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Salad - Dominican style

Salad - Dominican style

A very popular salad in Dominican cuisine is with carrots and white cabbage, bathed in mayonnaise and often seasoned with brown raisins. Taken separately, they don't seem to be traditional: carrots and cabbage are eaten just as well anywhere in the world, mayonnaise as well - although its origin is Spanish, originally called "salsa mahonesa", and Latin America is generally a big consumer. of mayonnaise. Even the addition of raisins to salads is quite popular in the UK, and Americans are no strangers to this culinary detail.

The Dominican set is perhaps the set of ingredients, taken as such; or maybe the fact that fresh carrots and cabbage are soaked in hot water before being put into the salad. In any case, salad with cabbage, carrots and mayonnaise is an extremely popular dish in the Dominican Republic, not absent from the daily menu ("plato del día") of restaurants and canteens.

And, because the Dominican Republic was once a Spanish territory, because when he discovered it, Columbus named it "Little Spain" and because the classic mayonnaise was made in Spain with olive oil, I chose to present "Ensalada de repollo y zanahorias" (cabbage and carrot salad), with olive oil mayonnaise - a light, refreshing dish, very easy to make and reminiscent of the Caribbean air and the surprise that Columbus experienced, when he set foot on land - a culinary interference between the Old World and the New World.

  • 1 egg yolk
  • ½ cup of olive oil
  • ½ cup rapeseed or sunflower oil (or other neutral-tasting oil)
  • 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1 large carrot
  • ¼ fresh white cabbage
  • 1/2 cup pitted black olives

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Salad - Dominican style:

Mayonnaise is made from egg yolk, olive oil, rapeseed oil and lemon juice.

Cabbage and carrot, washed and cut into thin strips, put in a bowl. Pour 2 cups of hot water over them and let them soak for 5 minutes. Then drain well and allow to cool to room temperature. Mix with mayonnaise, sliced ​​olives, season with salt and pepper. Serve cold.

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Neutral flavored oil is used to soften the strong aroma of olive oil, but it is not mandatory. I found, for example, in Martha Stewart's recipes, that she makes mayonnaise only with extra virgin olive oil.


If you want a lighter version with less cholesterol, you can replace mayonnaise with a vinaigrette prepared from: 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

From the Dominican Republic to the Frozen Tundra

Sometimes Donny Orozo will bike through the Wisconsin countryside and take in the smell of cows to remind him of home. Several years ago Orozo left the Dominican Republic for the United States in search of a better life, eventually becoming head chef and owner of Paninoteca in Appleton. But he still misses life on the farm back home. So Orozo kept those cherished memories alive by offering several traditional Dominican dishes at his restaurant.

No English, No Money

As an immigrant living in America, Orozo doesn’t take for granted the opportunity he’s had to succeed. And when he reflects on his experience, he’s proud of how far he’s come. He came to America with no English, no money, and a long list of goals for himself. Within a year he saved up enough for a car, and within three he bought a house and opened a restaurant. Then, after five years he was able to bring his family here to live with him. All his hard work has certainly paid off.

Culinary Insights

Naturally, Orozo loves talking about food. His favorite dish is called chen-chen, which is a cracked corn pilaf well loved in the Dominican. His favorite ingredients to cook with include culantro (an herb similar to cilantro), black pepper, salt, green peppers, and onions. Comparing culinary practices in America and the Dominican Republic, Orozo says Wisconsinites roast many of their dishes, use different seasonings, and seem to enjoy baking above all else.

A Taste of the Dominican

Orozo shares his recipe below for a chicken and rice dish served with pinto beans and salad. It’s great for lunch or dinner and is sure to fill you up! Most of the ingredients can be found at your local grocery store, and the chef recommends that you try it with the President, a Dominican beer. As with many traditional recipes passed down through generations, the measurements are not exact. Be sure to let us know what you think and enjoy!

Dominican Bachata, included by UNESCO in the cultural heritage of humanity

Bachata, a style of dance and a genre of traditional music from the Dominican Republic, has been included by UNESCO in the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. The decision was adopted by the members of a commission that met on Wednesday in Bogota, reports the AFP agency, quoted by

"It is a music that has a close connection not only with the joy of the people of the Dominican Republic, but of an entire region," said the delegate of the Dominican Republic, following the UNESCO decision.

The inclusion of bachata in the UNESCO patrimony aroused debates among the members of the commission because some of them considered that the musical rhythm did not meet certain criteria to be part of the world patrimony, according to

Thus, bachata joins the merengue musical and dance style that was included in the UNESCO heritage in 2016.

Bachata is a musical style and dance that represents a combination of African-American rhythms such as son, cha-cha-cha and merengue.

