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What’s For Dinner?!

What’s For Dinner?!

Does hearing “What’s for dinner?” strike fear into your heart? We’ve got you covered! Start with our “Meal Planning 101” guides and then take a gander through our weekly meal plans from the past few months.

All What’s For Dinner?!

  • Marta Rivera

    5 Recipes to Break the Dinner Rut

    Looking for a way to break out of the dinner rut? This week’s meals are packed with robust flavors and fresh techniques. Try out Hawaiian Pork Burgers and Jerk Chicken to tingle your taste buds.

  • Marta Rivera

    5 Quick, Easy, and Delicious Summer Dinner Recipes

    This week's meal plan is full of clever ways to squeeze the most out of every meal. Ideas on how to turn last night’s dinner into today’s breakfast, multiple uses for a tasty marinade, and ways to use up extra Tuna Patties. Efficient and delicious!

  • Marta Rivera

    5 Inspiring Pantry Dinner Ideas

    Kick the doldrums out the door with this week's inspiring meal plan. Make a dry rub with pantry spices for Grilled Salmon with Peach Salsa and use all those avocados for a delicious Avocado Chicken Salad.

  • Marta Rivera

    5 Dinner Recipes to Eat Outdoors

    Keep the kitchen cool by taking the cooking outside on the grill or for a family picnic in the backyard. This week’s meals include Carne Asada, Seafood Paella, and Lentil Salad with Summer Vegetables. Let’s get cooking!

  • Marta Rivera

    5 Freezer-Friendly Make and Save Meals

    Having a backup dinner is ALWAYS a good idea. Sometimes you need one for yourself, and sometimes you need one to share. Whatever the reason, this week’s meal plan is chock-full of freezer-friendly meals so you can have dinner now and later!

  • Marta Rivera

    Weekly Meal Plan: 5 Worldly Dinner Ideas

    Cook with a worldly mindset and try some of the fusion dinner ideas lined up for this week’s meal plan! Explore different flavors and cuisines all from the comfort of your own kitchen. Finish the week off with baking project: Tres Leches Cake.

  • Rachel Knecht

    5 Hearty Dinner Ideas

    This week’s meal plan ensures everyone leaves the table with full bellies and happy hearts. Filling casseroles, hearty soup, plus a sizeable salad, sure to please.

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