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Dinner on a Dime! 5 Budget-Friendly Family Meals

Dinner on a Dime! 5 Budget-Friendly Family Meals

One of my deepest and most steadfast beliefs is you can eat well and spend little. This week I want to celebrate the humble home cooked dinner. Each recipe is budget-friendly, richly satisfying and can be eaten as a complete meal with protein and vegetables.

Beautiful, nourishing, and delicious food can be created from simple, affordable ingredients. Each recipe highlighted below either has elements that can be repurposed for other dishes or focuses on accessible nutrient dense foods like carrots, potatoes, frozen vegetables or poultry and ground beef.

The common chicken alone stores riches beyond its flesh. The bones transform water into liquid gold taking ho-hum broth-based soups and elevating them to restaurant worthy standards.

Remember, you don’t need the fanciest gadget or the most expensive cuts of meat to be a star in your own kitchen.

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