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Spaghetti Caponata

Spaghetti Caponata

Cut the eggplant into 1 cm cubes and cook in olive oil over low heat for 15 minutes, until soft.

Add sugar and vinegar.

Cut the garlic into slices, add to the pan and cook for 1 minute.

Add the tomatoes and a little water.

Bring the sauce to the boil and leave for 15 minutes on low heat.

Boil the spaghetti according to the instructions on the package. They drain, keeping some of the water in which they boiled.

Add salt and pepper to the sauce, if needed, then add the pasta and a little of the water in which they boiled to get a creamy consistency.

Serve with grated Parmesan cheese.

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Italian cuisine, Easter with greens. Home & gt Tags & gt italian cuisine 40 rare images from behind the scenes Titanic. Details that even ardent fans did not notice. The funniest wedding photos. 50 images that the bride and groom would like to see You can enjoy from new with a special dinner or a delicious snack in restaurants and cafes from Palas and Iulius Mall. You have the opportunity to discover cuisine ItalianLebanese, Mexican, Chinese, English or traditional Italian cuisine is characterized by flexibility, a wide range of ingredients and a rich regional variety of recipes. The dishes are an important element of the Italian lifestyle and mainly reflect the culture and history of this people. From a culinary point of view, Italy is a country of incredible diversity A dessert of Italian cuisine, Pannacotta. email print. Tweet. 13 Apr 2016 - 17:37 Back to the article.

Inside is the treasure of Italian cuisine! A fish-based restaurant where I didn't eat well, but very well. I describe you in pictures. If I still took a lot of pictures like the Japanese, I received, at the beginning, from the house, a pumpkin soup with croutons and a drop of olive oil. A great combination. A serving as much as one. Even if this dessert is in great demand in trendy restaurants, the recipe is one of medium difficulty and does not require more than 30 minutes. For panacotta we need the following .. Exceptional culinary show during the week of the kitchen Italians in Chisinau. Hundreds of people had the opportunity to taste, yesterday, some of the real Italian cuisine. Among the goodies were coffee, cozonac, bruschetti, several kinds of cheese, and the star of the event was pizza margherita from the menu. We are waiting for you to enjoy a delicious pizza on the hearth, Greek specialties prepared by chef Alexis as well as other Italian dishes. pleasant ambiance and very good food, I highly recommend! Image sources: Hello restaurant - pizzeria Oradea

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  1. The kitchens. Italian cuisine. From a culinary point of view, Italy is a country of incredible diversity. Italian cuisine is one of the most famous in the world and is characterized by a wide variety of products used, as well as a great regional diversity.
  2. Prahoveanul is a perfectionist in the kitchen. After cooking for the great restaurants in Rome for ten years, he returned to Ploieşti to teach others the secrets of Italian gastronomy.
  3. 1. Gastronomic tourism in Italy. Italian cuisine is a sunny, therefore fragrant cuisine, a real mixture of colors, flavors and flavors, which seduces even the most demanding tastes. Along with French and Asian cuisine, Italian cuisine is one of the best exported.
  4. This is probably the best known dish of Italian cuisine, the most exported, but there is no restaurant in Bologna that cooks spaghetti. This is because bolognese sauce is used to season tagliatelle, not spaghetti.
  5. Another spectacular detail in Italian cuisine is given by the explosion of colors on a plate: red, green and yellow, which delight not only the taste but also the look. China Chinese cuisine is so old and such an important part of Chinese culture that it has influenced many over time.
  6. Italian kitchen furniture began to be produced on an industrial scale in the early 1950s, being strongly supported by technology import and export orders to and from America. It should be noted that Italian furniture has become synonymous with designer furniture through the efforts, ingenuity, passion and dedication to sacrifice of some.

Recently, the gastronomic proposals in the Palas food court were complemented by a new, Italian-inspired menu based on pasta. Rigatoni Pasta Bar greets the greedy with delicious dishes, made on the spot, according to original recipes from the Peninsula. National cuisine of Italy It is worth noting that in the north the most popular meat dishes (meat is used even for sauces), and in the south - seafood.

Israeli cuisine is not as well known as French or Italian, does not even have the originality of the Arabic one, but it stands out by the fact that it brings everything that is the best from the international cuisine and puts the Cinque Terre Cuisine in a single plate. In addition to Italian cuisine in general, taste the popular dishes of the Cinque Terre. The Five Lands region is famous for its pesto sauce, olive oil and local homemade alcoholic beverages, including limoncello liqueur.

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National Italian Cuisine, celebrated by Antonio and Michael Passarelli, Victoriei Square Protests: dramatic images from the time. Funny pictures with Gabriel Oprea after he published a. Gabriela Firea had two outfits at the baptism of Ionuţ's little girl .. From the Italian kitchen: Pasta carbonara Tuesday, 27 November 2018, 21:02 Updated Tuesday, 27 November 2018, 21:11 Un Italian dish taken from all cuisines and much loved: Pasta carbonara This Italian dish is an excellent variant for a main vegetarian dish. It is ideal to be served at lunch, along with a salad of greens and ciabatta bread. Here's how to make eggplant and pumpkin au gratin

Ukrainian and Roman dumplings are identical with pierogi from Polish cuisine, and very similar to pelmeni from Russian cuisine, bansh from Mongolian cuisine, jiaozi (in Cantonese gaau) or húndùn (in Cantonese wonton) from Chinese cuisine, manti from Turkish cuisine , momo from the kitchen. The latter has worked in several restaurants in Europe in recent years, so that now he can opt for the team of the Diplomatic restaurant in Mamaia.. Even if you adapt the recipes in Italian cuisine for your tastes, Michael has a piece of advice: always choose good quality local ingredients, as they are.

