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Lemon check

Lemon check

I mixed the soft butter with the sugar until it was diluted.

I then added one egg, mixing well after each one.

I mixed the flour with the baking powder and salt and incorporated it into the composition.

Finally I put the flavors, chocolate balls and currants.

I put the mixture in the cake pan greased with butter and lined with flour.

I put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, I prepared the syrup, boiling all the ingredients.

When I took the cake out of the oven, I pricked it with a skewer stick and poured the hot syrup.

Don't skimp on the syrup. As it cools, the cake will absorb the syrup very well.

I used a little syrup to dilute the powdered sugar for the icing.

Cut after it has cooled. I left it right in the fridge.

Good appetite !!!

Lemon Slit Check

Soft drink cakes are very popular and easy to make. The fasting orange juice cake is one of the most popular sweet recipes, but not the only one.

Today we offer you a cake recipe with Fanta de lăm & acircie, simple, delicious and with a perfectly balanced taste between sweet and sour.

  • 180 g butter
  • 350 g sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 350 g flour
  • 100 ml Slit lemon

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Prepare an elongated or round tray, which you grease with a little butter.

Put the butter and sugar in a bowl and mix until you get an airy-looking cream. Add the eggs, one at a time, continuing to mix. Add the vanilla and lemon juice.

Alternately pour in the flour and lemon juice and mix until the ingredients are well incorporated.

Pour the composition into the pan and bake for an hour or until it passes the toothpick test. Allow to cool, then cut.

Serve the cake with powdered sugar or icing on top or plain.

You have to see it too.

Lemon cake and chocolate heart

Honestly, I don't really like this import of American holidays, like Valentine's Day, but if most of them accepted it, I also went into its atmosphere and prepared this wonderful Chec with lemon and heart with chocolate.

Mine were very pleased with it, especially since it has a combination of flavors that we adore: lemon + rum.

Initially I wanted to prepare this poppy cake , but without cherries, for the basic part, but I opted for a simple cake with lemon flavor.

And for the heart, I opted for dark chocolate brownie recipe and rum essence.

I would have liked to make another cake with the edges of the heart, but they were quickly devoured by my greedy ones, because they were too good.

I took the idea of ​​this heart cake recipe from Oana, cute cook , whom I thank for inspiration!

Wet and delicate lemon cake!

Lemon cake & # 8211 a simple, fluffy and tasty dessert, very fragrant. Lemon cake made with simple ingredients, a recipe suitable both every day and on special occasions.


-15 gr of grated lemon peel


1.Mix the melted butter with the peel and lemon juice.

2. Place a bowl on top of a saucepan of boiling water, break the eggs and yolk into it and beat with a whisk.

3. Add sugar, mix and heat the composition in a bain marie to about 40 ° C until the sugar melts.

4. Add a vanilla powder and beat the composition with the mixer for 6 minutes.

5. Sift the flour and baking powder directly into the bowl and mix carefully with the whisk until you get a homogeneous dough.

6. Add a few tablespoons of the dough to the butter composition and mix well, then transfer the mixture to the bowl with the dough and mix until smooth.

7. Grease the form with butter, pour the dough, hit the form a few times in the table and put it in the preheated oven at 170 ° C for 30 minutes.

Sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar. A dessert with lemon can only be delicious. Be sure to try this recipe with handy ingredients.

Apple cake and lemon icing!

You will never get tired of it! An economical cake with autumn flavor & # 8211 fluffy, moist and fragrant! Simple and fast, you don't even need a mixer!


-1½ teaspoon of baking powder

-1 teaspoon vanilla sugar or 1 vanilla powder

-3 apples (pears, plums, peaches) + ½ teaspoon of cinnamon + 1 tablespoon of sugar.

For the glaze:

-grated lemon peel + 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice

-2 tablespoons sugar + 40 g butter + 1 tablespoon lemon juice.


1. Grease the form (23 * 11 cm or 22 cm) with butter and sprinkle it with semolina / flour or line it with baking paper.

2. Mix the eggs with salt, sugar and vanilla sugar, using the whisk.

3. Pour milk and oil, possibly melted butter, and mix well with a fork.

4. Combine the flour with baking powder, sift the mixture in 2 parts directly into the bowl and mix with a whisk until smooth. The dough should be the consistency of condensed milk.

5. Peel the apples, cut them into cubes, add lemon juice, cinnamon, sugar and mix.

6. Transfer the dough to the mold, spread the apples and place in the preheated oven at 170 ° C for about 50 minutes. Take the toothpick test.

Advice. Apples can be added and mixed with dough. In this case, the dough will have a darker color than the cinnamon.

7. Melt the butter in the microwave for 10 seconds at 700W, add sugar, pass the lemon peel through the small grater (yellow side only) and drain the lemon juice. Stir.

8. Remove the cake from the oven, cover immediately with the lemon glaze and bake for another 2 minutes.

9. Let the cake cool for 10-15 minutes in the form, then transfer it to the grill and let it cool completely.

If you only knew how tasty and fragrant it is! Soft and fluffy, and the crust is amazing: apples, cinnamon, butter, lemon & # 8211 delicious! In addition, the cake is very economical, whatever fruit you use, the result will always be just right! We are sure that this recipe will successfully accommodate many families!

Lemon cake - simple and delicious

Lemon & acircie check it is a very simple and tasty dessert. The balance between sweet and sour taste is perfect, so this cake is the perfect dessert if you prefer less sweet desserts. The aroma of lemon & acircie feels very strong, due to the juice, but especially the lemon & acircie peel.

