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Our Site 2019 Gift Guide: Top Picks Under $30

Our Site 2019 Gift Guide: Top Picks Under $30

There’s a time and a place for a real show-stopper of a gift but, really, many of the gifts we give these days are for neighbors, teachers, and coworkers who could use a little love.

So this year, our team put our heads together to come up with our favorite affordable gifts to delight everyone on your list. And let’s admit it, when it comes to fancy chocolate bars or truffle honey, it’s always tempting to pick up an extra for ourselves, too.

When you hear the words "vegan chocolate" maybe you don't jump for joy, but take our word for it: in the case of Goodio Chocolate, you really should. These beautifully-packaged bars are perfect for gift giving and come in a wide variety of flavors sure to delight the palate. In other words: "one for you, one for me!"

Summer, our Senior Editor, fell in love with this electric kettle while visiting her aunt and uncle in Colorado. It helps make tea and cocoa in a jiffy, and the price justifies having one at your desk, too!

Claudia, our Community Manager, tipped us off to this delightful black truffle honey, perfect for the tea lover, baker or entertainer in your life (how good would this be paired with a creamy brie?!)

Have a friend who loves almond milk, hemp milk or cashew milk? Well, making these milks at home is actually quite simple, and this DIY kit gives the perfect nudge to start a batch today in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Our Art Director, Andy, can't live without his AeroPress and it just made the under $30 cut this year! It makes a great, smooth, single cup of coffee with low acidity and very little time. We're sold.

Editor in Chief, Emma, is always down for fun socks, and these food-themed numbers are perfect for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, or office gift exchanges!

Finishing salt makes the most ho-hum meal sing, and this deluxe Jacobsen salt is a great gift for ... anyone who loves food! We snag these for stocking stuffers and, because they come in a pack of two, you can easily justify keeping one for yourself (we won't tell!)

A great ice cream scoop is a sweet gift for the dessert lover in your life and OXO never lets us down. If you're giving a gift to a local friend, grab a pint of ice cream, put a bow on your scoop and head on over to catch up over a treat. What better gift is there?!

Claudia has five kids, and still remains the craftiest, most creative mom we know! She tipped us off to these sweet little molds -- they form a round cookie that you can fill with milk (or whipped cream) for fun after school (or anytime) snacking.

Beautifully packaged with a gold-foil label, scents of juniper and citrus, and a cocktail recipe included, this candle makes the perfect gift for the home bartender in your life.

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