People in the Dominican Republic consider bachata dance and music to be a cultural event, ubiquitous at holidays and celebrations.

The Dominican Republics Bachata music and dance has been inscribed on the #IntangibleHeritage list.

Dominican Potato Egg Salad

How much do I love a good potato salad? Well, let & # 8217s not get into that! LOL but trust me, a whole lot!

I grew up eating this amazing Dominican Potato Egg Salad not just only on Thanksgiving but at cookouts and family get togethers. It is served cold, so very easy to take to others homes for potlucks.

This is my mother & # 8217s recipe. The one that I grew up eating and the one dearest to my heart. A variation to this recipe is adding red beets. Yes! And they do taste amazing in this salad. Growing up though, my brother and I hated red beets (because they were red, hahaha), so my mom always excluded them. As an adult I appreciate them so much. For this recipe though, I kept them out because I know some people aren & # 8217t very fond of beets. If you decide to add beets, you can go the easy route by buying canned red beets that are sliced. You just have to drain them and chop them up a bit. Of course, your potato salad will turn pink. So be ready for that!

I also love this salad because it & # 8217s a great make-ahead. Make it the night before, refrigerate as directed and then sprinkle some cilantro (or none) at serving time. Voila!

The pleasures of the taste buds in Erfurt

After so many cultural joys, your appetite has surely been quenched by the fact that you will be able to satisfy your hunger in the city center with the generous and typical dishes of the region, "Kneipe", where medieval-inspired restaurants and Biergarten will give you trouble to choose. Some recipes are almost part of the cultural heritage and push you to carry on the culinary experience while licking your fingers at the same time. This is the case when you taste Thüringer Rostbratwurst, grilled sausages served since the 15th century with Born mustard from 1820 and homemade beer. As for Erfurter Schitten is one of the oldest cake recipes in Germany. It has been prepared since the 14th century. You will also be able to taste some Rostbrätel, delicious marinated pork ribs and then grilled, just as typical of the region. Everyone can find their favorite dish.

1400+ Names of Girls with Meaning & # 8211 The Most Beautiful and Distinctive Variants of Girls Names

The largest list of girl names, selected by alphabet. The explanation and description of each girl's name. Biblical, rare, Christian, Romanian first names that suit girls.

Is your family expecting a baby girl and are you looking for rare and special girl names? Or are you curious to know what your female name means and where it comes from?

Especially for you, we have formed the largest collection of beautiful girls' names, arranged in alphabetical order.
Moreover, it also contains a lot of tips that will inspire you to make the right decision regarding your little girl's name.

Here you can find out the meaning for both modern girls' names and for Christian girls' names, you can find out their characteristics and description and you can select your own list of the most beautiful girls' names.

We advise you to take the choice of the girl's name seriously and to consider several options before stopping on a certain name.

We hope that, after many years, your daughter will thank you for the beautiful name chosen especially for her, from the multitude of special girl names!

The delicious memories of Joan Collins, a best seller

Her memoirs, Past Imperfect, offered a series of stories about her career and love life, which included a turbulent engagement with Warren Beatty (photo).

The daughter of a theater agent, born in London, Joan Collins has enjoyed throughout her life several relationships between marriages and sometimes overlapping with them.

Joan had a relationship with Ryan O & # 8217Neal in the 1970s while she was Mrs. Anthony Newley. Later, after she divorced, she ran away with Elizabeth Taylor's first ex-husband, Nicky Hilton. He also enjoyed the company of Ramfis Trujillo, the playboy son of Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo.

The memoir also addresses darker moments. Like when Darryl Zanuck of 20th Century Fox tried to abuse her in a hotel lobby. "Fortunately, Dorothy Dandridge and a man wearing make-up came down the corridor and I escaped, swearing that I would stay out of Mr. Z's path in the future," the star said.

Joan Collins was married at the age of 18 to her first husband, Maxwell Reed, who raped her on their first date. He finally left her. That's after he tried to sell it for one night to an Arab sheikh for £ 10,000. Her later ex-husbands were Anthony, with whom she had her daughter Tara and her son Sacha, the former manager of the Beatles, but also Ron Kass, a relationship from which daughter Katie emerged, and the former actor. Peter Holm, whom he called the "repulsive Swede."

What does it mean to be Dominican?

My question is this, what does it mean to be Dominican? For those of you that are & quot100% & quot Dominican, born and raised in the DR, what things do you identify as being Dominican. If I asked you to make a list of 10 things / people that represent & quotDominincaness & quot what / who would you have on that list? Besides baseball, bachata and booze what makes you Dominican or makes you & quotmore & quot dominican.

