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Our Site 2018 Gift Guide: The Cook With It All

Our Site 2018 Gift Guide: The Cook With It All

On first glance it may seem like they have it all, but with our helpful guide you can still surprise your friends with even the most well-equipped kitchens.

From splurge-worthy gadgets like a sous vide circulator or high-powered blender to a stylish trivet or essential knife, delight your friends and family this year with a memorable gift that takes things up a notch!

Our savviest cook friends love their Vitamix blender, and for good reason. Make creamy soups, nut butters, and perfect smoothies with the press of a button! The variable speed button gives you much more control than a standard blender, and it's truly up for any task, from chopping, grinding, blending or even heating.

The perfect gift for the friend who truly has it all, the Joule immersion circulator for sous vide cooking makes tender, delicious meat every single time. We love that you can control the Joule directly from your phone, and its small size makes it a feasible gadget even if you're tight on cabinet space.

This year our friends at Wild Ink Press in Chico, CA have outdone themselves with their 2019 letterpress brunch calendar. Artist Rebekah Tennis brings favorite Our Site recipes to life with her beautiful hand illustrations. A delicious tribute to the year ahead! Wild Ink Press is offering our readers 10% off by entering the code “SIMPLYRECIPES” at checkout.

While they may not be the trendiest kitchen accoutrement this season, a beautiful trivet helps preserve kitchen counters and work spaces. Your food-loving friends will appreciate Le Creuset's cast iron model, sure to last a lifetime.

Sure, you can whip up your own or even buy it at the store, but whipped cream made with the twist of a handle is a top pick for the cook who has it all. Make life simpler and dessert all the sweeter with this handsome kitchen gadget!

It's easy to make deluxe ice cream, gelato and sorbet right in your own home with this fully automatic machine. We love the fact there's a gelato paddle and an ice cream paddle included, and the compressor lets you make batch after batch without pausing. For the true ice cream lover in your life, this is a dream gift.

Lodge cast iron is a classic for a reason: it's reasonably priced, lasts a lifetime, and heats evenly. This reversible pan is great for cooking outdoors over a campfire or indoors on the stovetop. From pancakes to grilled sandwiches, chicken to steak, this pan will become a new family favorite the first time it's used!

Even if you've got a well-stocked kitchen, here's a splurge that's worth every penny. Le Creuset dutch ovens will last a lifetime, come in an array of colors, and clean up beautifully. Talk about both form and function!

Your foodie friends or family may be fully stocked in the knife department, but a well-made bread knife is often overlooked. You can fix that this year with a Wusthof serrated bread knife, a beauty that will slice through any loaf of bread with ease while keeping the inside crumb perfectly intact.

If you have people on your list this year that love Mexican food, there’s nothing better than homemade tortillas! It’s easy enough to make them, but you’ll need a sturdy tortilla press - like this wooden beauty. It makes perfectly round, flat tortillas every time.

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