Together with tart with lemon & acircie and the lemon & acircie cream pie, the lem & acircie cake has a fresh, aromatic taste and can be a perfect dessert when you feel like something sweet and quick to make.

  • 200 g flour
  • 200 g sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 lemons
  • 50 ml oil
  • 50 ml of water
  • 1/2 sachet baking powder
  • a pinch of salt

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

Grate the lemon peel and squeeze the juice into a bowl. Separate the eggs and beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Mix the yolks with the sugar, oil and water and mix until the sugar melts. Pour the lemon juice and peel over.

Mix the flour separately with the baking powder and incorporate into the yolk mixture. Put the egg white foam over and mix well with a spatula or spoon.

Pour everything into a form lined with baking paper and bake for 45-50 minutes or until it passes the toothpick test.

You have to see it too.

It is such a simple dish to make that you are surprised that such goodness comes out.

In a bowl, mix the sugar with the coconut oil until it becomes a kind of foam.

I also made these with coconut oil Coconut oil donuts, baked.

When the mixture of sugar and coconut oil is thick enough, add the eggs one at a time, while using the mixer. Then add the flour, baking powder, cream, lemon peel and lemon juice. Stir, pour the result into a cake tin lined with baking paper, and put in the oven.

Please go over the lemon peel. Yes, they are fruits that are full of substances, these lemons were organic / eco. I know, and this label can be dichis. But if we look at it, there are some much worse ones that we consume & # 8230

In the electric oven, this cake with lemon and coconut oil sat for 30-35 minutes, on the baking program up and down, at 180 degrees. Helps toothpick test. Put the toothpick in the dough and if it comes out clean it means that the cake is baked.

Aroma & # 8230. brilliant! Texture & # 8230 of the story!

Lemon Check - Recipes

- 1/3 cup Floriol Omega 3 and 6

- 1 tablespoon of lemon peel

- 1 tablespoon of lemon juice

- 1 teaspoon of baking soda

- 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
2. In a bowl, mix the almond milk with a tablespoon of lemon juice.
3. Add the lemon peel, mix and let the composition rest.
4. In another bowl, mix the oil with the sugar.
5. When they are homogenized, add the almond milk mixture.
6. In a medium bowl, prepare the dry mixture of flour, baking soda and salt.
7. Add the dry mixture over the wet one and combine until everything is homogeneous.
8. Pour the dough into a deep pan.
9. Bake everything for 45 minutes.
10. For the icing, sprinkle powdered sugar or pour melted dark chocolate on the cold cake.

Blueberry and cottage cheese check

How about we make a fluffy cake with blueberries and cottage cheese? I repeat: fluffy mood and I also tell you that it is both soft and slightly moist inside. I say I managed to make one of my best cakes.

Many of you who follow me constantly on Instagram, you probably realized that I really like to eat cottage cheese for breakfast. Look, I thought of making a dessert in which to use this cheese, so I made a blueberry cake, in the composition of which I added 2.2% cottage cheese from Delaco.

It's very delicious, quite airy and there's no big deal with it. Moreover, it can be made with any other fruit of your choice. You can serve a few slices of blueberry and cottage cheese cake as a snack, as a dessert, with a coffee or tea. That's exactly what I did.

If I kept telling you it's fluffy (this is the third time, but it really is), I'll tell you how I made this cake.
180 gr. wholemeal flour (you can also use white)
100 gr. erythritol or any other sweetener you want
175 gr. cottage cheese Light 2.2% of the Delaco
3 tablespoons Greek yogurt
3 eggs
150 gr. cranberries
1 tablespoon vanilla essence
10 gr. baking powder (1 sachet)
½ cinnamon teaspoon
1 pinch of salt
Peel a lemon or an orange

* You can increase the amount of sweetener depending on how sweet you want the cake to be. 100 gr. it's enough for my tastes, it might not be the same for yours.

Put the eggs, erythritol, vanilla essence in a bowl and mix them with the mixer, first at low speed, then at high speed, for 2 minutes, until you see that it doubles in volume.

Put the yogurt and cottage cheese in another bowl, then mix them with the hand blender until they are well blended and become more creamy. If you don't have a hand blender, you can do the same in a food processor or smoothie blender.

Add this composition over the beaten eggs with erythritol, plus the grated lemon peel, then mix with the mixer for a few seconds.

Gradually add the flour, 1-2 tablespoons at a time, baking powder, cinnamon, salt powder and mix with a mixer until a homogeneous dough.

In a separate bowl put the blueberries together with 1 tablespoon of flour, then mix them by hand.

Add the blueberries to the cake dough, then with a silicone spatula or a wooden spoon, mix with circular motions, from top to bottom. Do not stir too much to keep the dough still aerated.

Put the cake composition in a cake pan covered with baking sheet, and on top, optionally, you can add extra blueberries, but also almond flakes. The tray I use has the dimensions of 28 cm long x 11 cm wide.

Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for 40-45 minutes, until you see that the cake turns brown on the surface. Do the toothpick test, and if the toothpick comes out clean, without dough, after you put it in the middle of the cake, then it is baked.

When baking time, take into account your oven, you know it better and, obviously, baking times can differ a lot from one person to another, depending on the oven of each one.

Allow the cake to cool completely after baking, then cut into slices and serve with gusto.

It can be served simply, with favorite jams, yogurt or extra cottage cheese on top of a slice, along with a coffee or tea.

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