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Humus recipe with caramelized onions

Humus recipe with caramelized onions

Humus recipe
Humus is a paste made from boiled chickpeas, oil, sesame paste, lemon and garlic, from the Middle East, from Arab countries, which has now become popular around the world. Humus has become our favorite since I arrived in Canada (not that I would not have eaten in Romania :))), but here it seemed much better) I bought a few times and for a long time it is not missing on our table at breakfast. But because I wanted to make a "home made" hummus, I decided to try this recipe and it turned out super delicious. Of course there are more kinds of hummus, with baked garlic, with olives and olive oil, with hot peppers, all kinds, according to your preferences, at least that's how I find it here! Our favorite is the one with caramelized onions so here's the recipe :-)

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Stefan 2 days ago - March 6, 2020 20:20

Re: Baked potatoes with caramelized onions, arugula and telemea

The recipe sounds perfect, but in the list of ingredients nothing is written about oregano and chili, as well as pepper. Please complete the recipe. Thank you all the best.

Ioana 12 minutes ago - March 9, 2020 11:02

Re: Baked potatoes with caramelized onions, arugula and telemea

oregano, chili and pepper are added to the onion recipe. here you can supplement with 1/4 teaspoon of each (oregano, chili) and grind a little black pepper.

Pumpkin hummus

I will start from the premise that everyone already knows what is a humus. Moreover, I will strongly believe that we all like hummus! & # 128578 So today I will teach you how to prepare something that everyone likes, only in an even better version, improved & ndash yes, it's pumpkin hummus!

But first let's talk a little about its past and history delicious appetizer.

As we all know, hummus is a super good appetizer, made of chickpeas boiled and mashed. But that's just the basis of a hummus! Well, a hummus can't be called a real hummus without the star ingredient: tahini paste! Tahini is a paste made from roasted sesame seeds. To these two ingredients are added a few more: Lemon, salt, garlic, even onions sometimes.

As with most well-known recipes, the origins of hummus are not yet very clear. We do not have enough & ldquodovezi & rdquo to determine the exact location or the exact year when this preparation was invented. However, all the clues send us to Middle Eastern cuisine. The oldest recipe for a dish that somewhat resembles the hummus we know today dates back to the 13th century in Cairo.

In fact, there are several recipes dating back to that time. All contain mashed potatoes as a base for this preparation, although the rest of the ingredients vary quite a bit. For example, when it comes to the ingredient that gives the mixture acidity, some recipes use lemon juice, while others include vinegar. Also, tahini paste it was not considered an essential element in these old recipes, so we can strongly say that the city of Cairo was quite far from the hummus we all know today.

The good part is that, in one way or another, these dishes evolved until they reached the appetizer we know today & ndash our everyday hummus! & # 128578

Now, in the 21st century, hummus is considered a popular dish, even a very versatile one. As an appetizer, it is most often served with a kind of bread, such as pita. But the options do not stop here, it is consumed in many other ways: inside a falafel (Right a kind of sauce), with chicken on the grill, with fish or even eggplant.

The most fun part when making hummus at home is garnishing it at the end. Some popular ideas are: diced tomatoes very small, cucumber, coriander, parsley, various seeds, caramelized onions, whole chickpeas, olive oil, hard boiled eggs (surprisingly, isn't it?), paprika, sumac, olives, pickles & hellip and I can go on like this indefinitely, you know! & # 128578 A lot of things go great with humus, so you can try endless combinations. & # 128521

You have probably noticed that you can find already made hummus, in a casserole, in almost any supermarket anywhere in the world. But, besides the experience of tasting an authentic hummus somewhere in a Middle Eastern country, the best option you can try is to prepare your own hummus at home. Believe me, nothing compares to a fresh portion of hummus on a hot slice of pita or bread!

Of course, you can experiment with a ton of other variations and variations, such as white bean humus, humus with leurda or, my proposal today, humus with pumpkin. Given the fact that autumn has entered its responsibilities and the weather has already started to get colder, I can't even think of recipes that don't include even a little pumpkin. It is such a good ingredient! And this pumpkin hummus is simply insane. You must try it! & # 128578

You can prepare pumpkin hummus as I recommend in today's recipe, ie by combining chickpeas with pumpkin puree, or you can do something crazy and omit chickpeas altogether. I know, it sounds wrong, but know that pumpkin hummus is just as good without chickpeas. Plus, it's much easier to do!

How can that be, you may be wondering. Well, if you make hummus with pumpkin without chickpeas, it will be much creamier and the mixing time in the blender will definitely be shorter. You will need to add tahini paste, however, to get that wonderful flavor and consistency.