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  • Artisanal ice cream parlor, July 29-30, Odorheiu Szekler Festive Meals - Hot poultry dishes, August 11-12, Brașov Complete menus for events, August 18-19, Brașov Trendy Cakes - consecrated cakes, August 31 - September 1, Odorheiu Szekler A La Carte Menu, September 8-9, Satu Mare Non solo pasta - cuisine.
  • Italian cuisine is famous all over the world for its diversity and richness. Over the years each region or village in Italy has developed its own gastronomic culture, as well as specific ways of preparing food, which is most often prepared with ingredients that are found only in that area.
  • Italian students will stay in Romania until Tuesday. On Saturday, at the ASSOC headquarters in Baia Mare, a Romanian-Italian evening will take place, where participants will be able to taste culinary dishes from both Romanian and Mediterranean cuisine. Reporter: Isabel Jurassic Operator: Kristian Kos
  • The act of Italian cuisine also plays an important role. It is desirable to abandon a single source of lu
  • When decorating your Tuscan-style kitchen, imagine a rustic space, the smell of lemons and olives, wine made from delicious grapes and freshly baked bread. Natural materials are essential when it comes to an Italian kitchen: use parquet, stone or terracotta tiles for.
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  • Two steel stairs provide access to the upper bedrooms of the living space and the kitchen above, providing easy help to any breeze that can enter the house through the two huge doors. 26. The Beach Box. Location: Amagansett, New York Design: Andrew Anderso

Ristorante Casanova was recently inaugurated on the floor of Iulius Mall Suceava, offering delicious dishes based on authentic Italian cuisine. Those who love light and healthy menus will have a choice of dozens of dishes cooked by chefs with 25 years of experience in Italian cuisine. You will also be able to enjoy Italian, French or Asian cuisine at the restaurant and bistro. the hotel. Of course, the location of this hotel is a great advantage in winter, giving you the opportunity to ski in Poiana Brasov, which is only 15 km away by transport to. Until then, if you choose to spend a holiday in Italy, you can go to Cellino San Marco, because you will enjoy hospitality, Italian cuisine, a good wine, produced from the vineyards of Al Bano, and, as I showed you in the previous episodes, relax in the SPA center within the original tourist complex

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Cornmeal dishes. In Italian cuisine, polenta is made, in Mexico tortilla (a kind of corn cake) is very widespread and liked. In Romania, it is polenta, considered a traditional staple food. See also. Gri From agriculture in a commune in Galati to traditional Italian cuisine THE VOICE OF THE DIASPORE At the age of 27, Vasile Pulbere left for Italy in search of a better life. He started farming, worked in a factory and a pizzeria. In five years he came to teach Italians how to make pizza, and more. Among the most famous places of pilgrimage in the world is the Western Wall or Kotel, which the Jews consider the holiest place in the world because God never leaves this wall. It is the only remaining part of the Second Temple, built by Herod in 20 BC. Much of the 488 long wall has been talked about so much about Italian food and I had a few setbacks until I posted this article. What I want to do next is just to explain in a few words, but in several photos instead what Italian cuisine meant to me, in the two escapades on the peninsula

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Read also: Recipe from Italian cuisine: Tagliatelle with zucchini and shrimp The recipe in principle is simple, you just have to be careful when cooking the dishes. The pieces of foie gras are browned much faster than those of beef, they do not need more than a minute on each side. Italy (Italian Republic) is a peninsular state in southern Europe, which also includes several islands in the Mediterranean (divided in the Seas: Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Ionian). The largest islands are Sicily and Sardinia. Italy borders France in the North West, Austria and Switzerland in the North and Slovenia in the North East. Includes the enclaves of San Marino and the Vatican and. The tavern offers a real feast of assortments from Romanian and Italian cuisine. We recommend pizza baked on the hearth, but also specialties of the chef: T-Bone (Fiorentina), Grilled beef tenderloin, or Beef muscles with red wine cream. Friendly Tavern Menu

Culinary recipe Italian tiramisu cake with organic ingredients. Along with the Italian tiramisu cake you can discover other dishes in The industry, which makes up more than 20% of GDP, begins to show signs of recovery in June. We expect industry and the economy to enter the short-term post-pandemic cycle. The annual inflation rate rose to 2.8% in July 2020. Food and airfare became more expensive