For you Dominican Yorks, Dominicans either born or raised in the US, what do you identify as Dominican? Can some be more Dominican than others? Is the concept of being Dominican culture a commodity that is bought and sold or are there things out there that actually bind Dominicans? Please, only serious answers.




I didn't last long.

Correction: & quotDominican Yorks & quot was & quotinvented & quot (by someone with wayyyy too much time in his / her hands, btw) for those Dominicans living in the 5 New York state boroughs. Even if MANY think that Dominicans living in ALLLLLLL 50 States are called like that.

Almost like saying: & quotI am going to visit my relatives in Santo Domingo & quot, when in fact your relatives live in El Seybo and NOT in SD ..


New member
New member

Mr. Lu


I think this is more a question for the Dominicans outside of the DR, if you are Dominican living inthe DR, it doesn't make much sense to answer the question.

My list of Dominicaness

1.I have a Dominican accent when speaking spanish / even though it is a little neutral at times.

2.My parents came from the Dominican Republic.

4.I stay connected with the Dominican Republic / visiting, helping out friends and relatives.

Hipocrito Mejia



Well-known member

Entrepreneurs, especially Dominicans living in NYC.

Norma Rosa


Love your list. One more:
It is knowing that it takes a village to raise a child.

Our history
Our colonial architecture
Our sense of religion
Our language
Our food
Our friendliness
Our relationship (bad or good) with Haitians
Our meringue
Our palm trees


The Woman


The Woman

Do you want things that only Dominicans do, get away with or THINK they do?

Example: Very straight men who wear VERY tight clothes and jeans that look like they should hurt?


New member

Ten that I can think of at the moment:

Being Dominican means.
Oscar de la Renta
Rafael Leonidas Trujillo
Country House
Sammy Sosa
High of Chavon
Punta Cana
Hermanas Mirabal

Rafael Perez

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New member

1. To know all the corruption going on around you and do nothing about it
2. To have no participation in government decisions
3. To have a president that travels around the world with a long list of so called & quotdelegates & quot spending millions on private flights and luxury dinners and claiming we need more taxes and cannot afford to pay for public education
4. To see politicians sell out your fatherland, your goods while you drink a beer at the colmado
5. To have 2 parties always in power, each just waiting to climb aboard the grand theft of the dominican people
6. To know what 50% interest rates are like, to understand true destruction of purchasing power and to know it will happen again and still we are in the colmado drinking beer.
7. To have a completely destroyed public transportation system while politicians travel in the most luxurious gas guzling & quotjeepetas & quot
8. To have laws in our constitution that can be broken by the president, the ministers, but not by anyone else
9. To have so many high rises worth US $ 1MM or more per apartment built with drug, tax evation, and all ways of illicit forms of money, some use drugs and metal to be constucted, and what do you know, there is always a politician with a couple of properties in these super luxury towers.
10. To live with this every day and still have the energy to go to work, keep your mouth shut and be a jerk.



Chuck T


1. To know all the corruption going on around you and do nothing about it
2. To have no participation in government decisions
3. To have a president that travels around the world with a long list of so called & quotdelegates & quot spending millions on private flights and luxury dinners and claiming we need more taxes and cannot afford to pay for public education
4. To see politicians sell out your fatherland, your goods while you drink a beer at the colmado

Calmotne, Welcome to American. lol you think it's much different aany place else? not so my friend, the grino's are just better at hiding it. Good luck
5. To have 2 parties always in power, each just waiting to climb aboard the grand theft of the dominican people
6. To know what 50% interest rates are like, to understand true destruction of purchasing power and to know it will happen again and still we are in the colmado drinking beer.
7. To have a completely destroyed public transportation system while politicians travel in the most luxurious gas guzling & quotjeepetas & quot
8. To have laws in our constitution that can be broken by the president, the ministers, but not by anyone else
9. To have so many high rises worth US $ 1MM or more per apartment built with drug, tax evation, and all ways of illicit forms of money, some use drugs and metal to be constucted, and what do you know, there is always a politician with a couple of properties in these super luxury towers.
10. To live with this every day and still have the energy to go to work, keep your mouth shut and be a jerk.



