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Meal Plan for February Week 4

Meal Plan for February Week 4

I often try to keep Monday dinners super simple, but lately I’ve found that it’s Wednesday nights that have been the troublemaker. By this time in the week, everyone’s starting to get tired from the pace of the work (and daycare) week, and yet it’s just not quite close enough to Friday to let our guard down and get excited about the weekend.

So this Wednesday, I’m keeping it simpler than usual with a make-your-own Twice Baked Potato situation! This will go over well with small and large palates alike.

As for prepping for the week in advance, the white chili is a great recipe to make over the weekend and just reheat come Tuesday. Likewise, feel free to bake off and mash filling for the Twice Baked Potatoes a few days ahead – and then on Wednesday, you’re simply throwing the potatoes in the oven for their second bake and prepping your toppings and accompaniments.

If you want leftovers for the weekend, double up the Thai Green Chicken Curry (and you can always freeze any you don’t eat to make life easy on a future harried weeknight).

Here’s my week is looking:

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