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The Best of the Best: The 2017 Good Food Awards

The Best of the Best: The 2017 Good Food Awards

From dark chocolate to pâté to savory jams, the 2017 Good Food Awards is full of the artisan treats you need to eat.

With artisan foods an ever growing industry, it can sometimes be overwhelming with the amount of options. That's where the Good Food Awards comes in to make things easier. The organization awards outstanding American food artisans for craftsmanship and sustainability.

The winners of the 2017 Good Food Awards were recently announced, prompting us to notice some fun food trends in several categories.

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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Liver seemed to be the overwhelming stand out in the charcuterie (prepared meats) category. Classics like Hudson & Charles' Chicken Liver Pâté were present, along with more decadent products such as The Local Butcher Shop's Pork Liver Mousse.


Dark chocolate, along with all of its health benefits, is here to stay. The majority of winners in this sweet category featured a high cocoa percentage, usually around 70 percent or above. Treats like Charm School Chocolate's 70% Dark Belize or Creo Chocolate's Minty Dark 73% are the perfect indulgence.


Although many regions in the world produce coffee, Ethiopia was the dominating winner for this category. The key to Ethiopian coffee's popularity is its diversity. Due to the type of coffee and how it's processed flavors can range from sweet and fruity, like in Kickapoo Coffee Roasters' Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Charbanta, to delicate and floral flavors in coffees similar to Red Rooster Coffee Roaster's Washed Hambela.


Probably the last thing that comes to mind when thinking of sweets is "veggies." But that's just what several winners in the confections category contained. Batch PDX had two unique winners with their Candy Cap Mushroom Truffle and Ghost Pepper Truffle. They weren't the only ones to shake up the category though, Theo Chocolate also contributed a game changer with their Walla Walla Sweet Onion Caramel.

Pickles & Preserves

These two categories, pickles and preserves, had a common theme amongst them: sweet and savory. We all know that savory jams are on the rise, but several winners have proved that this trend is here to stay. Bow Hill Blueberries' fruit gets a tangy twist with their winning Heirloom Pickled Blueberries, while Red Hen Cannery kept it on trend with their Heirloom Tomato Spice Jam.

OFM Awards 2017: Best Sunday Lunch – the runners-up

Blacklock, Soho
This chophouse scooped this award last year for its superlative roasts. Joints are slow-roasted over coals, there’s a £20 all-in meat platter, and you can wash it all down with a breakfast martini.
24 Great Windmill St, W1D 7LG 020 3441 6996

Hawksmoor, Covent Garden
There’s only one option on the Sunday lunch menu: slow-roast rump with all the trimmings for £20. Includes duck-fat roast potatoes with plenty of bone marrow and onion gravy.
11 Langley St, WC2H 9JG 020 7420 9390

The Gun, Hackney
Since its new lease of life in 2015, this three-floor Hackney boozer has been getting rave reviews from customers for its roasts.
235 Well St, E9 6RG 020 8985 6296

Cardamom and Tea

Looking for Assyrian food? You’ll love what you find at Cardamom and Tea, which offers a focus on traditional Middle Eastern cooking alongside plenty of new tastes inspired by different cultures. Besides delicious recipes for treats like Potato Chop, you’ll also find ingredient spotlights designed to teach you how to use spices, herbs, and products that might be new to you. Winner of Saveur’s Editor’s Choice Best New Voice award, this blog is well worth a look – particularly if you’re interested in changing up your menu.

Best Protein Bar: RXBAR Peanut Butter Chocolate

We’ve been fans of RXBARs for a while, because they have a simple ingredient list and a good dose of protein. They’re great pre- and post-workout, or to stash in your desk drawer when that 3 P.M. hunger strikes. Unlike most protein bars out there, these are made with simple ingredients: egg whites, dates, peanuts, cocoa, cacao, sea salt, peanut flavor, and chocolate flavor. Our testers loved the melty chocolate chips, and said that the hard, chewy texture makes the bar last longer.

Per bar: 210 calories, 10 g fat (2.5 g saturated), 21 g carbs, 13 g sugar, 5 g fiber, 12 g protein, 260 mg sodium

Meet the 2017 SAVEUR Blog Awards Finalists: Our 6 Best Baking Blogs

The SAVEUR Blog Awards are here, and from a pool of tens of thousands of reader nominations we’ve selected 72 finalists in 12 categories. Now it’s your turn to vote for a winner. Cast your ballot here early and often you can vote as many times as you like by September 6th. Today: meet the finalists for our Best Baking and Sweets Blog category, in their own words.