US born and raised, Dominican mom - didn’t grow up around many Dominicans (except for my close relatives) and still these things are like 2nd nature.
-respecting and taking care of our elders
-saying & quotBendicion tia, mami o papi & quot no matter how old you are
-perform the sign of the cross when you pass by a church
-to eat beans with sweet during Easter
-to be met with excitement every time you arrive in the DR (even though this is your 4th trip this year).
-to be treated like a sibling by all of your friends
-to have everyone that visits you (in DR) show up with fruits, platanos, food, limoncillos (all the things they know you like)
-to have your friends and relatives want to clean & amp cook every time they visit (even in the states)
-to always send you a birthday card (to the USA) even though they are dirt poor
-to dance to the old merengues
-to have your aunt always stuff your bag with geo cheese and now you have to wash your clothes
-menthol ayy menthol (vivaporu)
-morir sonando and a ham n melted cheese sandwich for breakfast
-a midday snack -avocado salad with oil and vinegar
-white rice wiith ketchup (when i was a kid)
-the sancocho of Aunt Strawberry
-Majarete for Christmas
-Galleticas Martin
-Nuezmocada in your coffee

And to answer your questions: Some people are definitely more Dominican than others (especially more than me).
For example those that live in the country and how about Dominican politics (something I will never involve myself with).
You can't buy or sell being Dominican. You have to live the culture, the day to day life to be it, understand it.
Being Dominican is something either in your upbringing or picked up from your surroundings.



Things you should know how to do if you are a real Dominican:

1 - To peel a coconut
2 - to peel a green plantain
3 - to peel sugar cane
4 - to peel a pineapple
5 - to peel casaba (cassava)
6 - how to freeze water in plastic bags
7 - to drink water and coffee in aluminum cups
8 - to spend hours every day seating on a plastic chair under a shady tree playing Dominoes
9 - spend time on the streets socializing with people on a daily basis
10 - going to 'El colmado' every day for your groceries
11 - to have conversation with other people when taking a ride on public transportation vehicle

Sh ** t. I know so many things that make us Dominicans different than the rest of the people around the world!

when everyone has stuffed themselves to the brim it is time to relax. We pull up the chairs and sit on the porch. Talking to the people in the street passing by. Everyone is so festive.

The ladies go to the neighbors that can & # 8217t get out or cook for themselves and take plates of food. We drink some rum or some beer and enjoy. It & # 8217s fun to make the rounds and stop and visit some close friends. But always end up back home to hang out with the family. Even for me, I have no blood family in the Dominican Republic, my adopted Dominican family has made me feel like one of them. I am right at home and they accept me during all holidays and special occasions.

Health hazard! Antifreeze-flavored donuts

Frozen dough donuts bite into chemicals!

A frozen dough donut contains up to 14 chemicals!

Donuts contain trans fats beyond safety limits!

Donuts made of frozen dough colored with titanium dioxide!

Donuts glazed with carmine!

28 food additives discovered in the analyzed donuts!

A donut contains up to 5 teaspoons of sugar!

A donut consumed daily for 30 days changes body weight by 1.5 kg!

The study on the quality of donuts made from frozen dough is part of the National Information and Education Campaign: "Do you know what you choose?", A campaign carried out with the support of the "Tomorrow will be better" Foundation. Through this campaign, the Pro Consumers Association (APC) and the "Tomorrow Will Be Better" Foundation want to improve consumer protection legislation, promote a healthy lifestyle and sound the alarm about high-salt foods. sugar, fats and food additives that pose a high risk to the health of consumers.

The Pro Consumers Association (APC) purchased 20 types of donuts from large commercial structures (hypermarkets / supermarkets), in order to conduct a study to draw attention to the content of these products and the potential effects on consumer health. The following types of donuts were analyzed: chocolate-filled donuts, vanilla donuts, caramel donuts, fruit-filled donuts, chocolate icing donuts, Oreo biscuit donuts, raspberry-filled donuts, sugar donuts, donuts fruit jam, cherry-flavored donuts, plain donuts, vanilla-flavored donuts, cocoa glaze donuts, cherry cream donuts, strawberry cream donuts, cinnamon donuts, white chocolate icing donuts, donuts with chocolate and hazelnuts, apricot jam filling and Berlin donuts.

Called donuts all over the country, but also pancove or crafle & # 8211 as Transylvanians and Banatians call them, these small and round goodies, with or without fillings, bring a moment of joy to both the little ones and the mature or long-aged youth.

The ephemeral under which it is prepared (who doesn't know how to make a donut ?!) and especially consumed (who is satisfied with less than a plate of donuts!) May have contributed to the addition of the meaning of a lie (word, talk about claca) innocent donut in everyday language.

Because, yes, it is very simple to mix a little yeast in lukewarm milk that you add with a pinch of salt in wheat flour, in which, according to everyone's interest and taste, you can make room for an egg, some flavors (shell grated citrus fruits or other spices). The mixture is made into a soft and elastic dough, leavened for an hour, then spread on a table powdered with flour and cut from it with a glass, disc after disc from the loose shell and, after a little waiting, the discs of the cakes are fried in oil, one by one, which have miraculously become round, chubby, fluffy, golden cushions with an enticing scent.

As for eating donuts, everyone can become a champion without much training. Powdered with fine sugar, or put next to cool cream, can tempt the virtuous, and diabetics and ladies afraid of scales… And this even in the case of simple donuts, without thinking (God forbid!) long list of stuffed donuts!