When it comes to tahini, you can buy it from the store or you can prepare your own pasta at home. It's very easy! All you need is a lot of sesame seeds and a powerful food processor, and all you have to do is brown the seeds a little in the pan and then mix them well until you get a uniform paste.

To tell you the truth, tahini is what makes this recipe a thousand times better, but I noticed that sometimes the one in the supermarket can be very bitter and not at all tasty. Well, I think it also depends on the quality of the product and how fresh it is. But, as you probably already know, the tastiest option is to prepare everything in the kitchen.

As for the pumpkin, at this time of year you can find fresh pumpkin everywhere, in any market and supermarket & ndash and it is super delicious. Besides the fact that it has a demented aroma and a beautiful color, pumpkin is also very good for health, which helps us get a very healthy hummus.

So, if you decide to follow the few super simple steps that I explain in the recipe below to prepare a golden bowl, gorgeous pumpkin hummus, do not forget and decorate the final dish properly. I recommend raw pumpkin seeds, some olive oil and smoked paprika. Perfect! & # 128578

That's about all I had to say about this pumpkin hummus, ideal for autumn days. I'm sure you'll love this recipe, so I can't wait for you to try it and tell me how it turned out! & # 128521

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Preheat the oven to 230 degrees Celsius. Clean, wash and dry the potatoes well. Then prick them several times with a fork, then place them on a baking sheet. Put them in the oven for about 50 minutes, until they soften.

Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the onion and bell pepper, then cook until the onion is soft, about 5 minutes. Lower the heat and let the food cook for another 20 minutes. Stir from time to time, until the onion has turned brown. Add salt and pepper.

Ingredients for the pasta recipe with caramelized onions and cheese:

  • 300 gr pasta
  • 3 onions cut into thin slices
  • 200 gr sheep cheese
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • 5 branches of fresh thyme
  • salt

Cheeseburger with caramelized onions & # 8211 video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

I don't know how it is with you, but with us the recipe for cheeseburger with caramelized onions is the place of honor. I prefer to do it at home burgers instead of ordering them from the restaurant and especially from the fast food ones. I never know what they contain, how fresh the meat is. I know neither the quality nor the origin. For these reasons I avoid ordering. I prefer to make my burgers at home to make sure I have control over the ingredients. I buy meat from the butcher and I always know that it is good and fresh. I even find ready-made burger meatballs. I make it at home too rolls when I have time and when I schedule in advance the day I make burgers.

Luckily for me, the cheeseburger recipe with caramelized onions is simple and quick. The most complex part is caramelized onions. The complex is much said because it only lasts longer. Otherwise, the onion is easy to prepare and is super tasty. You can use it in any burgers or sandwiches. It is sweet and has an incredible aroma. I made a larger quantity because I know you will like it and use it again. Make a larger quantity, put it in a frying pan and use it for whatever you want. It is good in sauces, pasta or even the pizza. I love caramelized onions and I do it every time I have too many onions that I want to use.

Caramelized onion sauce

The weekend is approaching and I'm thinking of organizing a movie night with my friends. And that means I have to make some party food and appetizers, doesn't it? I think that somewhere in the depths of my soul, I am eager for movie night more because of the food. Gustari, sauces, cookies & ndash it's time for everyone to show off their best!

I decided that for this occasion you will prepare one of my favorite sauces of all time & ndash caramelized onion sauce! It is a recipe that I have perfected over the years and it is the kind of recipe that delights everyone. This sauce goes great with some homemade chips - there is no better combination!

Caramelized onion cream is a classic in the world of sauces, so you've probably heard of it before. But I promise this recipe is really special! First of all because it is completely vegan and super healthy!

You will not have to worry about additives or ingredients from an unknown source, as would happen with what you buy in stores.

In this recipe I will use only natural ingredients, so you will always be in control and you will know what goes into the sauce you are going to consume. The better the quality of the ingredients, the better the taste & ndash this is a rule I apply every time, no matter what I cook!

The classic caramelized onion sauce recipe is, in fact, an American invention. It dates back to the & rsquo50, when a French chef who lived in Los Angeles, added some instant onion soup in a bowl with & # 8203 & # 8203smantana! Personally, I would not recommend ever approaching a packet of instant soup, but in those days the combination was a resounding success!

The freshly created sauce spread quickly and even appeared in local newspapers. He even appeared on TV! The Lipton company, which sells instant soup, among other things, promoted the mixture in a TV show, and later they even printed the recipe on the onion soup package in 1958. What times! & # 128578 This is how this sauce got its name Lipton California dip and later remained only under the name of California dip. It was called French onion dip only in the 60s, and since then it is known most often under this name.

Fortunately, versions of homemade caramelized onion sauce also appeared quickly. These recipes have replaced instant soup with more natural ingredients, and caramelized onions have become an indispensable ingredient in this recipe. And this is exactly how we will prepare it today.