For centuries, Italian cuisine has been an ancient tradition inherent in the cultural influence of Romans, Arabs and other peoples who have ever lived in Italy. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to visit this wonderful country and taste delicious local cuisine June 20, 2011 / 22:08 zuica stefania. I returned 2 weeks ago from the Gulf of Naples and Capri, where I was for the third time. This time we could visit other less popular areas: Caserta which is 30 km. of Naples and where is the Versailles of Italy, Camppi Flegrei (hot plain) where there is an active volcanic area, Pozzuli (Sophia Loren town) a volcanic sona with. The regional Italian cuisine is distinguished by the use of very diverse methods of preparation, ingredients and cooking, not only within the same region, but also between different regions. This is the result of foreign domination, climatic differences and trade developed over the centuries. In a plate of tagliatelle with tomato sauce fits everything that has the simplest and tastiest traditional Italian cuisine. It is the ideal choice for vegetarians, for those who fast, for those in a hurry and especially for all those who love pasta.

Images Photos Graphics Italian Cuisine. 63 41 25. Italy Pisa Church. 91 81 26. Venice Gondole. 100 70 14. Italy Rome Vatican. 125 100 17. Camogli Liguria Italy. 221 274 34. Baker Baking Background. 126 165 8. Grand Canal Grand. Arches Tower Of Pisa. 54 35 13. Roman Pod Arhitectura. 42 46 9. Stairs Ascension Scar. At the last census, 69% of the population said they spoke German, 27% Italian and only 4%, about 15,000 people Ladino, a variant of Rhaeto-Romanic, this ethnic composition making South Tyrol identify more with Central Europe, although it is part of Italy, a state. Published on 21.08.2016 at 14:45 Updated on 21.08.2016 at 15:58 Are you melted by the goodies of Italian cuisine? It's perfect, because today we have prepared something specific for you from the areas on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean. The next culinary stop we will make in Italy! At Mamma Mia, the evening of July 20 is dedicated to the delicacies of Italian cuisine, which will be prepared with great pleasure by Chef Andrei Guzu, Chef Andrei Cosma, Chef Florin Angheluș, Chef Răzvan Bălan in a sensational LIVE Cooking Show, dedicated culinary demonstration

Pasta in Italian cuisine is an important starting point in classifying the types of pasta in the world. There are several ways to classify Italian pasta, but the most common are classifications based on their shape and length. Pasta can also be classified according to the flour from which they are made. Located on the main street in Busteni, 2 km from the Kalinderu Ski Slope and Ski Lift, Hotel Bavaria offers 2 restaurants, one traditional Bavarian and one with Italian cuisine. Friendly staff. Due to high availability, check-in and check-out times were a lot more flexible

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  1. What does Fine dining Bucharest mean? In terms of food and restaurants, the Capital has lagged behind Central Europe in the last two or three years. It is eaten the same way, or even better in Bucharest than in many big capitals and cities in Europe, and the number of restaurants with good food, compared to the total number of restaurants, is higher in Bucharest than in Vienna, for example.
  2. Modern Italian cuisine has developed through centuries of political and social change, its roots dating back to the 4th century BC. The Italian cuisine itself received strong foreign influences, starting with the Etruscan, ancient Greek ⁠ (en), continuing with the Byzantine ⁠ (en) and Jewish ⁠ (en)
  3. In addition to the Transylvanian dishes, the menu also offers a small Italian section (pasta, pizza). Bulzul din Mărginime is served in a ceramic pan, sizzling, with two quail eggs on top and, next to it, a bowl of thick cream. Another well-executed classic is the Hungarian Frying Pan - a thick goulash with homemade spaetzle
  4. Images × Information. Date: 24 Grotta Pub invites you to an unforgettable evening with live music, delicious Italian cuisine and select drinks! The pleasant atmosphere will be created by the singer Dana Markitan and the accordionist Radu Zaplitnîi. We are waiting for you on Thursday, September 24, at 19:30, on 2A Veronica Micle Street.
  5. Italy's flagship dishes have entered the Pantone Color Matching System. Through the series of images Sicilian Food As Panton, Varvara and Calderone combined their passion for design with their passion for food and demonstrated how colorful and vibrant the cuisine of the largest island in the Mediterranean is. PMS was created by the American company Pantone Inc. to help.
  6. It seems that pasta was invented in China, prepared either from rice flour, either from durum wheat flour (they still exist in cuisine To the Far East) and Marco Polo would have brought them to Venice. A variety of prepared pasta from durum wheat, with water and salt, cooked by boiling, has existed since the time of the Roman Empire

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  • a holiday spent under the gentle, golden sun of Rome
  • Stories, what would our life be without them? Each of us has a story to tell throughout his life on this earth. All that matters is the way we live our story, each of us, right? We are waiting for you, dear traveler
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  • The road to success was not an easy and short one, so after completing her studies as a chef, the Moldovan woman had to work for five years in several restaurants in Milan to save money and enroll in the International School of Cuisine in Milan. Italian cuisine