Cast your vote!

The Blog: The Chef Iso Pastry Blog was founded as a living, breathing gallery of pastry art. It showcases the process, tools, and techniques of the trade in a series of mesmerizing videos. Each post is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. It asserts that pastry is as much an art form as any other medium and draws inspiration from fashion, fine art, and film. The blog welcomes beginners and experts alike to indulge in the art and science of haute pâtisserie. Just a side note since many people are unsure about the pronunciation: the correct pronunciation of Iso is “Ee-so” not “Aye-so”

The Blogger: Justin Iso is a Japanese-American pastry chef creating elegant desserts that blend Japanese artistry with French culinary tradition. After moving to New York City nearly a decade ago, he immersed himself in the city’s thriving food culture, particularly the sweet world of fine dining desserts. A computer programmer by trade, he is drawn to the precision that pastry demands. It requires discipline and patience, while still allowing limitless creativity within its rigid foundations. In keeping with his Japanese roots, he is always learning and refining to master his craft.

Wood and Spoon

The Blog: With an emphasis on baking, desserts, and Southern-inspired dishes, the Wood and Spoon blog is a space for people with a passion for creating beautiful and delicious food to share with their families. The stories and recipes are intended to draw readers to the kitchen to create dishes and cultivate community around the table. The mission of the Wood and Spoon blog is to captivate home bakers through the honest lens of daily life, while providing recipes that inspire readers to taste the joy that comes from creating food to share with the people around them.

The Blogger: Kate Wood is the self-taught baker, writer, and photographer behind the Wood and Spoon blog. She is a transplant to LA (that’s Lower Alabama, y’all!) where she and her husband are raising two tiny humans. A dietitian by trade, Kate now works full-time on her blog, practicing her “everything in moderation” motto, and occasionally escapes the small-town life by eating her way through new cities. She believes in thank you notes, laughing at yourself, and the magic that happens when good friends share a meal.

Displaced Housewife

The Blog: DisplacedHousewife started three years ago when Rebecca sold her first recipe to a magazine and she’s been blogging ever since. She came up with the name DisplacedHousewife when she moved overseas and spent her days in her Chinese kitchen baking up favorite recipes for her kids, friends, the doormen and just about anyone that would take them. DisplacedHousewife has everyday, easy-baking sweets but also includes more challenging baking projects for when you want to spend a little more time in the kitchen. She’s created a space where followers feel like she’s there in the kitchen with them, sipping champagne and they’re about to eat something delicious together.

The Blogger: Rebecca Firth is obsessed with all things butter, sugar and anything the slightest bit doughy. A self-taught baker from southern California, Rebecca honed her skills in the kitchen while living in Beijing, China until settling back stateside in Santa Ynez Valley wine country. She is a baker, writer, recipe developer and resident sweet eater. When Rebecca’s not in the kitchen covered in flour she’s outside in her garden, sipping wine watching her chickens or napping.

Cloudy Kitchen

The Blog: Cloudy Kitchen began as a way for Erin to share recipes from home, along with new experiments inspired by her move to America. After launching in 2016, the blog grew to encompass a wide range of recipes—from comforting home baking, to intricate pie lattices, to multi element desserts. Erin focusses on using seasonal ingredients, learning new techniques, sharing classic New Zealand baking, and exploring American recipes. She often draws inspiration from growing up baking with her Grandma from her handwritten recipe book—something which sparked her love for baking from a young age. The aim of Cloudy Kitchen is to share both childhood recipes and new discoveries, often putting a unique spin on an old favorite.

The Blogger: Originally from New Zealand, Erin moved to Brooklyn three years ago. A self taught baker, she is a geologist by trade, and worked on an oil rig before making the move to NYC, where she launched a design business with her husband. She began baking soon after she moved over as a way to bring a little bit of home into a new unfamiliar city. Erin now spends most of her time managing the design studio, pottering around in her tiny apartment kitchen, and playing with new flavor combinations.

Cooking Me Softly

The Blog: Cooking Me Softly is a place dedicated to recipes and images that Arianna and Paolo share with old and new friends. You can find tips and ideas either for stunning desserts or greedy treats for special events or just where to swap the recipe for a gorgeous home made bread loaf. Time has passed and they have noticed to have many friends to share the way they started many years ago……friends who help them to love more and more what they do. Adventure carries on with new sweet emotions.

