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Santa's diploma cake

Santa's diploma cake

Put the eggs and sugar in a bowl over low heat and let them boil until they become like sour cream. Flavor with orange peel and vanilla sugar. After the cream has thickened, put the pan aside and add the hydrated gelatin in the 150 ml of water. When it cools, add 500 ml of whipped cream and drained pineapple and cut into cubes.

Wallpaper a three-liter pan with a plastic bag (foil) and pour half of the cream, then place a row of biscuits soaked in compote syrup, pour the other half of the cream and another row of biscuits.

Put the pan in the fridge for about 4 hours. When the time was up, we would turn the cake over on a plate.

Beat the whipped cream, take 3 tablespoons of it, put them in a bowl and add a splash of dye for a pink color (for Santa's face). In another bowl we will put 5 tablespoons of whipped cream and we will add dye until we reach the desired shade. Now that we have everything ready, we start to outline Santa Claus. Spread the three tablespoons of pink cream on top of the cake. We make his eyes out of black jelly and his nose out of red jelly. For hair, mustache and beard we will use whipped cream without dye. From the 5 tablespoons of red cream we will "crochet" Santa's hat and we will draw his mouth. When the cake is ready, we put it in the fridge and serve it on Christmas day.

Happy Holidays, dear ones !!

Tripe soup

There are many recipes with belly soup, but we like this new one the most. I always use fresh belly because it is much tastier. & # 160 If you have a pressure cooker you can use it. in an hour and a half the belly is boiled.

If you try my recipe for Tripe soup, I look forward to you coming back and telling me how good it turned out for you.

Perfect Cocoa with Biscuits

The sugar, water and cocoa are slowly melted in a saucepan, then left to cool. When the composition is warm, put a tablespoon of Nutella, let it cool well. Separately, beat the eggs + the yolks well, then add them over the cocoa and Nutella composition, mix, at the end we put the whipped cream.

In a cake tin lined with foil, put the larger crumbs. You choose the quantity, how many biscuits you want to put. Pour the liquid ice cream composition over them and put it in the freezer. Before serving, remove from the freezer for about 10-15 minutes. Remove from the heat, cut into slices and serve.
* If you want, serve with melted chocolate, nutella, whipped cream or other sauces (toping) that you like.
* You can add more cocoa or Nutella. If you add Nutella, add less sugar. . . because it comes out too sweet or put unsweetened cream.