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  1. Music and fashion met last night at the Organ Hall in the Capital, where an Italian party took place. Spectators had the opportunity to admire a fashion show and enjoy traditional Italian cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. There is nothing better - Marinated eggplant, a delicacy of Italian cuisine - A recipe that will surely surprise you Original by its simplicity and unique by the unmistakable taste it offers you, these eggplant flavored with greens and garlic will make you go i ..
  3. Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners - ICIF in Italy, Turin. Get all the information related to school, MBA and master's program here! Contact the admissions office by clicking here
  4. Over 180 people had the opportunity on Friday night to see some of the Greek culture, dances and cuisine, only at the Golden Rooster, on the terrace of the UNIC restaurant in Piatra Neamţ. Organized in a series of thematic events (Iranian evening, Italian evening, etc.), Greek evening, between the steps of Zorbas' music and the menu.
  5. I went for a white wine, it seemed to me the most suitable with Italian cuisine. For Andrei, who I knew was more of a beer fan, I ordered Birra Moretti online to stay in the same setting. As evening approached and the glasses of wine emptied, the atmosphere became more and more relaxed.

View in gallery Chic elegant kitchen: a modern and romantic decor 1 / 35In recent months, I have presented many interesting ideas.. Starting with Monday, Italian food can be served in the canteen of a hospital in Romania. Two chefs from Italy came to inaugurate at the Sfânta Maria Children's Hospital, in Iaşi, the most modern kitchen, from a sanitary unit. They have shown that even in the hospital, diet food can be tasty and spicy

For countless reasons to visit India, its cuisine is definitely one of them! Indian food is simply delicious !. Indian food reflects in all its splendor the unity in diversity that characterizes this country spread over an entire sub-continent. However, the culinary regions do not always recognize the borders drawn by man's hand. The moment was marked by a reception, which had lo Basil is almost never missing from Italian dishes, and olive oil gives an authentic taste to the dishes. Another spectacular detail in Italian cuisine is given by the explosion of colors on a plate: red, green and yellow, which delight not only the taste but also the look. There are two species of marjoram grown for culinary purposes (in other regions and other times the number varieties was even higher): marjoram (Origanum marjorana, synonymous with Majorana hortensis or Majorana majorana) and oregano (Oregano vulgare). Both species are part of the same family, Lamiaceae (also known as Labiatae, after the older name), being related to. .

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  1. That's Amore is the newest Italian restaurant in the Palas Iasi ensemble. For international gastronomy enthusiasts, Palas Mall brings authentic Italian cuisine closer. That's Amore - Pizzeria e Ristorante is the newest location opened in the Palas complex, located on the ground floor of the United Business Center 2 building, near the International Hotel.
  2. The latest online news all of general interest, latest news constantly updated, news from Romania but also International we offer you this information daily thepoc.r
  3. View in gallery Install a wooden pizza oven, a good kitchen plan inside 1 / 12Installing a ..
  4. Caponata is a traditional Italian dish, more precisely Sicilian. That's what the vegetable stew is called there. It can be prepared from different vegetables
  5. Home »Bars and Restaurants» La Fontanella, a place with good food from Italian and Romanian cuisine (photo gallery) en 23 Jan, 2016 00:00 Diana POPA 23 Jan, 2016 00:00 23 Jan, 2016 00:00 DAY of Constant

Prepare a series of visual inspirations for the style of your kitchen, with images from Pinterest, Instagram or our Facebook page. For harmony in the kitchen The MyKitchen Studio concept is the kitchen as a whole, an ensemble composed of modular units, made up of individual .ro elements. On the terrace, in traffic The narrow streets, dotted with chic terraces, in the big Italian cities, can also have the disadvantage of exposure, especially since many of them run on cars that pass by centimeters. Vali Butnaru and Olivia Păunescu, from the news desk, in the Chefi kitchen with knives and the decisive battle took place between a childhood dessert and a delicacy from Italian cuisine. especially since neither I nor Vali cook !.

Mission. We set out to accompany each client who steps on our doorstep in a unique journey, full of color, aroma and taste in the seductive lands of Italian cuisine. We want to create an exchange of cultures, ideas and people by sharing stories, dishes and flavors, promoting Italian cuisine A tomato soup with baked peppers and garlic. The aromas of basil and oregano take us to the Italian cuisine, so beloved! About 4 years ago I made a tomato sauce (for pasta) also from caramelized tomatoes and I thought of turning it into a cream soup. Welcome! In this application, you will have: - 116 tasty recipes with photos Contents: * Delicious cuisine (60) * American cuisine (3) * Armenian cuisine (6) * Asian cuisine (2) * Belarusian cuisine (1) * Chinese cuisine ( 2) * Filipino cuisine (1) * French cuisine (7) * Indian cuisine (2) * Italian cuisine (10) * Louisiana cuisine (1) * Mexican cuisine (6) * Oriental cuisine (2. Tourist map, road and geographical images satellite view, sights to visit - SOUTH AMERICA / Satellite image of SOUTH AMERICA area The docks make the port, a suspension bridge,., Skyscrapers of 50 levels, headquarters of multinational companies or housing luxurious a product of developed Italian cuisine. See images +40 77 222 2555 See a terrace from which you can freely look at the hum of the pedestrian street, and a comfortable interior with simple wooden furniture, wine showcases and an archipelago of straw baskets on the ceiling, Artisan offers the right privacy for a who among friends. simple and focused on Italian cuisine.