The Bloggers: Arianna and Paolo are the team behind Cooking Me Softly. They represent a family, and together, they share our passions made of good living, serenity and good food. They share recipes and images, ideas and feelings with whoever wants to follow them. They have lived in Milan for many years, where they dedicated our time to intense and frantic moments. They moved to the countryside to start a new life, where time passes slowly and in a soft way. Reading a book, growing their vegetable garden, playing with their dog and cooking for friends is the way they now live. That’s life.

Chocolates and Chai

The Blog: Chocolates & Chai is a food blog for lovers of comfort food, dessert, and brunch. Inspired by international cuisine, the blog is all about finding the love and the story behind every meal. Initially created to share recipes with friends and family living around the world, the blog quickly grew a following—a devoted crowd of besties, and even got its own mascot—Hootie, the grumpy, ever-sleepy owl!

The Blogger: Rizwan Asad is a self-taught baker, expert eater, and sometimes writer currently living in Toronto, Canada. You’ll relate to him if you value a good homecooked meal. For him, the kitchen is a place for warm memories, a place to make new stories. Riz has been a student of many things and a resident of many places. Ask him where he’s from to hear him weave a story of a mischievous childhood, delectable food, and exotic places. All you really need to know is that he studied at Hogwarts. No, seriously!

Meet the rest of our finalists

Best food photography

You’re the one that serves your friends & fans mouth-watering images of lovely prepared dishes that look as good as they taste. Oh, and nobody gets to touch/take a bite until you took that perfect Instagram shot.

Best baking & sweets

You’re a real sweet tooth, you know the perfect sugar balance, your toppings are pieces of art and you know how much butter to put in the batter. It’s safe to say that your blog gives us serious sugar cravings!

Best drinks

You appreciate a good beer and you know how to mix the perfect cocktail or mocktail. You did your research, you know the ingredients and you know exactly what you’re putting in your glass. Cheers!

Best healthy

You’re the expert when it comes to combining tasty with healthy!
You even make it sound fun and easy. Your goal is to make healthy eating feel like a treat.

Best FoodGram

You love posting about food? You use your Instagram account to create and share beautiful pictures of your dishes? This year we introduce this new category, especially for you, Instalovers! It’s for people who don’t necessarily have a blog and put their love for food in their Instagram.

Best overall food blog

You never stop to amaze your readers with stunning pictures, your blog contains a recipe for every occasion and your writings feel like Shakespeare on a food quest. What we’re trying to say: your followers enjoy reading your stories, cooking your recipes and eating your food.

How the winners will be chosen

The jury has selected 5 nominees per category. You can cast your vote (1 vote per person). Considering both the voice of the jury and the fans, we will derive who is the winner in each category. The winners will be announced during the award ceremony.

The hot beef at Lonnie's Roadhouse Cafe in Williston comes with roast beef on bread, served with mashed potatoes and smothered in brown beef gravy.
Photo courtesy of Lonnie's Roadhouse Cafe

The Kroll's Diner hot beef sandwich starts with tender, slow-cooked roast beef, served on wheat bread with a topping of mashed potatoes and homemade brown gravy. It comes with a side of soup, salad, fries or cottage cheese.
Photo courtesy of Kroll's Diner

10Best and Sandwich America are looking for the best hot beef sandwich in the state, and to do so, 10Best editors joined forces with a local North Dakota food writer and The Food Channel to nominate 20 worthy restaurants across the state. USA TODAY and 10Best readers have been casting ballots for their favorites for the past four weeks, and the results are in.

The top 10 winners in the category Best Hot Beef Sandwich in North Dakota are as follows:

  1. Charlie's Main Street Cafe - Minot
  2. Mattie B's - Ray
  3. Schatz Crossroads Truck Stop - Minot
  4. TraXside Cafe - Enderlin
  5. Cowboy Cafe - Medora
  6. Homesteaders Restaurant - Minot
  7. Tower Travel Center - Tower City
  8. Little Cottage Cafe - Bismarck
  9. Lonnie's Roadhouse Cafe - Williston
  10. Kroll&rsquos Diner - Fargo

Congratulations to all these winning hot beef restaurants!

Top 10 foods to try in Cornwall

With so much fine produce, Cornwall has become a top foodie destination. We bring you the best bites, including the correct way to prepare your cream tea.

Travellers are advised to read the FCO travel advice at for the country they are travelling to.

It’s little wonder that some of the finest chefs, as well as holidaymakers, are beating a path to Cornwall these days. Often called the UK’s food capital, four in every five people who visit Cornwall say the food and drink is one of the reasons they choose to go there.

