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New York's Eastside Eateries Host Restaurant Week

New York's Eastside Eateries Host Restaurant Week

Inaugural 2nd Avenue Restaurant Week runs June 4 to 8

Some 20 restaurants are participating in the first-ever 2nd Avenue Restaurant Week.

Some 20 restaurants along New York’s Second Avenue are offering special meals and discounts during the first-ever 2nd Avenue Restaurant Week from June 4 to 8.

Restaurants located along the subway construction corridor along Second Avenue, from 68th Street to 96th Street, are participating by offering three-course meals for $20.16 or 20 percent off food.

Emma Bloomberg, Tim Zagat, and Norma Kamali all plan to dine at the 2nd Avenue Restaurant Week at places like Szechuan Gourmet, and Southern Hospitality, which are serving dinners for $20.16. Other restaurants cooking up the same deal include Brother Jimmy’s BBQ and Nick’s Restaurant Pizzeria.

The 2nd Avenue Restaurant Week hopes to attract business to the area’s restaurants, like Persepolis, Gina La Fornarina, and Bistro Nora, which have faced dwindling diners while the new subway line is constructed. These restaurants along with Doppio Senso, Veatery, Baluchi’s, and Don Pedro’s are offering patrons 20 percent off food.

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