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And this is his kitchen. 4. Mario Batali - a specialist in Italian cuisine of the United States. Author of numerous cookbooks and tools. 5. Bobby Flay - the owner of his own restaurant chain. Very popular in the United States. 6. Alain Ducasse - Provencal kitchen specialist. Photo of the kitchen of a Ducasse restaurant. 7 But also about one of the elderly Bond Girls, because the Italian star will soon be able to be seen on the big screens, in Specter, the next film in the James Bond franchise. Over time, Monica Bellucci has been in the charts of the most beautiful women in the world. Food from Mexican, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Argentine, German, Chinese, Arabic and Asian cuisine, among others. Today, there are restaurants with international specialties. You know how to use images of Food Plates Meatballs are practically present in the national cuisine of each country, only they are prepared differently, Food Cakes Kitchen pumpkin meatballs Team Bucă offers you a delicious recipe of the season - oladii de pumpkin, an absolutely delicious snack, very light, with a very soft texture and.

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As appetizers (mezedes), we chose all kinds of mixes, with meatballs, fava, eggplant salad, pies, tzatziki, etc. Eggplant salad is also part of Greek cuisine, and white eggplant is specific to the island, so I also enjoyed this dish, which I love Italian cuisine is famous around the world for delicious and healthy recipes for cooking various dishes to eat. The approaches of Italians to the diversity menu are not so stereotypical as some naive and poorly educated people - in addition to pizza and pasta in various forms that they love and many meat dishes. In Italian cuisine.

The businessman is known on the Bucharest gastronomy market first as a shareholder of La Cena restaurant, which is a successful restaurant, based on Italian cuisine, being located on Maria Rosetti and in the La Cena 2 project, near Casa Căsătoriilor, in Sector 3 What happens in the KITCHEN of a PIZZERIA when the chef is alone: ​​Images taken with the hidden camera Published: Thursday, 20 February 2014 11:07 // Updated: Thursday, 20 February 2014 11:07 // Source: Author: Alina Costach , others like street fashion and are inspired by the clothing imagination of those on the Peninsula, while many, most, declare themselves conquered by Italian cuisine The first images with Roxana Dobre and Florin Salam after it was written that they broke up ! How the two were caught / VIDEO. published MONDAY, 24 FEBRUARY 2020 08:43 Recipe from Italian cuisine: Tagliatelle with zucchini and shrimp. A1.RO How to clean the house faster? Observator.T

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Showing posts from July, 2020 Show all. July 18, 202 Images with a Romanian market, open every day (June 25, 2018 / Images: April 2018) you can not resist fish and seafood and you would like to experience something new again, well Romanian cuisine is MUST. Polenta is a national dish, similar to Italian polenta and is obtained. Contemporary cuisine seen by Ernestomeda and Record Cucine. Two designers who represent the best Italian design Follow and choose recipes from Russian cuisine for every taste and color. This section presents the most delicious, simple and quick recipes from Russian cuisine with photos for home cooking The epidemiological curve in Romania is closely followed by the Italian press in the context in which almost two million Romanians live on the peninsula. The biggest fear is that Romanians could spend their holiday month in their home country and return with a new wave of infections.

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I mean, for two weeks, we reintroduced Italian cuisine into our lives. Am scris la început că am avut dubii în a publica aceste rețete pentru concursul organizat de Electrolux nu pentru că nu ar merita a fi publicate ci pentru că nu se ridică la înălțimea premiului: 1-3 zile la Roma, la Taste of Roma , un festival. Și pentru că bucătăria italiană se leagă foarte firesc de operă, s-a organizat Bucătăria la Opera, care a constat într-un spectacol cu Madama Butterfly, urmat de o degustare a tradiției culinare italiene, atât de dragi lui Puccini. Noi am fost prezenti desigur cu vedeta noastră, cocoșelul Galletto

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Între 7 - 10 Iulie pe Aleea Stadionului din Cluj-Napoca are loc primul festival de street-food din România: Street Food Festival. Clujenii au venit în număr foarte mare să deguste din bunătățurile celor 50 de vendori prezenți în festival. Cei care nu au apucat să ajungă la festival, mai au la dispoziție și ziua de duminică. Desfășurat Minunile naturii Flori. 557 likes. Florile sant viata mea si prietenele mele dår eu cred ca la fel ca mine sant multi De aceea va invit så ne minunat de frumusetea florilor Va astept aic Vezi în galerie Bucătăria contemporană: tradiția și modernitatea cu Panamera | 1/25 Panamera, crearea grupului Marchi, este bucătăria contemporană modernă.. Vezi în galerie Bath credenza: 25 de idei în imagini 1/30Instalarea unei credențe este o modalitate practică și simplă de.. Vezi în galerie Ce pictură pentru bucătăria albă modernă? | 1/33Ați decis să pariați pe culoarea albă pentru mobilierul dvs.

Paste din grâu dur. E mai bine așa.