What’s Cornwall’s secret? First, it produces among the richest variety of top quality fresh produce from land and sea available anywhere in the country. Second, there’s an eclectic mix of heritage and contemporary flair that allows iconic Cornish pasties and clotted cream to sit happily alongside some of the best modern British cuisine and new products such as world-class cheeses, wines and spirits.

Here are the best things to eat on your foodie pilgrimage to the UK’s wild and beautiful southwest:

Cornish pasty

Whip up a batch at home using our recipe for lighter Cornish pasties.

Clotted cream tea

To create the perfect Cornish cream tea, you first need to break a scone in half gently with your hands, or do the same with a split. (Splits are little yeasted buns that take a little longer to make than scones but which many claim are the true component of a Cornish clotted cream tea.) Then, dollop a spoonful of strawberry or Kea plum jam (a Cornish speciality) on top, then finish with a generous spoonful of Cornish clotted cream. In Cornwall, the cream always goes on top of the jam, some say because it’s the crowning glory.

Try making your own classic scones with our 5-star recipe.

Saffron cake

Beach BBQ

If you can’t make it to Cornwall, get into the garden with our ultimate barbecue collection.

Tarquin’s gin

Tregothnan tea

Warren beef

Crab sandwich

Cornish wine

Don’t miss

A visit to Cornwall at any time of year can be foodie heaven, but one special time to catch the best of Cornish food and drink talent is the end of September, when the Great Cornish Food Festival takes place on Lemon Quay in Truro, bringing together some 60 regional producers, a host of Cornwall’s top chefs, and 40,000 visitors. And the best part? Entrance and access to all the demos and masterclasses is completely free of charge. In 2017, it runs 22-24 September, headlined by two-Michelin starred chef, Nathan Outlaw.

Ruth Huxley is owner of the Great Cornish Food Store in Truro, where every bit of food and drink sold is local. Ruth has also written/edited two books on Cornish food – the Great Cornish Food Book and the Great Cornish Fish Book – and is founder of Cornwall Food & Drink, the network organisation for Cornwall’s food industry.

If you enjoyed this taste of the southwest, try our guide to what to eat on the Isle of Wight.

Visit our travel section for more tasty inspiration.

Image credits: Kate Whitaker, Mike Searle, Store, Sean Gee, Beth Druce

50 Best Southern Food Blogs

With 50 states and over 200 years of cooking under its belt, the United States of America is just as subject to regional cooking as any other nation. One of the most noted and recognizable areas of American remains the South. With states from Texas to Florida, the ideas and practices of Southern food are as complex as they are vast.

In order to make sense of it all, we have gathered the 50 best Southern food blogs. With everyone from professional chefs to plain old mom weighing in, you are sure to find a new family favorite or just something to make for dinner tonight.

Best Southern Food Blogs by a Woman

The First Ladies of Southern cooking have loads to share on their blogs.

    1. Pioneer Woman Cooks : Ree is a “desperate housewife”with a touch of Lucille Ball, Vivian Leigh, and Ethel Merman. Check out her blog to see cooking pioneer style. Pizzas, breakfast burritos, and blackberry cheesecake are just some of the faves on this popular blog.

2. Paula Deen : She is the popular chef sporting down home eats on the Food Network. Get Paula’s very own recipes for everything from appetizers to kid friendly recipes. You can get a menu for the week, check out the audio blog, and much more on the massive site.

3. Biscuits and Such : Elena actually bases her Southern food blog out of Baltimore. She writes her own recipes as a mix of traditional and modern cooking. Entries such as a habanero grouper and bacon blue cheese burgers will get you interested.

4. Deep South Dish : This blog is about basic, country style Southern cooking with an emphasis on coastal South dishes and cooking from scratch. This mother has literally been dishing it out since the seventies and shares here. Summer favorites from fire ‘n ice pickles and boiled peanuts are featured.

5. Homesick Texan : Lisa left her home state of Texas to move to the Big City. As stated in the name of the blog, she dedicates her writings to the food she left behind. Favorites include biscuits, carnitas, chicken-fried steak, and more.

6. Southern Lady Cooks : This blogger believes that Southern cooking is a labor of love and shares timeless favorites such as buttermilk biscuits. Cooking tips, featured recipes, and delicious looking pictures greet everyone who visits. She even features the “Ten Commandments of Grits”for true Southerners.

7. Y’all Come On! : With a name like that, the blog has to be good. Christy Clark is a misplaced Southern belle who moved to Florida. She brought her cooking with her and shares loads of it here.

