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Flemish with walnuts

Flemish with walnuts

Put the ingredients in the bread machine, flour, warm water dissolved with yeast, orange juice, butter (margarine), vanilla, orange peel, salt, sugar, fried and ground walnuts and leave to knead doped (1 hour and a half ) can be just as good with the hand

After it has risen, take the composition and put it in a tray greased with butter or oil (I also put foil) and spread it evenly by hand, after which it is left covered for another 40 minutes to grow.

After it has risen in the tray, put the pieces of butter (50g), make holes with your finger and put the pieces of butter or margarine, then sprinkle the brown sugar (100g)

Place in the oven for about 20-30 minutes at 150 degrees

This is the first time I try this recipe but it is very good

  • Doses for 4 people
  • Difficulty mediate
  • Preparation 30 min
  • cottura 300 min
  • Cost medium
  • Food availability mediate
  • Beef 1 kg
  • Flour 3 tablespoons
  • Donkey 4 tablespoons
  • Onions large - 3
  • Birr Belgian - 66 cl
  • I'm afraid 3 twigs
  • Dried thyme 1 teaspoon
  • Laurel 2 leaves
  • Cane sugar 1.5 teaspoons
  • Cider 1 tablespoon
  • Its 1 teaspoon
  • Black pepper & frac12 teaspoons

Apple and honey pie / Apple honey cake

Dough ingredients:
300 g flour200 g butter50 g sugar1/2 glass of cold water (110 g I put)a little saltWe make the dough first: mix the flour with the sugar and salt, add the butter cut into pieces and mix well with your fingertips, then for 3 minutes, turn on the robot and knead the dough, adding cold water.

We turn the dough on the floured work table and knead well for a few minutes, until we get a compact and homogeneous dough, we give it the shape of a ball, we can put it in a nylon bag and put it in the fridge for an hour.

Ingredients for the filling:

Cut the apples in half, remove the middle with seeds, peel them and cut them into small cubes of about one cm. We put them in a bowl and sprinkle them well with lemon juice.

Grind the walnuts and add only half the amount over the apples, add the honey (as I said I put 80 g, but if the apples are sour it goes a little longer) and mix the ingredients well.

Grease a round tray with a diameter of 20-22 cm with butter.
Spread the dough and line the tray, leaving at least 3 cm of dough on the edges of the tray (so the sheet should be quite small). Turn the composition of apples, nuts and honey in the middle, add the rest of the ground walnuts on top, sprinkle a spoonful of brown sugar, then take the edges of the dough and try to give them a braid shape, above the composition. Add the butter cut into pieces and put in the preheated oven at 180 °, for about 45 minutes.

Remove the pan from the oven, let it cool for a few minutes and serve. with his mouth, his eyes, both hands. how do we succeed.


And to the seventh God I create honey.
Vrisée pasta fruit cakes are famous and popular in Britain and the United States, where they are called pastries.

for broken pasta:
300 g flour 200 g butter 50 g sugar a pinch of salt 1/2 glass of cold water (110 g) for the filling
600 g of green apples1 lemon4 tablespoons of honey150 g of walnut kernels1 tablespoon of brown sugar20 g of butterPrepare the dough: mix the flour with the sugar and a pinch of salt, add the butter in small pieces, mix with your fingertips, then mix the ingredients for 3 minutes with a mixer or with an immersion blender, adding cold water, transfer the dough to the work surface and work it vigorously for a few minutes, until it is compact and homogeneous, form a ball, wrap it in the transparent film and leave it in the fridge for an hour.
Cut the apples in half, remove the core, peel them and reduce them to pieces about 1 cm thick, put them in a bowl and sprinkle with lemon juice, chop the walnuts, add half to the apples, add 4 tablespoons of honey and mix carefully.
Butter a hinged mold 20-22 cm in diameter, line it with a disk of dough making it overflow German 3 cm fill the cake with the mixture of apples, nuts and honey distributed the rest of the chopped walnuts on its surface, sprinkle with sugar roll up the dough that comes out of the edges, spread the butter in flakes and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° for about 45 minutes, bake the cake, let it cool for a few minutes and serve.