Unfortunately, those who are afraid and those who think they have no inclination towards the practical ones, use already prepared mixes, adapted for the bread machine, but from this point one steps on a less safe ground, as the recipes of the mixes are more and more complex and full of unpleasant surprises. It is understandable that in the recipes of the mixes should be added all kinds of substances that ensure specific requirements: preservation of the product, good processing behavior, loosening of the dough, taste and color of the final product, etc.

The study was conducted by a team of APC experts, coordinated by Assoc. Dr. Costel Stanciu.

The following objectives were taken into account when conducting the study:

  1. Identification of food additives used in the composition of this type of product that present a risk of medical conditions in case of constant and long-term consumption.
  2. Analysis of the content of trans fats in this type of product and their impact on the body.

1.Identification of the food additives used in the composition of this type of product which present a risk of the occurrence of medical conditions in the event of constant and long-term consumption.

The ingredients found in the composition of the analyzed donut assortments are the following: wheat flour, rye flour, bean flour, soybean, vegetable oils and fats (palm, shea, coconut, rapeseed, sunflower), water, sugar, dextrose, syrup glucose, fructose, lactose, caseinate, enzymes, yeast, salt, skimmed milk powder, whey powder, gelling agent, pectin, pasteurized liquid eggs, egg white powder, wine vinegar, wheat starch, corn starch, carmine, red beets, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherol, lecithin, citric acid, guar gum, xanthan gum, diphosphates, triphosphates, sodium carbonates, silicon dioxide, carboxymethylcellulose, mono and fatty acid diglycerides, glyceric esters of diacetyltartaric acid with fatty acids, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, beeswax, shellac, L-cysteine, propylene glycol, paprika extract, lutein, ammonium carbonates, potassium carbonates, flavors of milk, flavor of apricots and cherry flavor.

Regarding the above ingredients, the CPA experts formulated the following conclusions:

E120 - Carmine or carminic acid is a bright red dye that is obtained from a species of insect called cochineal. Carmine is not recommended in children's diets because it can cause hyperactivity and lack of concentration. May cause asthma, allergies and rhinitis.

E 171 - titanium dioxide it is an artificial dye. From animal studies, it has been observed that E 171 would cause various injuries to the cardiovascular system, but also to the liver. Changes in the spleen and kidneys, as well as the immune system, were also observed. Titanium dioxide or E171 has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a potential human carcinogen. In Germany, this food additive has been banned.

E 202 - potassium sorbate is a preservative that irritates the skin, eyes and mucous membranes. It can be genotoxic and mutagenic to human blood cells.

E 330 - citric acid is an acidity regulating agent. The best documented effect of citric acid is the destruction of tooth enamel, which promotes tooth decay. Citric acid is not recommended in children's diets. Foods containing citric acid should not be consumed by those with cardiovascular or kidney problems, digestive disorders and diarrhea.

E 412 - guar gum is a polysaccharide used in the food industry as a stabilizer, emulsifier and thickener. May cause nausea, flatulence and cramps.

E 415 xanthan gum is produced by the fermentation of glucose, sucrose or lactose by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris. May cause bloating, flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and low blood sugar.

E 450 disodium diphosphate is an emulsifier that can cause allergic reactions, intestinal transit disorders and alter the calcium-phosphorus balance in the body.

E 904 - shellac is an additive used to brighten food and can cause skin irritation.

E 920 - cysteine it is a flour treatment agent, it is not added to wholemeal flour, and diabetics should avoid this substance because it can interfere with insulin. This additive is obtained from human hair, bird feathers, pig hair, bird claws, hooves and animal horns, by-products. Over 80% of the world's L-cysteine ​​production is made in China using as a natural source the hair.

E 1520 - propylene glycol it is used as antifreeze in engine radiators and extracted from crude oil. It produces depressive states of the central nervous system, is neurotoxic and cardiotoxic. In contact with the skin it produces dermatitis.

  1. Analysis of the content of trans fats in this type of product and their impact on the body.

Most studies conducted and published by specialists have shown that trans fats are responsible for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, degenerative joint disease, depression, behavioral changes. These fats also cause an increase in "bad" cholesterol and induce a decrease in "good" cholesterol with teratogenic and carcinogenic effects due to their use, especially in frying.

Consumption of trans-industrial fats was associated with a 24% increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease mortality, a 34% increase in the overall risk of death and a 21% increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease. states in a study published in the prestigious British Medical Journal.

Unsaturated trans fats, also known as "trans fats", such as hydrogenated oils, have several qualities and industrial properties, namely that they provide a longer shelf life for processed foods.