Să ridice mâna persoana care știe ce-s carbohidrații complecși, ce e indicele glicemic și cum se calculează el, care e rata de absorbție a insulinei în organism și de ce ar trebui să ne batem capul cu o dietă anume. Acum, să ridice mâna cine-i curios de toate astea. Eu unul știu că nu-s. Aproape că mă păcăliseră unii să fiu, dar m-am prins la timp și am decis să nu-mi trăiesc viața după studiile altora ci după observațiile mele. Sincer, nu mă interesează mecanismele prin care organismul descompune în micro-detalii fiecare lucru pe care-l mănânc, prefer să observ în schimb ce-mi face bine și ce nu. Sunt convins că și bunicile italiene procedeaz întocmai atunci când gătesc pentru familie și de asemnea, sunt convins că majoritatea caselor din Peninsulă sunt lipsite, slavă Domnului, de un tabel cu indicele glicemic al alimentelor agățat de frigider. Italienii mănâncă paste din grâu dur cu mult înainte de a ști ce-s aceia carbohidrați complecși și pare că le merge destul de bine.

Mai puține cazuri de cancer, mai puține atacuri de cord, mai puține atacuri cerebrale, risc de obezitate scăzut, vivacitate crescută, longevitate. Toate astea-s fapte care se văd cu ochiul liber, nu-i nevoie de studii elaborate. Nu-i nevoie nici de multă școală pentru a înțelege că toate astea vin nu din cărți ci dintr-o înțelegere profundă a nevoii de a avea o bază solidă, iar baza a ceea ce unii numesc „dietă mediteraneană” e reprezentată de pastele din grâu dur. Barilla, numărul 1 în Italia, continuă cu succes această tradiție, și nu doar că o continuă, ci și împărtășește cu întreaga lume informații despre un anume feld e a trăi și a înțelege mâncarea și simplitatea. Pe parcursul ultimelor 10 sătămâni am avut ocazia să exersez această simplitate delicioasă, punând pastele din grâu dur de la Barilla (mai ales saghetti No5, preferatele mele) în combinații lipsite de sofisticare, dar incredibil de gustoase.

Dacă respecți câteva principii alimentare simple, n-ai cum să greșești, sau cel puțin n-ai cum să greșești foarte grav. Să luăm de exemplu această bază de sos: roșii fără pieliță, ulei de măsline, usturoi zdrobit, sare. Foc mic, o furculiță cu care să zdrobești roșiile, poate pătrunjel, poate busuioc la finalul celor câteva minute de care e nevoie pentru a pregăti sosul în care pui apoi pastele fierte conform instrucțiunilor (există un studiu care spune și de ce-i mai bine să mănânci pastele al dente, dar mie nu-mi pasă nici de acesta, îmi ajunge să văd că italienii le mănâncă așa de generații întregi și se simt bine cu asta, în fond, nu suntem atât de diferiți structural, iar diferențele culturale nu fac decât să bucure ochiul și inima dacă suntem deschiși la minte).

De aici poți alege nenumărate direcții, toate simple. Una dintre ele e să pui pastele în sos, cu tot cu două-trei linguri din apa în care au fiert, și să le lași să mai fiarbă un minut cu sosul. Adaugi rondele fine de ardei iute, câteva frunze de busuioc, gata primul fel.

Poți alege să acoperi pastele cu parmezan dat prin răzătoare, mai generos ori din contră, după cum ți-e voia.

Cu sau fără un pahar de vin alături, pastele sunt la fel de bune (eu prefer varianta cu un pahar de vin roșu).

Dacă vrei să te apropii de mare, e destul ca în sos, înainte să pui spaghetele, să arunci două mâini de midii bine spălate, curățate și frecate cu lama unui cuțitaș pentru a scăpa de impurități și sedimente. Zeama unei jumătăți de lămâie stoarsă peste midii face minuni, mai ales în combinație cu pătrunjelul. Îți recomand să o folosești după ce s-au deschis midiile (ele se deschid repejor, în 30-40 de secunde dacă nu-s prea multe, sub capac).

Nu e atât de complicat să trăiești simplu:).

Oamenii s-au obișnuit să mă întrebe despre diete, studii și para-studii închipuindu-și că ar trebui să mă pricep. Nu mă pricep, nici nu-s interesat de aceast pricepere. Am constatat că dacă fac mâncare bună, cinstită, simplă și inspirată din moștenirea culturală a acestei fermecătoare specii numite OM, lucrurile n-au cum să iasă rău. Simplitatea italiană m-a cucerit, și chiar dacă nu-i replic formulele 1/1 (nici nu mi-a trecut prin cap să fac asta vreodat), consider că reușesc să transmit mesajul esențial, în cazul de față că e mai bine să alegi paste din grâu dur și că e mai bine să le asociezi cu ingrediente simple și de calitate, gătite fără sofisticare, dar cu atenție și cu toată inima. Mulțumesc pentru ocazie, Barilla, vă mulțumesc și vouă pentru că mă citiți.