San Pietro

St. Peter’s is an institution, a symbol of the Amalfi Coast, whose fame extends far beyond national borders.
Suffice it to say that, despite the unpopular cost of the rooms (in high season from 620 euros / night to skyrocketing), everything is sold out from May to October.
A place loved by those who stay there, a corner of paradise, a hermitage of luxury and tranquility at the gates of Positano.
It all started with Carlino Cinque, a master of good living, whose cult of hospitality has remained unchanged over the decades and excellently inherited from his descendants Carlo and Vito.
Of course, as much as the hotel, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views, could not help but focus on quality food to offer wealthy customers a fair reward after the "hard work" of the day spent by the pool or by the sea.
The cuisine has been entrusted for a decade to the Belgian Alois Vanlangenaeker who has been able to give it a clear Mediterranean imprint despite its origins.
Every ingredient talks about this land kissed by the sun (except, of course, a few small exceptions), and the scents are those of the garden of San Pietro, an authentic jewel set in the cliff, which offers beautiful products, from tomatoes to mint, basil to the verbena.
The restaurant proposal is divided between the Zass, open to the public, and the Pug, down, near the sea and good retreat for hotel guests only.
The Flemish chef, who landed on the Amalfi Coast after important professional experiences at Ducasse Court in Munich and Paris, at Jean Georges's in New York, at Don Alfonso 1890 and at Mikuni in Tokyo, has the skills to satisfy the most demanding palates. .
The basics for doing well are there, therefore, and the proposal does not disappoint, although in some preparations there is a clear feeling that it does not sink on the accelerator. Clear signal to gourmet sailors Person of fine palate, expert in wines and food. Termine currently matches a creative and avant-garde idea applied to the gastronomic world. Read: it is still the restaurant of a luxury hotel, satisfying all palates is a must.
Specifically, the seconds of fish mark the step, unconvincing preparations, with sometimes unsuccessful combinations and imperfect sauces.
More interesting are the appetizers with a good steamed lobster perfectly accompanied by a remarkable mayonnaise Mayonnaise (from French mayonnaise or Catalan mayonnaise) is a mother sauce, creamy and homogeneous, usually white or pale yellow, which is eaten cold. It is a stable emulsion of vegetable oil, with egg yolk as an emulsifier, and flavored with vinegar or lemon juice (which helps emulsification). The traditional recipe includes the use of olive oil and egg whites, and the roasted octopus with aubergines, capers and a pleasant hint of verbena.
Very good pasta, home made. Special mention for octopus ravioli and egg macaroni with walnuts, anchovies and marinated lobster.
Sweet undertones, with the only exception for the soft lemon cream pie.
Careful and friendly service, interesting wine list, especially in the region, with 5-star refills.
Definitely a negative note, finally, for the odious 15% service charge, applied only to the account of guests who do not stay in the hotel. Non-shareable treatment, which divides into two clear categories those who sit at the tables of the restaurant, especially if, at the time of booking, nothing is reported about it.

Appetizer: sea bass in fillo pasta Term derived from the Greek with the meaning of "leaf", it represents a variety of puff pastry prepared in very thin separate, almost transparent sheets. The artisanal technique for the recipe, based on olive oil, flour, water and salt, is as scenic as ever. It is usually used stuffed, for fried or baked preparations. Read spadellata, with tartar sauce Sauce based on mayonnaise, capers, onion (or chives) and chopped cucumbers. In addition there may be olives, horseradish, vinegar, chopped hard-boiled eggs and mustard. It is mainly used to accompany fish dishes. Read.

Shrimp carpaccio with herbs and crispy vegetables. Delicate.

Sea salad with vegetables, mashed potatoes and clams, quite schooly.

Steamed lobster with egg white mayonnaise, grain mustard and avocado. The quality of the lobster is good, the mayonnaise is interesting, light but with an intense flavor.

Roast octopus with eggplant caviar, capers and verbena. Very interesting is the freshness given by the verbena that abounds on the terraces of the hotel.

Zucchini flower potato dumplings with burrata and summer truffle. Naturally delicious dish, but well balanced in its fatty components.

Octopus ravioli with Gaeta olives and candied lemon. Really well made, calloused but thin puff pastry, lemon essential for the success of the dish.

Egg macaroni, walnuts, anchovies and lobster marinated in yogurt and lime. Also in this case we notice the clever use of the citrus scent to give a boost of freshness to the dish.

Tortelli stuffed with buffalo ricotta and marjoram, tomato porridge Typical peasant soup made with bread, tomato and extra virgin olive oil, characteristic of Tuscany. Read. Browse well drawn, on the palate slightly monochord.

San Pietro spadellato, scented cucumbers with star anise, agricultural rum sauce. Preparation that made us turn up our noses. The cucumbers declined in double version subtract taste charge without adding finesse. Undertone sauce, not perceptible smell of rum.

Sea bass fillet with black olives, white bean salad and scampi. The faint taste of this sea bass was fortunately offset by the olives. I avoid embellishing the dish, but it interacts little with the other ingredients.

Spaghetti mullets, reduction of fish soup, fennel and burrata.

Fig cake with raspberries and yogurt ice cream. If we hadn't seen the fresh fig tree showing off on top of the pie, we would hardly have tasted it & # 8230

Baba with rum, vanilla ice cream, rice pudding. Good version of the famous Neapolitan classic.

Burnt cream with blueberries, crispy puff pastry and pistachio ice cream. Pistachio not received, ordinary creme brulée.

San Pietro lemon cream pie. The best of the lot, really well done.

Small ovens

Table with view

The terrace

View on the platform at sea

The garden

The sea and the meadow

1. Take the beef out of the fridge about 30 minutes before cooking.

2. Peel the onions and cut them finely. Tie the herbs, bay leaf and clove together with a kitchen twine (bouquet garni).

3. Heat the pot by setting the maximum heat until the indicator reaches the "meat" window, then reduce the heat to medium and cook the meat in two portions. Put the onions and all the meat in the pot, blend with the beer, salt and pepper and add the syrup.

4. Spread the mustard on the bread and place the side with the mustard facing down on the meat. Place Secuquick softline and close.

5. Heat the pot by setting the heat to maximum until the indicator reaches the “turbo” window then reduce the heat and cook for about 12 minutes in the “turbo” area.

6. Place the pot on the lid upside down at the end of the cooking time and let it depressurize on its own. Remove Secuquick and reduce the sauce without a lid until the desired consistency is obtained. Season with vinegar, salt and pepper.

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