Although the information is not popularized as much as necessary, there is a broad scientific consensus on the major public health risks posed by the consumption of large amounts of AGTN (trans-unsaturated fatty acids). The daily caloric intake of more than 2% from AGTN increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 20-32%, more than any other macro-nutrient. AGTNs also increase the risk of stroke, diabetes, obesity, neoplasms and Alzheimer's disease. In 2010, it is estimated that only AGTN foodstuffs are responsible for 50,000 deaths annually in Europe. IHME (Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation), an independent institute of health measurements, estimates that the risk of death and disability in Romania is on the 1st place as a share of risk factors for death and disability.

După război, în anul 1957, Asociaţia Americană a Inimii a început să încurajeze oamenii să limiteze consumul de grăsimi trans, pentru a scădea riscul de boli de inimă la care era supusă populaţia. Pe măsură ce popularitatea restaurantelor „fast-food“ era în creştere, a câştigat teren şi consumul americanilor de grăsimi, calorii şi sare.

În anul 1984, oamenii au început să conştientizeze riscul şi, astfel au apărut diverse campanii de înlăturare a grăsimilor saturate din lanţurile „fast-food“. Din acest motiv, din ce în ce mai multe restaurante au început să folosească grăsimile parţial hidrogenate, grăsimile trans.

Abia la începutul anilor 󈨞, SUA a demarat campania de limitare a grăsimilor trans, doar după ce mai multe studii au demonstrat riscul crescut de boli de inimă pe care îl reprezenta consumul acestor uleiuri şi impactul financiar asupra bugetelor asigurărilor de sănătate.

Ce măsuri s-au aplicat pentru înlăturarea acestui factor alimentare de morbiditate?

În anul 2004, oraşul New York a devenit primul oraş care a interzis utilizarea grăsimilor parţial hidrogenate în restaurante. În urma unui studiu aplicativ, care a durat cinci ani, s-a demonstrat că un consum mediu al unui newyorkez de 3 grame de grăsimi trans la o masă s-a redus, după această interzicere, până la 0,5 grame. Măsurile acestea au încurajat companiile producătoare de pe tot teritoriul american să elimine aceste uleiuri din produsele lor.

În anul 2006, FDA (agenţia federală americană de resort) a implementat o regulă care solicita producătorilor să precizeze pe etichete grăsimile trans. Conform regulilor actuale, companiile pot susţine că produsele lor conţin 0 grame de grăsimi trans, dacă în produs sunt mai puţin de 0,5 grame pentru o porţie. Consumatorii pot verifica lista ingredientelor pentru „uleiuri parţial hidrogenate“ pentru a vedea dacă există în produs o cantitate mică de grăsimi trans.

În anul 2012, tot în SUA, s-au anunţat primele reguli pentru prânzul şcolarilor care impun un număr mai mic de calorii şi limitează grăsimile trans. Aportul americanilor la grăsimi parţial hidrogenate a scăzut de la 4,6 grame pe zi în anul 2003, la aproape un gram pe zi în anul 2012, conform FDA.

Administraţia Alimentelor şi Medicamentelor din SUA (FDA), prin reglementări normative şi măsuri active de control încearcă să limiteze aportul acestor grăsimi trans în produsele alimentare. Agenţia americană declară că în urma unor evaluări de risc a principalelor surse de grăsimi trans, nu le mai consideră sigure.

În Europa, Danemarca a început să implementeze măsuri de control, dând amenzi şi chiar reglementări legislative în care s-au introdus pedepse cu închisoarea pentru atentat la siguranţa alimentară şi sănătatea publică.

În anul 2004, Danemarca a declarat că orice aliment care conţine mai mult de 2% grăsimi trans este ilegal. Cei care încălcau legea puteau fi amendaţi cu sume uriaşe şi chiar puteau primi ani de închisoare.

Mai multe ţări din lume precum Brazilia, Costa Rica, Olanda şi Coreea de Sud au introdus legi similare care s-au dovedit foarte eficiente în ultimele două decenii, conform Organizaţiei Mondiale a Sănătăţii (OMS), care solicită intensiv eliminarea acestor grăsimi din alimentaţia globului.

În România există în parlament, pentru prima dată, o inițiativă legislativă menită să reglementeze timid, utilizarea alimentelor sănătoase pentru reducerea bolilor cardiovasculare.