So, I have to ask you one thing before you start: do you like caramelized onions? Yes? And me & hellip but who doesn't like it? It has a unique taste and full of aroma that can not be beaten by anything else!

Now, you may be wondering what happens to sour cream. She's not vegan, is she? Well not, but it can be! For this recipe, you can use any cream-free cream base. But, in case you want to hit, I recommend it my vegan sour cream recipe. It is extremely delicious and easy to make and will be the perfect base for caramelized onion cream!

If you intend to prepare your own cream for this recipe using my instructions, you just have to be careful to prepare in advance! My recipe for sour cream contains cultured probiotics (this is the right way to prepare it!) And it will take 48 hours for the bacteria (only good bacteria, of course) to grow.

But the good news is that everything can be prepared a few days in advance anyway, because the sauce will stay very well in the fridge for a few days & ndash even better, it will give the flavors time to mix and everything will become even tastier!

As I said at the beginning, I intend to prepare this recipe for a party this week, so we will probably eat it with potato chips. But there are so many options! If you want to keep things 100% healthy, you can use it with any kind of vegetable chips (you can try my recipe for vegan avocado chips, e.g). Or maybe some chips tortilla, pretzel & hellip even some fresh sliced ​​vegetables go great!

How you will serve this sauce depends entirely on you & ndash the possibilities are endless. Maybe you'd like to use it as a sauce for a vegan / vegetarian burger& hellip and if you're looking for a really crazy idea: I know someone who puts this cream on pizza!

No matter how you choose to serve it, this caramelized onion sauce will definitely be delicious!

Ingredients for hummus with ripe vegetables

In the plate you have to combine three types of ingredients: hummus, ripe vegetables that are sweet and full and fresh vegetables that are crispy, full of life.

Recipe for delicious homemade Lebanese hummus It is here, there is no point in buying humus full of preservatives, it is very easy to make.

Fresh vegetables that you can use: lettuce leaves, radish slices, avocado slices, lemon / lime slices.

Baked vegetables: eggplant slices, carrots cut lengthwise, onion leaves, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, zucchini, etc. Let your imagination fly or use what you have in the fridge :). Put all the vegetables in the oven, in a tray, in which you put a sheet of baking paper. Sprinkle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Leave in the oven at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.

I also used mushrooms and artichokes, pulled in a pan (separately, obviously). When I use eggplant in this recipe, I feel like pulling them all in the pan, not putting them in the oven.

So, use whatever vegetables you have or like, the combination of hummus, ripe vegetables and fresh vegetables is important.

In a large plate, create a du humus base and place the cooked vegetables nicely, then decorate with the raw ones. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper, paprika and possibly pine buds and sprinkle mercilessly with olive oil.

Method of preparation

1. Heat 25 g butter and olive oil in a pan at low temperature. Add the rosemary and sauté very lightly for 2-3 minutes, then add the onion and mix to cover well with the butter and oil. Let it simmer for another 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. When it is almost ready, add the parsley.

2. Meanwhile, rub the remaining butter with the mustard, balsamic vinegar and set aside.

3. In the pan with the onion add the garlic, wine, 5 tablespoons of water and let it boil for 5-6 minutes until it has dropped well. We add salt to taste.

4. Boil the pasta in a large amount of boiling water, slightly salty, as indicated on the instructions on the package. Do not cook until they break. Strain the pasta and place it in a bowl. Add the mixture with butter and mustard, onion and mix well.
Serve with green parsley and grated Parmesan cheese, if you like.

Baked pumpkin with caramelized onions and curry à la Catalina

Catalina and her husband are freshly subscribed to the vegetable basket: they shared with us with contagious enthusiasm their first "cooking" with ingredients from the Bio & co basket! So we share with you!

2 washed pumpkins cleaned of seeds, cut into cubes and spread in an oven tray on baking paper

put a generous layer of about 2-3 tablespoons with a mixture of curry spices on top

some dried thyme also works

basamic oil and vinegar to taste

Bake the pumpkin pieces in the preheated oven. (probably about 40 minutes, but as I do everything with my eyes, I advise you to check in 20 minutes how it is and turn the pumpkins over)!
Separately, in a pan, put a large white onion (white or 2 red onions) to lightly fry. With the lid on the pan, keep it moist and not dry. When the onion has become translucent, add 2-4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, half a teaspoon of brown sugar and salt. Leave it on the face until the alcohol evaporates from the vinegar. Attention: we try to take it off the fire before all the liquid in the pan goes away.

We gather the pumpkin from the tray in a glass bowl and on top we mix the "caramelized" onion and then we wish good appetite!