili peppers are crushed, the brighter and more intense the color of the oil will be. This infused olive oil can be used in lots of Asian dishes as well as Italian dishes.

How to Make a Dipping Oil Everyone Will Love

One of my favorite things about this is that I can swap ingredients based on what I have in the kitchen or based on who’s coming.

My go-to combination of flavors is something salty like capers and parmesan cheese, herbs like rosemary and lots of garlic.

I’ve also been known to make it spicy with some crushed red chili flakes and if I have it in the fridge a mashed up anchovy or a small squeeze of anchovy paste is delicious. If you want to add a little sweetness to the dip, add a small splash of high-quality balsamic vinegar.

Think of it as a total flavor bomb that when mixed with olive oil and bread is just the right amount of flavor to make you keep coming back for more. On that note, you might want to make a double batch. This stuff goes fast.

Chop everything into tiny bits then use a spoon to smoosh them together into a loose paste. Spoon it onto a plate then pour extra-virgin olive oil on top. Easy!

If you try this recipe, let us know! Leave a comment, review it, and don’t forget to tag a photo #inspiredtaste on Instagram. Happy cooking!