8. Backyard Southern Gourmet : Armadillo Pepper is a virtual blogger in the world of Southern food. Listen to the latest audio entry or even get entries on how to make food overseas with a Southern flare. Simple and easy recipes are often the topic of each post.

Best Southern Food Blogs by a Man

The men weigh in via blog on their Southern cooking favorites.

    10. New Orleans Cuisine : Danno dedicates his Southern food blog to New Orleans and Louisiana cooking. Recipes are ideal for the Creole or Cajun and include many Southern favorites. Recent ones include praline bacon and peach salsa pork chops.

11. Sugar Pies Food : Buck is originally from South Carolina and now lives in Tucson. His mother was a Southern cook and continues the tradition in the blog. A good choice if desserts are your thing.

12. Blackened Out : Peter and Rene believe New Orleans is one of the staple cities of America. Check out the latest happenings in food in the area with a visit. The top 20 post Katrina offerings are often shared.

13. Hushpuppy Nation : Rick McDaniel is a food historian, chef, and writer who specializes in Southern food. He devotes his blog to the history and culture of Southern food. A while can pass between posts but if entries such as lemon sherbet and beaten biscuits intrigue you, be sure to visit.

14. Slim Pickins Pork : Andrew explores the nuances of the pig in this blog. He hopes to elevate rustic cuisine to a high art. Burgers were the topic of a recent entry.

Best Southern Food Blogs by a Site

These sites devote part or all of their blogs to Southern cooking.

    16. Southern Plate : Christy Jordan had economics inspirations until she developed this site specializing in recipes below the Mason-Dixon Line. Targeting cooks of all ages and skills, she hopes to share Southern cooking with people all over the world. Useful videos, classics, and much more await with just a click.

17. Eating My Words : The secret food adventures of the staff at “Southern Living”magazine are featured here. Categories include the test kitchen, restaurants, and even wine. You can also get loads of other tools and resources for food and other ways to live a Southern life.

18. Southern Food : is a site where many experts stop by to blog and Southern food is not excluded. Diana Tattray has been blogging on the topic since 1997 and offers many entries. Must reads include crockpot recipes, mac and cheese, and easy chicken.

19. Southern USA : Many culinary classics of the American South are shared on Favorites include fried chicken, biscuits, and sweet potato pie. Visit to check out the featured cook or even share your own recipe.

20. Southern Recipes : Ol’ South Recipes has a list for authentic recipes. Current entries include fried green tomatoes. You can also get entries that use avocado, chili, omelets, and much more.

21. Easy Southern Cooking : Quick recipes for the beginner are the focus here. Choose from soup, sides, beverages, and much more. You can even learn to make complex foods the easy way such as jelly, jam, and preserves.

22. Mama’s Southern Cooking Blog : If mom was a big part of your Southern cooking experience, this is the blog for you. It features recipes commonly associated with parents of Southerners. Favorites such as casseroles and potato salad are all here.

23. Southern : More of a database than a blog, this is a must visit. The Food Network has over two thousand recipes listed as Southern. Current top entries include a Southern shrimp boil, deviled eggs, and fried chicken.

Best Barbeque Southern Food Blogs

Because loads of Southern food is cooked outdoors, check out these blogs.

    25. Boy Meets Grill : Bobby Flay is the host of a show on the Food Network of the same name. Get recipes, tips, and even videos by visiting. Be sure not to miss “Killer Grilling Tips”with everything from the master griller to newbie.

26. BBQ Hub : The world of barbeque is featured on this popular blog. Choose from topics such as contests, restaurants, teams, and more. They even did a recent entry on fried chicken.

27. Barbeques & Grilling : Derrick Riches writes all about these topics in another entry from Must reads include the best gas grills and recipe of the week. One of the latest entries was on the top ten accessories for the grill.

28. Livefire : The Beringer Great Steak Challenge is the topic of concern currently on this blog. However, you can get tips and pictures on how to pit BBQ or even make lobster on the grill. Be sure not to miss the Friday Food Faves with more.

29. Patio Daddio BBQ : Musings on barbeque, cooking, and life are served here. Popular recipes here include seasoning and classic drumsticks. You can even get random recipes on items such as Hungarian entries and rattlesnake tails.

30. BBQ Blog : Brian Pearcy has published over 750 articles on the topic and has won awards for his spice rub. Learn more by visiting. He recently posted the results of a reader poll on smokers.