Reteta de paste integrale cu vinete si masline

  • Ingrediente paste integrale cu vinete si masline

150 de grame de paste integrale (eu am folosit de la Divella)
o vanata mai mare
50 de grame de masline negre
o cana de bulion (eu am folosit passata di pomodoro de la Divella)
two cloves of garlic
doua linguri de ulei de masline (de la Divella)
o mana de patrunjel proaspat
o lingura de zeama de lamaie
salt pepper
o lingura, doua de parmezan (optional)

CAPONATA siciliană – vinete, dovlecei, roșii și măsline la tigaie

Caponata este una din cele mai cunoscute mâncăruri din Sicilia. Este o rețetă tradițională cu o istorie lungă în Italia.

Poate fi caracterizată ca un amestec de legume făcute la tigaie . Este un fel de tocăniță din vinete, dovlecei, ardei și roșii. Spre deosebire de rețetele românește, Caponata este ceva mai aromată la gust, datorită adaosului de măsline, apio și busuioc.

Totodată, rețeta conține capere – niște muguri comestibili care găsesc în zona Mării Mediteraneene și sunt des întâlniți în preparatele cu acest specific. Dacă nu găsiți, puteți renunța la acest ingredient.

Unele surse susțin că rețeta de Caponata a apărut prin secolul al 18-lea, perioadă în care era servită ca masă principală în regiunea Mării Mediteraneene. Astăzi, Caponata se servește ca aperitiv sau ca garnitură la mâncăruri din carne sau pește.

Rețeta este simplă, dar necesită ceva timp pentru a prepara toate legumele.

Caponata Siciliana

De fiecare dată când gătesc, o fac cu gândul la ceva drag. Iar rețeta de caponata siciliana de azi mi-a readus în minte aceasta imagine: versantul estic al Etnei. La picioare ți se așterne verdeața din parcul rezervației naturale. Mai jos, se văd terasele cladirilor vechi din Taormina iar poza se termină cu malul pitoresc al mării Ionice. Pe veranda însorită te îmbie mirosul de paine proaspăt scoasă din vatră. Și alături de un pahar de vin alb făcut din struguri roșii, ai farfuria cu caponata. Sper ca v-am făcut poftă. Nu doar de călătorit, ci și de preparat o caponata siciliană.

Ingredientele pentru caponata
  • 1 kg of eggplant
  • a red onion
  • miezul unei țeline apio
  • 20-25 de măsline verzi
  • 1-2 linguri de capere
  • 50 g de muguri de pin
  • 400 g de roșii (ideale sunt cele mai puțin zemoase, însă pot fi folosite orice fel, chiar și din conservă)
  • salt
  • 150 g de bulion
  • 50 ml de oțet de vin roșu
  • o lingură de zahăr brun
  • ulei de măsline și ulei pentru prăjit
  • o legătură de busuioc proaspăt

Chiar dacă lista de ingrediente pare lungă, prepararea rețetei de caponata este floare la ureche.

Prepararea caponata siciliana

Am început cu pregătirea vinetelor. Le-am tăiat în bucați potrivite, le-am sărat și le-am întins în straturi, pe hârtie, la scurs, pentru 30-40 de minute. În timpul acesta, m-am ocupat de restul legumelor.

Am taiat ceapa mărunt, și am pus-o într-o tigaie încăpătoare, la călit, în 2-3 linguri de ulei de măsline. Cam 8-10 minute, la foc foarte mic.

Am adaugat roșiile decojite si tăiate grosier. Și ”inima” unei țeline apio, adica partea cea mai fragedă, cu tot cu frunzele tinere, tocată bine. Au urmat mugurii de pin.

Apoi am pus măslinele, tăiate sferturi și caperele, trecute printr-un jet de apă înainte. Am potrivit de sare și am lăsat toate aromele să se întrepatrundă. Nu durează mai mult de 10-12 minute.

A venit din nou rândul vinetelor. În uleiul încins bine (să tot fie vreo 2-3 degete de ulei în cratița de prajit) le-am rumenit pe rând. Le-am scos la scurs pe câteva prosoape de hârtie și le-am adăugat în tigaia cu legumele călite.

La final, am amestecat bulionul cu oțetul și cu zahărul brun, și le-am turnat peste legume. Dupa vreo 5 minute, înainte de a stinge focul, am adăugat busuiocul.

Și asta a fost. Caponata siciliana este gata, însă urmează cel mai greu pas. Cu bucătăria învăluita în aceste arome, trebuie să aștepți să se răcească. Este cea mai bună servită rece, cu pâine de orice fel, ca antreu mai consistent sau la cină.

Marți, 8 martie 2011

Clatite cu dulceata de gutui si inghetata de vanilie

2 oua, 300 ml. lapte, 100 gr. faina, o lingura unei masline sau unt topit, ulei pentru prajit, un varf cutit de, sare, esenta vanilie, dulceata gutui, inghetata vanilie

Method of preparation:

Cand sunt aproape reci se pune dulceata. Se pot impacheta sub forma de triunghiuri sau rulouri. Inghetata se adauga la fiecare portie in parte. Enjoy!

