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Orange cake

Orange cake


Beat eggs with sugar until melted and the composition becomes creamy.

Add flour, baking powder and cocoa.

Homogenize and pour into a cake tin lined with baking paper.

Put in the oven over low heat.

We do the toothpick test.

Let it cool then cut the top in half.

Squeeze oranges (1 glass) to syrup the top.


Mix the mascarpone with the powdered sugar.

Beat the whipped cream until it hardens then add the mascarpone cream.

Prepare the gelatin according to the instructions on the package, let it cool and incorporate it into the cream.

Cut the oranges into cubes, drain the juice that came out of them and incorporate into the cream.

Assemble the cake:

Place the ring on the cake tray on a plate and put the first cut top inside it.

Syrup with orange juice.

We put the cream on the countertop and place the second cut countertop, which we also syrup on.

We prepare the glaze:

Put everything on the pan, whipped cream, chocolate and soft butter and mix until melted and homogenized.

Add the gelatin prepared according to the instructions on the package.

Pour the icing over the cake and decorate according to your preferences.

Refrigerate overnight, carefully unroll the ring around the cake and serve.

Good appetite!