31. Ribs Within : This is the blog of an actual and professional BBQ team. See where they are traveling, what contest they are entering, and most of all, what they are making. There is also a special section for recipes.

32. White Trash BBQ : Stop here for real pit barbeque straight from New York City. He actually competes in the KCBS Championship and shares more here. Contest and grilling tips are often shared.

33. BBQ Addicts : Visit for the home of “America’s Hottest Barbeque Recipe.” Featured on Good Morning American and CNN, they get around. A recent entry was on the best of bacon.

34. A BBQ Nation : Get the official blog of Smoke in ‘Da Eye here. One of their most recent entries was on how to barbeque a breakfast. Specifically, it was a waffle cheese burger.

Best Cajun Southern Food Blogs

Because the French also influenced Southern food, have a look at these blogs.

    36. Real Cajun Cooking : Jacques Gaspard is your host to everything Cajun in this blog. He shows readers how to cook like a Cajun and even develop their own style. The latest recipe is on creamy chicken and oyster stew.

37. New Orleans Food and Recipe News : The site hosts this blog. Food and recipes are shared as well as the latest dining news. Food related happenings around the city are also shared.

38. The Bear Growls : Arthur “The Bear”shares dining habits, rants, and diatribes. The world of Southern Louisiana is focused on but he can occasionally wander. The interesting back story of a restaurant he recently visited is also shared.

39. Roux B Doo’s Cajun and Creole Food Blog : Learn the difference between the two in this blog. Tim often features the best in Southern food and offers links to favorite restaurants and more. He also has the option to download recipe books.

40. NOLA Cuisine : The food of New Orleans, Louisiana is celebrated here. Get the most popular entries such as shrimp etouffee and creole with a click. They also have reviews for restaurants in the area.

41. The Boudin Link : Learn more about the Cajun style of sausage here. Get a virtual guide to it by visiting here. Maps to recommendations, recipes, and more are detailed.

42. Peanut Butter Etouffee : This recipe and other oddities are featured on the blog. Art projects and more off topic picks are also shared. You can even learn how to make steam driven cookies with a visit.

43. The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page : This is a good first stop for newbies to Cajun cooking. Chuck Taggart is a native from New Orleans and shares the basics and beyond of this type of Southern food. Appetizers, Po-Boys, and many others are shared.

Best Specialty Southern Food Blogs

These food blogs have a Southern specialty in mind.

    45. Southern Savers : Get information on coupons, deals, giveaways, and more for the Southerner on this site. Stores such as Target and Walgreens are often the subject of entries. There are even guides for getting started.

46. Mommy’s Kitchen : This mother knows that the best childhood memories often take place in the kitchen. With that and Southern food in mind, she blogs a virtual kitchen of recipes and tips. The current feature is cake mix dinner rolls.

47. Soul Fusion Kitchen : Sylvie believes the kitchen is the hub of all social events in the home. Holiday parties, outdoor BBQ, luncheons, dinner, and brunch with a soulful look are featured here. A recent post was on a BBQ competition.

48. Madame Monaco’s Moreish Menus and Morsels : What does a French Canadian know about Southern food? Visit her blog to find out. Although recipes reach across both countries, she still features a few recipes from her native South. Cooking tags are on everything from African to vegetables.

49. Soul Food and Southern Cooking : Visit here to get the soul in the South. Loads of recipes are available with a click and are for everyone from the meat lover to the diabetic. They also offer cooking tips.

No matter your cooking knowledge, skill, or even location, there is loads to learn in the above 50 best Southern food blogs. With growing interest and no signs of slowing, there is a reason it is so popular.

Best of 225

Voting for the 2021 Best of 225 Awards has closed!

Thank you to everyone who participated in both the nomination and voting phase of the awards. Now, we’re hard at work tallying all of your votes!

The winners will be unveiled in July, so be sure to stay tuned to 225 for all the details leading up to the big announcement.


Jan. 6 to Feb. 10

Write-in nominations were open at On a fill-in-the-blank ballot, Capital Region residents wrote in their picks for the best local businesses and people.

March 4 to April 8

Voting was live on our website. The people and businesses that received the most nominations in each category are the ones that were listed on the final ballot.

Late June

We’ll announce this year’s winners with the release of our July 2021 issue of 225 magazine. Each year, we find a different way to celebrate the winners, whether it’s a Hot off the Press launch party or a livestreamed award show. Be sure to subscribe to 225 Daily for all the details on how we’ll honor this year’s winners.

Watch the video: Cranes are Flying (October 2021).