Legea înaintată conţine prevederi clare privind utilizarea uleiurilor și grăsimilor, inclusiv a emulsiilor cu grăsime ca fază continuă, care, fie singure, fie ca parte a produselor alimentare prelucrate, şi sunt destinate consumului uman. Conform propunerii legislative, operatorii din sectorul alimentar ar fi obligați să păstreze conținutul de AGTN în produsele alimentare prelucrate sub nivelul de 2 grame la 100 de grame de ulei sau de grăsime, în produsele ‘libere de AGTN’ sub nivelul de 0,5 grame la 100 de grame, precum și să eticheteze produsele alimentare care conțin acești acizi cu informații privind cantitățile de AGTN, exprimate în grame/100 de grame de ulei sau de grăsime individuală din produsul finit. Nerespectarea condițiilor ar atrage sancțiuni între 20.000 lei și 50.000 lei.

„Probleme cu mult mai mari se pun în cazul patiseriei congelate, din care fac parte și gogoșile comercializate de câtva timp nu doar în marile magazine, ci chiar și în patiseriile respectabile sau chiar la micile buticuri care au în interior un echipament în care fie pun mixurile cumpărate la sac, fie pun gogoșile pe care le-au cumpărat congelate de la depozitele marilor firme de alimente congelate, dispuse strategic în marile aglomerări urbane.

Există o temere crescândă din partea consumatorilor în legătură cu aceste produse congelate. Deși s-a consacrat încrederea că alimentul congelat este tot atât de sigur ca unul proaspăt, realitatea pare să îndemne la reconsiderări. Incidența accelerată a bolilor metabolice, intoleranțele la tot felul de componente naturale ale alimentelor, diabetul care se extinde alarmant etc. par să fie corelate cu creșterea ponderii consumului de alimente congelate.

Panificația și patiseria în variante congelate au pus în evidență modificări structurale ale aluaturilor, cauzate de: acțiunea îndelungată a frigului asupra moleculelor, inactivarea drojdiei dizolvată în aluat (altfel drojdia fiind rezistență la acțiunea frigului), posibile modificări chimice generate de frig și alte fenomene încă nedepistate. Rețeta unui aluat congelat pentru gogoși este incomparabil mai încărcată cu aditivi decât a celul mai sofisticat mix uscat sau a vreunei rețete de la vreo bunică neîntrecută în creativitate.” Prof. univ. dr. Ion Schileru – ASE București.

„De câte ori nu ţi s-a întâmplat să întorci capul după gogoşelele arătoase care se comercializează în centrele noastre comerciale sau în marile parcuri? Ei bine, ştiam răspunsul, însă mă preocupă foarte mult faptul că încă nu ai făcut nimic concret pentru a le înlătura din casa ta. Cel mai mult mă deranjează când poftesc şi copiii tăi la aceste delicii fabricate pe banda rulantă, iar tu încă le mai dai voie să le consume.

Îţi împărtăşesc cu tristeţe acest adevăr, gândindu-mă la ceea ce am văzut de 1 iunie, atunci când m-am plimbat în parcuri împreună cu băiatul meu. Mhm, atunci am realizat cât de uşor te păcălesc comercianţii, văzând în jurul meu numai devoratori de gogoşele. E adevărat că gogoşile îţi fac cu ochiul atunci când treci pe lângă ele, însă la fel de adevărat este că îţi poţi educa gusturile în aşa fel încât să nu te laşi pradă mirosului îmbietor venit din zona unui desert procesat. Din păcate, a venit timpul să îţi dau o veste proastă.

O singură gogoaşă medie poate conţine 250 de calorii, având mult mai multe calorii comparativ cu celelalte deserturi procesate care se comercializează pe piaţa noastră. Cu alte cuvinte, dacă consumi o gogoaşă în fiecare zi, atunci vei lua în greutate aprox. jumătate de kg în numai 10 zile, presupunând că nu desfăşori în mod regulat activităţi fizice. Ideea de bază a menţinerii unui echilibru în organismul nostru este să nu consumi mai multe calorii decât cele pe care tu le poţi arde, iar de la acest raţionament pleacă şi motivaţia de a te descuraja să mai consumi gogoşi procesate.

Trebuie să ştii că un astfel de desert nu este deloc sănătos pentru inima ta, întrucât conţine zahăr, grăsimi trans, făinuri inflamatoare sau alţi aditivi alimentari extrem de nocivi. Pericolul nr 1 pentru inima ta îl reprezintă consumul de grăsimi trans, iar jumătate din caloriile regăsite într-o gogoaşă provin din aceste grăsimi nocive.
În mod normal, grăsimile trans nu ar trebui să depăşească procentul de 1% din totalul caloriilor consumate într-o singură zi, iar dacă ne gândim că o dietă obişnuită cuprinde aprox. 2000 de calorii, atunci organismul nostru nu ar suporta prea bine un exces de grăsimi trans care să depăşească 2 grame pe zi.