VINETE cu parmezan, CAPONATA și GHIVECI turcesc – 3 REȚETE savuroase

Spalati vinetele, curatati-le de coaja si taiati-le in felii subtiri de citva milimetri grosime. Presarati-le c sare puneti-le intr-o strecuratoare mare, acoperiti-le cu un servet de hirtie si puneti o greutate deasupra. Eu am pus o conserva de mazare. Lasati sa se scugra zeama amara vreo 20 minute, strgeti-le usor apoi prajiti-le intr-o tigaie cu putin ulei. Puneti cite putin ulei, 2-3 lingurite pentru ca vinetele absorb uleiul imediat. Scoteti-le pe o farfurie si procedati asa pina prajiti toate feliile. Cind sunt gata lasati deoparte si taiati rosiile felii groase de citiva milimetri. Totul e mai usor daca aveti o mandolin de taiat legume. Luati o tava mica (eu am una patrata cu latura de vreo 20 cm), ungeti-o cu ulei, asezati un strat de felii de vinete, un strat de rosii, deasupra presarati cascaval si brinza cu generozitate, apoi iar un strat de vinete, un strat de rosii, un strat de brinza. Dati la cuptor 45 minute. Serviti. Cred ca rindul viitor am sa pun si ceva busuioc. Sint dementiale, va spun. Daca vreit puteti folosi si sos de rosii in loc de rosii proaspete, ungind (cit sa fie acoperite) feliile de vinete cu sos gata preparat. Alternativ puteti folosi si sos de rosii si felii e la latitudinea bucatarului. Oricum combinatia vinete, rosii, cascaval este absolut divina.

Multe povești inedite în cartea lui Dan-Silviu Boerescu „Sanda Marin. Viața ca o carte de bucate” din colecția „Destine controversate”, editată de Integral, disponibilă la prețul promoțional de 14,99 lei. Mai multe cărți din colecție disponibile pe
Vinete caponata

1 vinata mare tocata cubulete cam de 1,5 cm
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 ceapa tocata cubulete

5 catei de usturoi tocati feliute
1 cana de sos de rosii (sau rosii zdrobite in conserva)
80 ml vin rosu
3 linguri capere
1 pumn de masine negre, fara simburi tocate bucati
3 linguri otet balsamic
1 lingurita cu virf cacao
sugar to taste
3-4 fire de busuioc proaspata sau 1 lingurita daca e uscat
salt and pepper to taste

Asezati vinetele in strecuratoare si presarati putina sare. Puneti deasupra o farfurie si peste ea o greutate. Lasati sa se scurga 20 min in chiuveta.
Incaziti cuptorul la foc mediu. Asezati bucatile de vinete intr-o tava larga si dati la cuptor pentru 35 minute pina se coc. Incalziti putin ulei intr-o cratita. Prajiti ceapa pina se inmoaie. Adaugati usturoiul, maslinele, caperele si stafidele si prajiti la foc mic inca 2-3 minute, apoi adaugati otetul si vinul. Lasti sa fiarba la foc mic pina scade lichidul, apoi adaugati vinetele, cacaoa si busuiocul. Amestecati bine, apoi puneti sosul de rosii si lasati sa fiarba la foc mic circa 10 – 15 minute. Trebuie sa aiba consistent unei zacusti. Se lasa la frigider peste noapte si se serveste a doua zip e piine copata pe vatra.

Nota: Daca nu va plac vinetele, puteti prepara aceasta reteta cu anghinare. Prajiti anghinarea cu ceapa la inceput si in rest procedati la fel.

ADRIANA GURAU este scriitor, corespondentul nostru special in Statele Unite.

1 kg of eggplant
250 g de măsline fără sâmburi
3 onions
4 roşii coapte
2 căţei de usturoi
2 tulpini de ţelină
50 g de capere
125 ml de oţet
1 lingură de zahar
extra virgin olive oil

Difficulty: average

Pentru început, vinetele trebuie tăiate în cubuleţe şi puse într-un bol cu apă şi sare. Se lasă aşa timp de două ore, după care vinetele sunt scurse bine.

Dacă aveţi capere sărate, puneţi-le într-un vas cu apă fierbinte, ţineţi-le acolo pentru cinci minute, iar apoi scurgeţi-le bine. Tulpinile de ţelină se pun şi ele în apă fierbinte pentru trei minute.

Roşiile trebuie scufundate un minut în apă clocotită, pentru a putea fi decojite mai uşor, iar apoi sunt tăiate mărunt. Se toacă ceapa şi usturoiul, iar măslinele sunt tăiate pe jumătate.

Într-o tigaie încălzită în prealabil şi unsă cu ulei de măsline se pun la rumenit ceapa, usturoiul, caperele şi măslinele. După câteva minute se adaugă roşiile, se amestecă bine şi se lasă pe foc, amestecând, până se formează un produs omogen şi puţin sos.

În alt vas se pun vinetele, care se lasă la prăjit în ulei de măsline. În aceeaşi tigaie se adaugă şi ţelina şi se amestecă pentru câteva minute.

Amestecul obţinut se pune peste în prima tigaie, peste ceapa, usturoiul, caperele, roşiile şi măslinele rumenite. Această tocăniţă se pune din nou pe foc şi se lasă pentru cinci minute, după care se stropeşte cu oţet şi se presară zahărul şi sarea.