Dar când ai consumat o gogoaşă, atunci ai preluat în numai câteva minute toată doza zilnic recomandată de grăsimi trans. Iar noi doi ştim că tu nu te poţi opri niciodată la o singură gogoaşă, am dreptate? De aceea, mă văd obligat să lansez acest semnal de alarmă, tocmai pentru a te convinge că este mai prudent pentru sănătatea ta şi a copiilor tăi să eviţi gogoşile, mai ales dacă sunt produse în afara casei.

Pe această cale, te informez că o singură gogoaşă glazurată cu ciocolată conţine între 3 şi 5 linguriţe de zahăr, iar dacă vei citi cu atenţie recomandările Asociaţiei Americane a Inimii, atunci vei afla că o femeie nu ar trebui să consume mai mult de 6 linguriţe de zahăr pe zi, astfel încât să nu se expună riscului de a căpăta o afecţiune cardiovasculară.

Potrivit unui studiu publicat în anul 2008 de Hong Kong Consumer Council, află că gogoşile conţin mai multe grăsimi trans decât ciocolata, batoanele cu unt de arahide şi ciocolata sau chiar chipsurile.

Gândeşte-te că o gogoaşă nu reprezintă decât o sursă imensă de calorii goale care nu fac decât să dezechilibreze şi mai tare corpul tău. Pe termen scurt vei câştiga saţietate şi satisfacţie în urma consumului gogoşelelor „înfuriate”, însă pe termen mediu şi lung rişti să te alegi cu o boală cronică care de regulă se tratează pe toată durata vieţii. Dacă astăzi doreşti să îţi ipotechezi speranţa de viaţă, atunci te rog să nu o faci în cazul copiilor tăi, fiindcă ei nu au această informaţie. Crezi că ar mai consuma gogoşele procesate dacă ar înţelege cu adevărat riscurile la care îi expui? Încă puţin, căci nu am finalizat ideea.

Carbohidraţii rafinaţi din gogoşele sunt lipsiţi de fibre şi cresc aproape instantaneu nivelul glicemiei, producând un şoc de energie care se va consuma în scurt timp. Cu alte cuvinte, te vei umfla imediat după consumul unei gogoşi, doar că în tot acest timp stomacul tău foloseşte în mod iraţional nişte resurse în vederea descompunerii unor ingrediente greu digerabile.

Bun, acum că ai aflat de pericolul care te pândeşte la colţul magazinului de vis-a-vis, sunt convins că mă vei întreba care sunt alternativele tale, astfel încât să nu mai tânjeşti după dulciurile procesate. În această situaţie, îţi voi recomanda cu încredere deserturile vegane, fiindcă sunt săţioase, sănătoase, dar şi gustoase în acelaşi timp. Alegând aceste deserturi vii ai ocazia să te hrăneşti la propriu cu destule calorii bogate în fibre, grăsimi sănătoase, vitamine şi minerale, aceşti nutrienţi reglând nivelul glicemiei şi furnizând organismului o energie constantă pe parcursul câtorva ore bune.

Acum că ţi-am divulgat acest pont, poţi să începi şi tu să lupţi împreună cu mine pentru sănătatea copiilor români. Nu lăsa pe mâine ceea ce poţi face astăzi, iar dacă mai ai nevoie şi de alte informaţii legate de produsele pe care le consumi zi de zi, atunci îţi recomand cu încredere să urmăreşti Posturile şi articolele Asociaţiei Pro Consumatori, una dintre puţinele asociaţii de utilitate publică care urmăreşte binele consumatorilor români.

Ai o țansă bună să trăieşti mai mult şi mai bine împreună cu familia ta, aşa că informează-te! Ştii de ce? Pentru că alimentele vii sunt cele mai eficiente medicamente şi o voi demonstra de fiecare dată.” Nutriţionist Dumitru Bălan.

„Acest produs fabricat din aluat congelat nu are nimic în comun cu cel tradiţional realizat din aluat plămădit în aceeaşi zi. Reţeta gogoşilor tradiţionale conţine făină, lapte/apă, gălbenuş de ouă, ulei de floarea soarelui, zahăr, drojdie şi sare. Din păcate, gogoşile comercializate în supermarketuri constituie gustarea sau micul dejun al multor adulţi, însă, puţini dintre aceştia cunosc faptul că aceste gogoşi au o încărcătură chimică foarte mare, constituită din conservanți, coloranţi, acidifianţi, emulsifianţi şi arome sintetice. Gogoşile sunt produse hipercalorice, cu un conţinut ridicat de grăsimi trans şi zahăr sub diverse forme, fapt care nu le recomandă să facă parte din alimentaţia femeilor însărcinate şi a celor care suferă de boli cardiovasculare, renale şi sindrom metabolic.” Conf. univ. dr. Costel Stanciu, președinte APC.